20 World’s Threatening Serial Killer

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Today in our article we are going to discuss the world’s most monstrous serial killers!. So be ready for the punch. These people are all sentenced to death and we will also discuss their crime styles and succeed of death penalties. Though there are many points of view that should the death penalty be abolished or remain in use.

The nature of crime is so horrific in some cases and serial killers have their own ideologies to make the crime happen. In this article, we will discuss 20 serial killers who had death penalties for committing crimes with children. So, Let’s not getting late and dive into the short stories of these criminals.

Here Are 20 World’s Threatening Serial Killer

1. Abraão José Bueno

Abraão José Bueno world's youngest serial killer

This man Abraão José Bueno, who was a Brazilian nurse got arrested in 2005 for overdosing babies and children who suffered from leukemia or AIDS with sedatives.

He endeavored to revive each child after giving the overdose, but four of them didn’t survive. This guy was sentenced to 110 years in prison.

2. Albert Fish

Albert Fish world's youngest serial killer

Albert Fish, who was also known as the “Gray Man,” was one of the most famous American child serial killers in the 1920s.

He was located guilty of taking the lives of three children, although he proudly confessed to raping children in each state across America. Fish was arrested in 1934 and hung in 1936.

3. Anatoly Slivko

Anatoly Slivko world's youngest serial killer

Anatoly Slivko, who was one of the most offensive Soviet serial killers during a period when the communist regime was at its top and thus Slivko’s criminal activity was a black eye for the government.

He murdered seven boys during a period of twenty years starting in 1964. And the victims were between seven and seventeen years old.

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4. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo world's youngest serial killer

This is Andrei Chikatilo, who was also known as the “Rostov Ripper,” shocked the world and the strict communist Soviet regime.

After he got arrested and admitted to raping and killing a total of fifty-two women and children from 1978 to 1990. This criminal was sentenced to death for these murders in October 1992 and subsequently executed in February 1994.

5. Anísio Ferreira de Sousa

Anísio Ferreira de Sousa youngest serial killer

De Sousa, who is a Brazilian doctor and murdered nineteen boys during the early nineties.

As explained during the trial the evil doctor was part of a satanic cult that sexually abused, damaged, and killed little children. He was condemned of three murders and sentenced to seventy-seven years in prison.

6. Anthony Kirkland

Anthony Kirkland youngest serial killer

Soon after Kirkland was discharged from prison for murdering his girlfriend he went on raping and murdering three children between 2006 and 2009.

As per the investigation, he raped, robbed, and murdered his victims before burning their bodies in an effort to hide his crimes. He was sentenced to death in 2010.

7. Dagmar Overbye

Dagmar Overbye youngest serial killer

Dagmar Overbye, who was a Danish serial killer, murdered twenty-five children, including her own child, between 1913 and 1920.

And All of her victims, most vulnerable babies, were under her care. This person was sentenced to death in 1921 and died in prison in 1929.

8. Francisca Ballesteros

Francisca Ballesteros serial killers

Her name was Francisca Ballesteros. She is a Spanish woman who poisoned her first baby, a daughter, back in 1990, when she was only five months old.

After Fourteen years she decided to finish her “job” and killed her husband and another daughter because she had met a man on the Internet and wanted to run away with him!

She also tried to poison her twelve-year-old son, but he persisted. Francisca was finally arrested and sentenced to eighty-four years in prison in 2005.

9. Ian Brady

Ian Brady serial killers

Ian Brady and his partner, Myra Hindley, killed five children who were between ten to seventeen in the mid-sixties.

The sacrifices were first sexually abused and then murdered. When this guy was finally arrested in 1965, he claimed to have mental issues only so he could avoid the death penalty.

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10. John Joubert

John Joubert youngest female serial killer

This man, John Joubert who had the emergence of a true family man and a professional but in reality, he was a coldhearted serial killer who murdered three young boys during the early eighties.

He confessed to killing only two of the boys but on January 12, 1984, but he was charged with the murder of three. After a while the state of Nebraska executed him on July 17, 1996, using the electric chair.

11. Kathleen Folbigg

Kathleen Folbigg female child killers

Now we will talk about Kathleen Folbigg, who is another serial killer and murdered four children, three of them her own!

Then she was arrested when her husband discovered her diary, in which she described her deplorable criminal acts in great detail!

She was sentenced to thirty years in prison, even though she declared during the trial that all of the children died of natural causes.

12. Marybeth Tinning

Marybeth Tinning youngest female serial killer

Now we will talk about one of the sickest women in history. This woman killed her own nine children between 1972 and 1985.

Though her babies died under extremely questionable circumstances over the course of little more than a decade, she would finally get caught only after a laboratory test indicated that the death of Tinning’s ninth child resulted from suffocating.

Marybeth Tinning was only condemned of the death of her last child, for which she received twenty years in prison.

13. Miyuki Ishikawa

Miyuki Ishikawa youngest female serial killer

This woman was a highly respected Japanese midwife in charge of a maternity hospital who committed one evil crime after another in the 1940s.

It is assessed that Miyuki Ishikawa killed over one hundred infants through outright neglect.

When she got arrested she calmly explained that she committed her acts because she believed poor parents wouldn’t take good care of their children and wouldn’t raise them well.

14. Mohammed Bijeh

Mohammed Bijeh youngest serial killer india

This insane man named Mohammed Bijeh, who was an Iranian serial killer and rapist who confessed to raping and killing sixteen young boys who were between the ages of eight and fifteen.

This man also murdered two adults. He was sentenced by the Iranian justice system to one hundred lashes in view of the public and execution by hanging in 2005.

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15. Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley youngest serial killer india

Myra Hindley, who earned the title of the “Most Evil Woman in Britain”! When she gets arrested for the rape and murder of five innocent children with her boyfriend Ian Brady.

Consuming many years in jail, she alleged that she was only helping Brady fulfill his perverse desires because he was seemingly extorting her. In 2002 she died in prison from a heart attack.

16. Norman Afzal Simons

Norman Afzal Simons youngest murderers in usa

Norman Afzal Simons is spectacularly known all over South Africa as the “Station Strangler,” for his trend to seduce his victims from train stations and then rape and choke them.

Simons killed a total of twenty-two people, including several kids, from 1986 to 1994. Then he got away with all these evil crimes with a mere thirty-five years in prison and is expected to be a free man by 2029!

17. Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour

Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour youngest murderers in usa

Ramadan Abdel Rehim Mansour, this Egyptian fugitive was a street gang leader and a serial killer who raped and murdered at least thirty-two children in seven years!

In sundry locations of Egypt including Cairo, Alexandria, Qalyoubeya, and Beni Sueif. The kids he abused and murdered ranged in age from ten to fourteen.

18. Robert Black

Robert Black 15 youngest murderers in the world

This Scottish serial killer named Robert Black who kidnapped, sexually harassed, raped, and murdered four little girls age five to eleven.

Which he has done from 1981 to 1986. This insane man was arrested in 1990 as he was trying to kidnap another young girl. He was diagnosed as a psychopath and sentenced to life in prison.

19. Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells youngest murderers wikipedia

This insane man named Tommy Lynn Sells is believed by police to have murdered at least twenty-two people!

He technically began his murderous activity when he was a teenager and then commanded to kill a pedophile at sixteen.

20. Westley Allan Dodd

Westley Allan Dodd jesse harding pomeroy

Westley Allan Dodd, who disturbed and murdered three children in 1989 and was sentenced to death in 1990.

This man was finally executed by hanging in 1993, which was the first legal hanging in the United States since 1965.

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