20 Astonishing Driving In Ice Storm

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Are you looking amazing ice storms? There is all remarkable winter natural phenomenon that can make particular breathtaking sceneries. Observing we have shown you how wonderful winter can be with landscapes covered and fresh white snow with winter quickly approaching.

Furthermore, you will be thrilled to know about the effect of ice storms. You also know what fantastic alterations this phenomenon can make. Here is a list of 20 Astonishing driving in ice storm never seen before.

Here Are 20 Astonishing Driving In Ice Storm

1. An ice storm

Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

What is your opinion to see this picture? You probably think about how it is possible. Of course, it is a real image took a photographer during the ice storm.

As I know, an ice storm is a type of winter storm characterized by freezing rain. Although they are not violent storms, instead commonly perceived as gentle rains happening at temperatures just below freezing.

2. Melting ice storm

Melting ice storm Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

Frozen snowfall melt to rain when falling into the warm air layer, and then being to refreeze in the cold layer below. Including everything, it makes heavy, smooth glaze ice.

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3. An ice storm warp with trees

An ice storm warp with trees

Are you planning to visit this place? Don’t wait any longer more, you rather should go now. An ice storm can encase tree in a solid ice warp that might look spectacular to us but it can be hard to deal with for the trees.

4. Ice Weight

Ice Weight Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

Do you have any idea about ice’s weight? Although, an ice storm is valuable before the sunrise.

If you follow our picture, whole trees can bend or break by the weight of the ice, branches. Tree’s branches can block roads,  telephone line, tear down power, and causes other damage.

5. Ice weight that causes the cables to snap

Ice weight that causes the cables to snap Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

According to the research of most meteorologists, just one-quarter of an inch (0.6 cm) of ice procurement can include about 500 pounds (230 kg) of weight per line span. But it can also be just the weight of the ice itself that causes the cables to snap.

6. Damage metropolitan areas

Damage metropolitan areas

Can you imagine what can be happened there? Unquestionably, it is a risky place where people are living with their family. Ice storms are easily capable of shutting down entire metropolitan areas.

It can damage the high voltage electricity line within a short time. On the other hand, the ice storm that hit Oklahoma in January 2010 cut power to more than 100,000 households.

7. An ice storm in Canada

An ice storm in Canada Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

It is considered as a major ice storm stroke in Central Canada in December 2013. The worst-hit areas back then were around the shores of Lake Ontario where ice collecting on surfaces spread up to 3 centimeters (1.2 inches) in some locations.

8. An ice storm hit Estonia

An ice storm hit Estonia Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

Do you think that fatal ice storms occur in only North America? It isn’t just North America where ice storms occur, therefore it can happen in many countries in the world. A strong ice storm hit Estonia in 2008, creating some magical scenes right in the city centers.

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9. Benches on a sea bridge

Benches on a sea bridge Astonishing Snow Ice Storm

It was a memorable event that took place in December 2013, Germany. This was how benches on a sea bridge ended up after a severe ice storm swept through a Baltic sea village of Scharbeutz.

10. Ice storms in Russia

Ice storms in Russia Snow Ice Storm

What is your opinion about Rusia? Definitely, Rusia is a famous country in the world. But ice storms are pretty common occurrences in Rusia.

In the year of 2010, one of the most significant ice stroams hit Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia in the northwest of Rusian. It was considered as a notable ice storm this year.

11. Winter Wonderland.

Winter Wonderland. Snow Ice Storm

Icicles, as well as thick,  heavy layers of ice,  transformed the city into a real winter wonderland.

12. Low-temperature

Low-temperature Snow Ice Storm

During the ice storm, meteorologists reported that the temperature was around 14° F (-10 C) with winds of up to 60 MPH (97 km/h). This combination produced bizarrely spectacular scenes.

13. The city of Geneva

The city of Geneva Snow Ice Storm

This ice storm took place in Switzerland. As far as you know, it is possible that the most famous ice storms occur in this country. Really it is very harmful to the country’s people. In January 2005, the first one hit the city of Geneva.

14. Cars at the lake shores

Cars at the lake shores Snow Ice Storm

Are you a conscious person? Don’t keep your car at the lake shores. I think those who left their cars at the lake shores had to find another way to get to work the next day.

15. Overweight of the ice

Overweight of the ice Snow Ice Storm

Be careful before the ice storm. Boat owners were even worse off. According to the report of some spectators, they saw several boats sank to the bottom under the weight of the ice.

16. Ice storm damage trees

 Ice storm damage trees winter snow storm images

Do you know ice storm damage many trees every day?  Trees usually cannot bear the ice load, this is the main reason for trees’ death. The ice storm is a natural thing. In spite of many bad effects everybody like this weather.

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17. The recent ice storm in Switzerland

winter snow storm images The recent ice storm in Switzerland

It is another more recent ice storm which hits the same area in February 2012, Switzerland. Then, Versoix, a municipality located on the right bank of the Leman lake was propelled the most severely.

18. Over ice on the road

Over ice on the road

Are you interested to walk on the ice road? You can go there because this place is famous for over ice on the road. This picture makes that the wind blowing out of the lack was even stronger than the one in 2005. It was noticeable from the skew icicles.

19. Car on the road

Car on the road winter snow storm images

Did you think that your car can be damaged by over ice storm? Spray from the lake stuck as well as froze on anything it could find. To turn cars into impregnable fortresses. Moreover, don’t keep your car on the road during the ice storm.

20. Real prediction of ice storms

winter snow storm images Real prediction of ice storms

Some meteorologists can predict when and where most ice storms will occur. People appreciate them but some of them can still occur with little or no warning. Consequently, people sometimes cannot respond fast enough to save their valuables.

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