Top 20 Most Visited Cities In The World

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Every city has its own tale to tell the travelers they got. We, the visitors, seek beauty in many forms. Through art and architecture, through water views and mountain highs, in people, in history, and so on.

when we visit a place we just need to relate ourselves with that city and the stories the city holds.

In this article, we are going to share some tales of 20 Visited Cities around the world and we do pretty believe that you will be amazed while you will be reading this. Ever admired which city welcomes the most visitants globally?

Well, it is not actual London in England, Paris in France, or even New York City in the United States! The ever-changing world marketplace means more people than ever visit for the profession and for leisure.

So not being late, let’s have some stories of the Most Visited Cities In The World.

1. Barcelona

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Barcelona is a larger Spanish party city. The city brought in approximately 6 million visitors every year.

Besides the seashores and clubs, the city brought in a lot of business visitors since it is the fourth most economically dominant city in the European Union as measured by Groos Development Product (GDP).

2. Milan

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Fotodispalle via Flickr

Milan is a global fashion center in Italy. The city brought in more than 5.9 million guests every year.

Beyond its high couture, The city is also Italy’s center of economics and trade, bringing in amounts of businesspeople in addition to visitors.

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3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Las Vegas is the first city to edge over the 6 million visitant marks. The city may draw guests looking for ‘Sin City’, but it also is the third most widespread fashion city in the United States.

4. Shanghai

Source: Euromonitor, Image:

Shanghai is the busiest as well as the financial center of mainland China. The city brought in 6.5% fewer visitors every year, likely due to China’s commercial slowdown.

Although, 6.1 million visitants are still a substantial number to visit Shanghai and its harbor, the busiest container harbor in the world.

5. Prague

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

Prague is the fifth most visited European city. The city brought in more than 6.2 million visitors every year.

Many were likely to travel its historic city center which is listed on UNESCO’s listing of World Heritage Sites.

6. Miami

Source: Euromonitor, Image: IamNigelMorris via Flickr

Miami is one of the beautiful city. The playground for prosperous Americans and Latin Americans, The city is not just approximately the party. The main business center of Latin America.

The beautiful city brought in approximately 6.3 million visitors every year.

7. Taipei

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

Approximately 6.7 million people visited Taipei every year. Setting part of a major high-tech manufacturing zone, Taipei receives loads of business visitants but it is also known for its traveler sites such as the National Palace Museum.

8. Pattaya

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Pattaya is a favorite of Russian visitors for its friendly weather and sandy beaches. The city expanded its visitant count to almost 7 million every year.

The city is only 62 miles far away from Bangkok. It is a familiar holiday trip for locals and visitors alike.

9. Mecca

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Al Jazeera English via Flickr

Mecca is one of Islam’s holiest cities over the world. The city is only home to approximately 2 million inhabitants.

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The annual hajj or pilgrimage for all capable Muslims, attracts in most of Mecca’s guests, bringing annual visitation estimates over 7.5 million per year.

10. Guangzhou

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Guangzhou is just 120 km away from its mainland. The city is one of China’s most significant transport hubs. Due to China’s financial slowdown, visitants dropped by 3% in 2013 – 2014 to 7.6 million people.

11. Phuket

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Phuket is the second beautiful Thai city. The city is one of the world’s most toured cities. The beautiful and tourist attraction city is also Thailand’s biggest island.

An important stopping point on the India-China business route, The city’s visitors are now mostly visitors at just above 8 million.

12. Rome

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Rome is one of the ancient and classical cities all over the world. The eternal city, Rome possesses a history going back over 2,500 years.

The city focused on by approximately every pope since the Renaissance to make it into a center of knowledge, culture, and art. Rome remains to charm, bringing in above 8.5 million visitors every year.

13. Seoul

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Seoul is a major destination for business travelers. The city makes up almost a quarter of South Korea’s Gross Development Product despite holding less than 1% of its mainland.

The city is one of only two South Korean cities in the more extended most visited cities. The city, Seoul invited over 8.6 million visitors per year.

14. Dubai

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Dubai was a small fishing village only 100 years ago. Now the city has converted itself into an environmental and global powerhouse.

It is home to the world’s highest building, the Burj Khalifa. The city has done well boosting its tourism business which sees over 10 million guests yearly.

15. Istanbul

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

Istanbul is the most generous city in Turkey. And the city is one of the largest urban areas in Europe and the Middle East with above 14.4 million inhabitants.

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Its status as an influential hub was further strengthened in 2013 to 2014 since its visitor figures grew by about 12% to above 10.4 million.

16. Antalya

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

It may be unusual to see a city other than Istanbul as Turkey’s most toured city, but the city, Antalya did really bring in almost 700,000 more visitants.

The main reason for the Mediterranean city’s reputation is its closeness for Russian visitors. To further boost its global reputation, it will also operate the 2015 G-20 summit in November.

17. Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur
Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital city. The city was once home to the country’s administrator and constitutional branches.

Though they transferred to Putrajaya in 1999, Kuala Lumpur has built itself as a significant commercial zone for Southeast Asia, bringing in 11.2 million visitors per year.

18. Shenzhen

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

Shenzhen is China’s first Special Economic Zone. The city brought in more than 11.7 million visitors per year.

These visitants were frequently business-related to the tech mega-city which nicknamed China’s Silicon Valley.

19. New York City

New York City
Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikipedia

New York City is the world’s most financially important city. New York City doesn’t break the best five though it is the best American city on the articles, bring in almost 12 million travelers per year.

20. Macau

Source: Euromonitor, Image: Wikimedia

Macau is a significant gambling city. The city attracts over 14 million visitors every year.

It was also the last European colony in Asia which was given up by the Portuguese in 1999 and the city is the most densely populated province in the world.

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