20 Things About Greenland

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So are you fond of traveling and planning to visit in the deep north? Then more here we are to help you out with this article. If you ask someone about Greenland, they will come up with, this is a very cold country which is situated in the north. Though this is a cold country you will amaze to know about the breathtaking beauties of this country. This country is also known as the paradise of adventures.

In this article, we have collected 20 amazing facts about Greenland that will surprise you in every way you think about this beautiful country. This is the world’s most less densely country with a population of only 56000. Well, our article will encourage you to visit this astonishing country and here we are.

Here Are 20 Unknown Things About Greenland

1. Surprisingly rich history

Surprisingly rich history Things About Greenland

Notwithstanding this country owns a cold climate, The country has been occupied since  2500 BC. By the time, various nations and tribes like Arctic tribes, who are from today’s Canada and Vikings have been on this island.

2. Spectacular mountains

Spectacular mountains Things About Greenland

The preponderance of Greenland is more limited than 1,500 meters which are almost 5000 feet, in height but there are also zeniths reaching thousands of meters if you see. And the highest peak in the country is Gunnbjorn Field (3700 meters)

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3. Climbing and mountaineering

Climbing and mountaineering Things About Greenland

Do you love mountaineering? Then it could be heaven to you. This is not only about the mountains that attract extreme sportsmen from around the world. The Local icebergs are there for mountaineering and climbing.

4. Scoresby Sund

Scoresby Sund Things About Greenland

This place is situated on the eastern coast of Greenland. Scoresby Sund has a structure that looks like a tree, with the main body which is around 110 kilometers long and covering a 38,000 square kilometers area.

5. Northeast Greenland National Park

Northeast Greenland National Park Things About Greenland

Do you know? There are some awesome primacies also.  Northeast Greenland National Park, which was founded in 1974, is the world’s biggest and most northern national park with the area of 972,001 km2.

6. Unique arctic wildlife

Unique arctic wildlife Things About Greenland

As we are discussing the Northeast Greenland National Park, you must know that this place is home to a wide range of animal species with humpback whales, polar bears, lemmings, walruses, musk oxen, and many bird species.

7. Unexpectedly rich flora

Unexpectedly rich flora Things About Greenland

Though we all know Greenland as a snow-covered place and a  forever frozen zone, Sometimes in a year many areas of the country increase with lush plants and other colorful flowers. In Greenland, there are more than 500 different plant species has discovered.

8. Arctic Circle Race

Arctic Circle Race Things About Greenland

Do you want to test your physical as well as mental standing? then you should take part in the Arctic Circle Race, which is also known as the world´s toughest cross-country race. Since 1998, this race Held annually.

9. Nuuk

Nuuk Things About Greenland

If you are getting charmed of listening about Greenland´s nature you can visit Nuuk, the capital and largest city of Greenland. The city was established for a fishing settlement, these days Nuuk is the cultural, shopping, economical zone of Greenland.

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10. Museums

Museums Things About Greenland

You have heard about Greenland´s old and rich history and then you can assume that there are some great museums here.  Placed in Nuuk, Greenland National Museum has to offer some objects you can relate to countries old history and there are some frozen mummies you could see if you visit this beautiful land.

11. Hot springs

Hot springs Things About Greenland

If you know properly you would know that there are various hot springs in this country. Actually there many of them have grown by the scene. What about the famous one, that is placed on the island of Uunartoq, and there are natural bathtubs where you can bath with a temperature of 60 c.

12. Birthday Canyon

Birthday Canyon Things About Greenland

There is a canyon known as the Birthday Canyon which has the most impressive sceneries in Greenland. The canyon was named as yo honour of its discoverers´ birthday. You can see the changing structure of the ice here in this canyon.

13. Northern lights

Northern lights Things About Greenland

What to say about Northern Lights? These are heavenly beautiful natural scenes on Earth. In the bright winter, the sky took a variety of colors itself which turns from blue to green. November to March is the best time to watch this happening.

14. Ilulissat Icefjord

Ilulissat Icefjord

The Ilulissat Icefjord, which is Placed in western Greenland is very popular and most visited places of Greenland. In 2004, this place was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the most beautiful places in Greenland of-course.

15. Whale watching

Whale watching

If you are an animal lover and you are lucky enough to see a whale from close vicinity you would feel so lucky and Greenland is a supreme target to have this experience. In summer, fin whales, minke whales, humpback whales, and other species you can see there when they sailing.

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16. Dog sledding

Dog sledding

This is another exciting thing you can taste here in Greenland, yes talking about dog sledding. This ultimate sledding experience could be the best in this Arctic environment.In Greenland, it’s not a fun thing, it’s a way of life here.

17. Polar diving

Polar diving Things About Greenland

Fjords are very beautiful when you see them from the land but if you want to enjoy a really unique and impressive scene then you must have to do cold water diving! then you can really understand the beauty of the underwater kingdom.

18. Kayaking


This is another path to observe Greenland´s natural magnificence, kayaking. This is similar to dog sledding, this is also used as local transport for the native people. In Greenland, 4,000 years ago the kayak was invented.

19. Narsaq


Narsaq is a popular tourist spot and a big city which is famous for its charming colorful houses.  If you visit Greenland and want to have some taste expect glossaries and ice skating, you can visit this village and capture photos.

20. Midnight sun

Midnight sun Things About Greenland

Now here is the most wanted thing.The midnight sun is a natural wonder that occurs in the months of summer in places south of the Antarctic Circle or north of the Arctic Circle when the sun continues apparently at midnight!

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