World’s 20 Most Unusual Places To Vacation

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To get rid of the daily monotonous work people plan a vacation. There are many places that can make your vacation more interesting.

Some places are more popular and for being popular these places remain always crowded.

There are some other places too which are less popular. These unique places will give you the pleasure of an unusual vacation experience.

Check these 20 unusual places to vacation, have fun together.

Here Are 20 Most Unusual Places To Vacation In The World

1. Boot and Breakfast

Boot and Breakfast Most Unusual Places To Vacation

This hotel is a special hotel because of its name as well as how it looks like. Boot and Breakfast are constructed as a giant pair of boots.

This hotel was opened in 2001 and was thought that the partners of this hotel are kind of out of their mind because of the weird-looking building shape but now the owners are seen as local celebrities as they had a couple of successful years of business and also got good reviews from visitors.

2. Alnwick Poison Garden

Alnwick Poison Garden Most Unusual Places To Vacation

This garden pretty much introduces itself by its name. The Alnwick Garden is a compound of the authorized garden alongside Alnwick Castle in England.

People visit this most unusual place because of its unique attractions, the poisonous plants. The entrance of this place has a sign that can give you enough information about this place and what you are going to experience.

3. Black Rock Desert-Burning Man Festival

Black Rock Desert-Burning Man Festival

People who desire to completely express them, the Burning Man Festival is the right place for them. This fair is seen in the Black Rock Desert.

This event lasts for a long period of time, for a week to be precise. It starts on the last Monday of August and comes to an end on the first Monday of September.

Burning down a large wooden sculpture gave this event this unusual name and on Saturday evening the burning down segment takes place.

4. 727 Fuselage Home-Costa Verde

727 Fuselage Home-Costa Verde

Who would not love to have any responsibilities, traveling a place, stepping off the plane and walk right into the beach without worrying about luggage or airport security? The 727 Fuselage Home almost turned this imagination to reality.

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This special looking hotel is situated inside the coastal rain-forest of Costa Rica.

From this unique hotel, you can see the Pacific Beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park near Quepos.

This hotel is actually a Boeing 727. This was initially designed for carrying 150 passengers but now this jet is the place of magnificent beds, amazing vistas and easy way of getting to beaches.

5. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is one of the most magnificent sceneries in the United States.

A massive ocean of lava covered about 618 square miles of land which was formed between 15,000 and 20,000 years ago.

A lot of volcanic eruption transformed this area into a rough land and it looks like some apocalyptic environment.

Tourists can rent a lodge here to enjoy the amazing view of sunrise and sunset.

6. Desert Nomad House

Desert Nomad House

In this monotonous life of ours, we always have this desire to jump over all the obstacles of life and get away from it all.

Desert Nomad House might be the unusual places to vacation for us. This place is situated in the Tucson desert, in the middle of nowhere, but you can see only a lot of Saguaro cactus.

This hotel is very simple when it comes to its design, it includes a 780 square feet rusty steel box housing, a bathroom, kitchen, living room and also a dining area.

It has also a bedroom of 440 square feet and an office of 200 square feet. This is the perfect example of a peaceful getaway.

7. Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

You might be thinking of this place to spend an enjoyable vacation just by seeing its amazing royal architecture and strong building but little did you know that the Edinburgh Castle is a popular haunted spot in Scotland.

It is known that the prison cell of this castle was supposedly used for holding and isolating plague victims.

These prison cells are also infamous for having strong paranormal activity. Only the bravest people can dare to stay here.

8. Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor

This unique hotel is in the residential area in Nairobi, Kenya. Giraffe Manor is a home for some of the most extinct Rothschild giraffes in Kenya.

This hotel is small and also private. Authorities open its door and windows for the guests who can feed the giraffes from their own breakfast from their rented house’s door and windows.

9. Igloo Village

Igloo Village Most Unusual Places To Vacation

Igloo village is located in Finland. This place is for those who want to experience the rough cold snow.

A line of special lodges surrounded with snow and glass igloos.  Visitors also can enjoy the northern lights through those glass igloos up closely.

10. Island of the Dolls

Island of the Dolls

This can be the most unusual place to vacation and terrifying too. The Island of Dolls, also known as La Isla De Las Munecas, is situated in Mexico.

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These island trees are decorated with old and disfigured dolls. The one and only local person who lives on the island decorates it.

You can see the dolls hanging from the trees. Tourists who visit this place are offered gifts to satisfy the evil souls and it is believed that they are living in those creepy dolls.

11. Izu Islands

Izu Islands Most Unusual Places To Vacation

Though traditionally it is mentioned as “Izu Seven” There are more than a dozen islands and islets here.

Located at Honshu, Japan, the Izu Islands have been created from a volcanic eruption. 

Each of the islands is unique with its own features. For example, Obama is well known for its active volcano, Mt. Mahira. Another one Niijima is famous for its unspoiled beaches.

Mikurajima is known for its magnificent dolphin shows.

12. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Pretty much we have all tried counting sheep to fall asleep but have you ever thought of counting fishes?

Jule’s Undersea Lodge might be the right place for you to be. This special hotel is in Key Largo, Florida.

This is the only hotel in the United States which is built under 30 feet deep on the seabed. This hotel was started in 1986.

The visitors who want to stay in this lodge they need to scuba dive to get into one of the two rooms that are available.

13. Les Sources de Caudalie

Les Sources de Caudalie

Les Sources de Caudalie is well known for its spectacular spa loving tourists. These tourists can have an easy and enjoyable vacation.

In reality, in 2003 this hotel was granted to have one of the best spas in the world.

The hotel spa offers the visitors a wine and honey wrap, a Turkish bath and also a red wine bath, are you surprised? Well, maybe I just reveal their secret or maybe not!

14. Metropolis, Illinois

Metroplis, Illinois

This is the place for the die-hard fans of Superman.  Metropolis is the hometown of Superman.

But whoever thought that this city actually exists. This city in Illinois is the only city that is dedicated to Superman and also this city has a gigantic statue of Superman.

The Superman hype starts in June and that’s the best time to go as the locals arrange a carnival called “The Superman Celebration”.

This celebration attracts many visitors, book collectors and fans from all over the United States.

But in reality, Metropolis is a very small town in the comic books not like this gigantic super city.

15. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is known to be a vital source of hydro-thermal energy in Canada. Niagara Falls, this name is a collective name taken from the three waterfalls that divide the Canadian Province of Ontario and New York, USA.

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This unusual place is well known for its amazing beauty and impressive sight of a waterfall. Niagara Falls is declared to be the largest waterfall in the world.

In summertime this place swarms with tourists and their number is unbelievable. At night the colorful floodlights light up which eventually emphasizes its beauty.

16. Panda Inn

Panda Inn Most Unusual Places To Vacation

This inn or restaurant is located in Sichuan, China. This restaurant’s theme is basically panda related. Even staff are also dressed as pandas.

17. Seagaia Ocean Dome

Seagaia Ocean Dome

Seagaia Ocean Dome is a Polynesia themed indoor waterpark. This amusement park was situated in Miyazaki, Japan, and probably the world’s largest indoor waterpark.

This indoor park was a part of the resort, Sheraton Seagaia. This park was 300 meters in length and 100 meters in width and was also in the list of the Guinness Book of World Records.

This whole park was man-made, artificial, had a fake flame coming from the volcano, artificial sand and also had the world’s largest retractable roof.

This roof can give a permanently blue sky even though it is raining outside. Unfortunately, the authorities had to close this amusement park in 1997.

18. The Orient Express

The Orient Express

Train rides are very pleasant and also a great way to experience and to enjoy the view of the countryside.

The Orient Express is a very luxurious train and can give you a very memorable ride. This train is managed by Compagnie International des Wagons-Lits.

This train is a passenger train service that goes through Paris, Venice, London, and Istanbul.

The king of all trains the Orient Express has exclusive living quarters, bars and dining and as well ass boutiques.

Without any question, this train is actually a luxurious royal train.

19. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

This nature park is in the state of Wyoming, USA. This park is renowned for having wildlife and geothermal features.

This is the ultimate destination for nature lovers as this park has a subalpine forest and a miscellaneous ecosystem.

A giant cone geyser that is active and is a vital feature of this national park.

Underlying canyons, lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges are also very much attracted to the visitors.

20. Your own Fiji Island

Your own Fiji Island Most Unusual Places To Vacation

Having your own island with a beautiful house to stay can be very pleasing and enjoyable.

Fiji Island can turn it into reality. Crystal clear blue water, tropical scented breeze, the gentle sound of the sea, blue skies that can turn into a heavenly sky with beautiful stars at night and best of all no one around.

Yes, these unusual places to vacation can happen no screaming children, no displeasure. You can now rent an island to spend a luxury day or two on your own private Fiji island.

One night can cost around $2,500 depending on the island.

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