20 Travel Hacks Packing You Need To Start Taking Advantage Of

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Dreaming of a nice journey is free but traveling by plane, staying in a hotel visiting tourist attractions are not free. It’s now really easy to find cheap travel and accommodation prices over the web. You have to also care about saving on hotels, attractions, and airfares. Here comes the point of travel hacking. It helps you to bring your travel costs as close to zero as possible.

Here are 20 best travel hacks for you

1. Get a city tourist card.

Get a city tourist card. Here Are The 20 Travel Hacks Packing

If you have the intention to visit attractive places like museums, historical places, and others then a tourist card is a must for you. This will save up to 50% of your total expense.

2. Get a Tourist Card.

Get a Tourist Card.

Tourist cards give huge discounts to consumers when they visit attractive places. This saves your money by saving transport cost because by this card you will enjoy special fares on transportation and even sometimes free of cost.

3. Get sweet hotel deals.

Get sweet hotel deals.

To hack your accommodation get sweet hotel deals. Visit sites like Hotwire or Priceline and take part in the auctions on rooms. In this way, it will be easier for you to look for rooms within your budget. This will also help you to get bonuses that you can pay for free accommodation later.

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4. Go Camping in a Garden.

Go Camping in a Garden. Travel Hacks Packing You Need To Start Taking Advantage Of

If you like camping too much this hack is for you. Suppose you are traveling in the UK, make your camp in someone’s garden. It’s not too much costly, simple and this will give you a unique experience. Check 20 Best Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net.

5. Look for eat-all-you-can restaurants.

Look for eat-all-you-can restaurants.

If you want the most food at a limited cost then buffets are the best choice for you. Maybe you will not get the best quality food but you get as much as you want for a small price.

6. Lunch specials

Lunch specials Travel Hacks Packing You Need To Start Taking Advantage Of

At the lunchtime, restaurants give lunch specials. Here you will get dishes at significant discounts.

7. Military discounts

Military discounts

If you are in the military or a student, just ask whether a particular establishment provide any discount. The Euro passes or several amusement venues can be included in this.

8. Outdoor vendors

Outdoor vendors

If you buy food from outdoor vendors, you can save your time and money because these foods are cheap.

9. Purchase Miles.

Purchase Miles.

By buying miles you will not get a free flight but by this, you will get a low-cost business class flight. Some airlines offer 100% bonus on miles that you buy for up to 100,000 miles, which normally cost $1,300. This means you are getting a business class ticket at the cost of an economy class ticket.

10. Sign up for a branded airline credit card.

Sign up for a branded airline credit card. Travel Hacks Packing

You have a numerous number of airline credit cards to sign up for such as Oneworld, Jetblue, Delta, Star Alliance, and others. They all have branded travel credit cards. The moment you will make a purchase they will give you as much as 30,000 points. If you have a good mileage balance, it will give you a good starting point to earn more credits.

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11. Sign up for a non-airline credit card.

Sign up for a non-airline credit card.

Non-airline credit cards, for instance, Starwood American Express offers you to get 10,000 points upon signing up. These points have corresponding mile equivalents. By converting your 20,000 points into miles you will get a 5,000-mile bonus. After gathering enough points you can go to redeem your free flight.

12. Stay with locals.

Stay with locals.

From sites like Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders or Hospitality Club, you can find locals who will offer you free accommodation. If you find any local, he will host you throughout the entire journey.

13. Take the 10,000-point challenge of American Airlines.

Take the 10,000-point challenge of American Airlines.
Long trip-goers can take the 10,000 point challenge of American Airlines. By paying only $300 one can take the chance to get 10,000 point challenge. It involves gathering 10,000 points just in three months to get platinum status for 1 year. This status will help you to upgrade in business class when you travel.

14. The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

This organization needs laborers and by working a few hours on their farm you will be provided with a meal and a place to stay.

15. Try a mileage run.

Try a mileage run.

A mileage run is a strategy which involves finding affordable airfares or special bonus mileage offers. By flying around the country in a day you will get a cache of bonus miles that will help you to achieve the elite status for a year.

16. Use flier miles

Use flier miles Travel Hacks Packing
Often flier mile allow you free flying (a sort of). Just earn as many airline points essential to cover the full price of an air ticket.

17. Watch out for special promotions.

Watch out for special promotions.

Just sign up for all airline mailing chart and regularly check for special offers such as 2 for 1-mile deals. Some airlines also offer special card for passengers to earn extra miles. For instance, British Airways offers 100,000 miles just for signing up. Delta also offers thousands of miles just for watching a video about Bose headphones.

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18. Work to get free accommodation.

Work to get free accommodation.

Always you will find some hosts who will give you shelter in exchange for labor. Actually, this opportunity is not bad.

19. Consider house-sitting.

Consider house-sitting.

If you don’t like to work in a hostel, just do some house sitting. It means cleaning and guarding one’s home while he/she is away. You can stay in the city in exchange for your service. You can visit the sites such as Mind My House, House Cares and Luxury Hotel Sitting if you want to do the house sitting job.

20. Dress to impress

Dress to impress

It’s difficult to quantify this statement but there is a rumor that travelers receiving airline upgrades for their good attires. So get dressed well. Who knows, you might just end up in the first class.

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