Those 20 Things You Need To Know About Russia

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Between its state and society, the big drama of Russian history has occurred. Put simply, Russia has always had too much state and not enough society.  After reading this phrase you need to gain a bit idea about this giant country and its society.

Well, we are here today to talk about some unknown facts about Russia.

In this article, we have arranged 20 uncommon and mysterious facts about this country.

This five-minute virtual trip will give you some unknown and awkward facts. The more you read the more curious you will be to know. So, not getting more delay, let’s jump into the photo gallery and explore the facts. Here we are.

1. Fact 1

25% of Russian men die before reaching the age of 55 compared with only 1% in the United States.

Let’s start with a very shocking thing about the Russians. You know that 25% of Russian men die before they reach the age of 55, compared to just 1% in the USA. There are certain particular reasons for this. Any of them, you can guess?

2. Fact 2

64% of journalist deaths in Russia since 1992 have been murders

It’s bad too. A survey says that since 1992 64% of journalists have been killed in Russia! Regional terrorism is deeply rooted in it so that politics have a major role to play in generating conflict for the long term because we know the country is the birthplace of so many political ideas.

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3. Fact 3

At the nearest point, Russia and the United States are less than 4 km apart

Russia and the United States are less than 4 km apart, as you can see in the picture at the nearest point! You may hear for a long time that they are rivals from the vast array and what your reactions are when you learn that these two countries are only a few kilometers away.

4. Fact 4

Driving around with a dirty car is a criminal offense

Driving a dirty car within Russia is a criminal offense. Therefore, be vigilant unless you stay or move there newly. In the lawn constitution, there are so many criminal offenses. Unless you intend to go there, you should know most of them.

5. Fact 5

During Peter the Great's reign there was a beard tax which anyone with a beard had to pay

The beard tax was paid by anyone with a beard during the reign of Peter the Great. You should say that some extraordinary rules exist and that is just one and you’ll speak more about them as you go through them.

6. Fact 6

Everyone thinks America has a high homicide rate (4.7 per 100,000), but Russia's is twice as high (9.7 per 100,000)[email protected]/3435027358/

Everyone in America can easily think, though, that the homicide rate is almost twice as high (almost 9.7 per 100.000), but Russia is almost twice as high.

7. Fact 7

In 1867 Russia sold Alaska to the United States for less than 2 cents an acre

Okay, after so much media abuse, let’s chat this time about something extremely interesting. In 1867, did you remember, Russia sold Alaska less than 2 cents an acre to the United States? Sure, and the US collects one million right now.

8. Fact 8

It spans 9 contiguous time zones which is more than any other country

This country encompasses 9 time zones that are more contiguous than any other country! Could you imagine that one nation shares nine timescales and how massive the world is in its size with its civilians?

9. Fact 9

Lake Baikal holds one fifth of the world's fresh water

Will you hear Lake Baikal’s name? Yes, the world’s most important source of freshwater.

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Nevertheless, you will be surprised to hear that one-fifth of the world’s freshwater is on Lake Baikal! That’s so real, do Google, if you want to know more.

10. Fact 10

Officials believe this is related to Vodka consumption. The average Russian consumes 18 liters of alcohol annually which is over two times what experts consider dangerous.

It is common that this is related to the consumption of vodka. A survey shows that the Russian population consumes 18 liters of alcohol annually, more than twice what experts believe to be harmful. Therefore many people are saying, “Greek vodka”

11. Fact 11

On average Russians drink 6.3 shots of liquor per week while Americans drink 3.3

Some years ago a study said that “the Russian average is almost double drinking 6.3 alcohol shots a week while the U.S. drink 3.3.” When you heard that what was the first thing you thought? Have you ever tried Russian Vodka? It’s a must.

12. Fact 12

Rich people in Moscow buy ambulances and use them to drive around because the traffic is so bad

This is again something very surprising because the traffic there is so bad, the rich people buy ambulances in Moscow and use them to drive there. And do you accept that this is the best way to get rid of traffic?

13. Fact 13

Roughly 9 million people ride the Moscow metro every day. That is more than New York and London combined

Russia is a giant country, as we said earlier, and Moscow’s capital has a million inhabitants. Another is here: some 9 million people travel every day by Moscow metro. That’s more than combined between New York and London!

14. Fact 14

Russia is actually rated the 5th deadliest country on Earth to be a journalist

Russia is almost a hazard when it comes to journalism. In fact, Russia has rated as a journalist the fifth most deadly country on Earth! Okay, behind this matter, there are so many reasons, do you any of them know?

15. Fact 15

Russian McDonald's carry the McShrimp, something that allegedly cannot be found anywhere else

You must have heard that name at least once if you’re a food lover. Russian McDonald’s bring McShrimp, which is expected to be contained elsewhere! And believe me his good. Use McShrimp if you’ve ever been there.

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16. Fact 16

Russians also consume about 6 times as much tea as Americans[email protected]/2424947353/

Now, this really is something I enjoy very much. Tea is the most popular spirit in the world and there are numerous demands for tea to be produced and imported in many countries. We even drink about 6 times more tea than the Americans on the reality of Russians!

17. Fact 17

Russia's surface area is bigger than Pluto's surface area

Russia is a giant country, we constantly say. How big is the amount now? A little hypothesis can be made here. Should you know that the surface area of Russia is higher than that of Pluto? Yeah, that’s true. This can be tested on the internet.

18. Fact 18

Siberia accounts for 77% of the country

Now you can comprehend the country’s size. Now we’re going in. Siberia Heard? 77% of the nation accounts for Siberia! And a lot of people think Siberia is Russia’s state!

19. Fact 19

There are over half a million alcohol related deaths in Russia every year

We spoke before of Russian Vodka. We drink a great deal more alcohol from Americans than usual. Every year, more than half a million deaths from alcohol are shockingly reported in Russia!

20. Fact 20

World War II has actually not completely ended yet. Due to a dispute over the Kuril Islands, Russia and Japan still haven't signed a peace treaty and therefore they remain at war

Let us end our discussion with the most interesting one. You know that the Second World War hasn’t ended yet. That is because they still haven’t ratified the peace treaty and therefore they’re still technically at conflict on the Kuril Islands, Russia, and Japan! What are you going to say now?

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