Top 20 Strange Trees Around The World

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Mother earth is a very weird place sometimes. As it holds many strange things inside herself. Trees are one of them. Fossils of some old trees are the root knowledge about the earth. Some trees are as genetically old as Dinosaurs! Studying trees could reveal many more secrets about the earth.

These extraordinary trees grab a lot of visitors from different places around the earth for their attractive stories behind. You can expand your botanical knowledge and our guide to explore the beautiful and historic trees from all over the world.

Here is information about 20 strange trees around the world, that will force you to rethink the concept of trees.

Here Are 20 Weird Shaped Trees

1. Number 1

1 Weird Shaped Trees

Bob prison tree. Bob prison tree. There is an old Bob Prison Treeshell outside of Western Australia with a small holding cell in its entirety. This tree is 1500 years old and was used to hold the prisoners for a temporary period prior to their arrival.

2. Number 2

2 Weird Shaped Trees

The Dragon’s Blood Tree’s commercial use has a long history. Only in Socotra Island, Yemen is this splendid tree visible. This tree has long-term economic value and is only possible in a region called Dragons Blood. As per research, these strange trees around the world will be lost because of climate change unless major steps are taken.

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3. Number 3

3 Strange Trees Around The World

Ta Prohm is a very lovely temple in Cambodia’s Anchor Complex. The temple has a long background of the 15th century and the trees. You need to see the vast history and beauty of this tree if you visit the anchor temple.

4. Number 4

4 Strange Trees Around The World

This Rainbow Eucalyptus trees can be seen on the Pacific Island. When the bark’s surface layer falls down, these beautiful colors. When the bark underneath begins brown, a beautiful rainbow effect could be seen.

5. Number 5

5 Strange Trees Around The World

There are some odd kinds of old wild juniper trees in El Sabinar in La Dehesa. These were blown by the trade winds into this particular form. This appears to have the wood knots of the trees attached to the ground.

6. Number 6

6 Strange Trees

Niccolo Bonfadinin is a photographer who visits beautiful landscapes all over the world. This wonderful photo in the Arctic, covered with strange trees around the world, was taken by the photographer during this winter.

7. Number 7

7 Strange Trees

Madagascar is famous for its odd, beautiful, alien, giant baobabs groves. The road from Morondava to Belon’i Tsiribihina is situated in the west of the country. The trees are 6000 years old! These trees!

8. Number 8


The island of Socotra is a place that looks alien to the earth, and the Dragon’s Blood Tree is the credit. It is located in the Gulf of Aden in Yemen and includes 800 rare plant species. This place, with its exceptional shapes and trees, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Number 9

9 Strange Trees

You can’t say that timid but dangerous, of course, and it’ll warm you like that. There are so many trees in another place covering an enormous part of the world. You can see these strange trees around the world from a safe distance, but sometimes can danger.

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10. Number 10

10 Strange Trees

On April 24, 1873, in Hawaii, the United States, some banyans were planted which marked the fiftieth Protestant Mission in America. The site is located in the historic town of Lahaina, Hawaii’s capital. Some people believe that the trees have grown and raised like that.

11. Number 11

11Strange Trees

Tree Troll. Kim Grahan started her art career as a painter, but moved in sculpture after the 1980s and made many lovely creatures in America. With the help of volunteers made from completely non-toxic materials, this 13 feet long trolling tree was one of the finest creatures.

12. Number 12

12 Strange Trees

Trees are one of the most beautiful beings in our everyday surroundings we can observe, feel and see. Almost in every form, a tree can grow as you plant it in a perfect place and the weather overtakes it.

13. Number 13

13 Strange Trees

Frankincense is a kind of bush tree and the world’s oldest perfume in the Red Sea. It is the most famous. The Carterii tree of Boswellia is the most renowned frankincense and perfumery tree. Somalia should collect the leaves of this tree.

14. Number 14

14 Strange Trees

Circus trees are an incredible example of people’s patience and human imagination. For tourists around the world, it is a different kind of botanical attraction and is gaining huge popularity as days go by.

15. Number 15

15 Strange Trees Around The World

Chêne Chapelle is an old French tree. The age of this tree is a bit confusing, but this tree is presumed to be nearly 800-1200 years old among strange trees around the world. The tree was struck with flames during its 500 years, and the fire slowly flamed through the middle and hollowed out the tree.

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16. Number 16

16 Strange Trees Around The World

It’s a Redwood highway. This is a private place to feel the trip under the tree and charge for this adventure a nominal fee. Shrine Tree, Chandelier Tree, and Klamath Tree are therefore three trees on this highway.

17. Number 17

17 Strange Trees Around The World

Couroupita guianensis in Bengali is usually referred to as cannonball and Nageshwar tree. The huge fruit is regarded as a medicine for different diseases. In almost every country you can see this tree waiting for the artic.

18. Number 18

18 Strange Trees Around The World

One of the wonderful artworks is the face on the trees. In various places around the world, you can see this. In many popular botanical places, these strange trees around the world are now collected to attract visitors and public attractions.

19. Number 19

19 Strange Trees Around The World

The bullet trees. What’s the first thing after seeing this tree on your mind? Is it not like the root of the ballerina leaves on its head? No, it’s only a tree, and “Trees look like people” are called these particular trees

20. Number 20

20 Strange Trees Around The World

The Tree of the Flask. This tree produces a highly toxic latex used as arrow poison for hunting by local people. This can cause blindness, indirect contact with the eyes. Be careful when you visit this lovely toxic tree!

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