20 Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

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Throne of great kings, emblems of power, unconquerable castles, European strongholds, and chateaus are much more than just popular tourist sites.  The confusing trait and enchanting atmosphere from these edifices even today.  Here are 20 amazing Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe.

Here Are The 20 Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

1. Balmoral Castle, Scotland

Balmoral Castle, Scotland Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

In 1852 Prince Albert bought this castle. Since then this edifice is owned privately by the Royal Family of Britain. In 1997 it served as the Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe “Queen’s residence” when Diana died.

2. Bodiam Castle, England

Bodiam Castle, England

In 1835, the Bodiam Castle was made. It was built as a safeguard against French armies in the Hundred Years War.

3. Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle, Romania neuschwanstein castle facts

It is one of the most famous castles in the world. This castle is located almost in the middle of Romania. This castle is not famous for its construction but its famous for the legend associated with it. There is a hearsay that this castle is the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But there is no evidence about its truth. Probable Bram didn’t even know  the existence of this castle when he was composing the novel

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4. Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland

Caerlaverock Castle, Scotland

Featuring an unusual triangular plan this castle was made in the 13th century. Throughout history, it has been enclosed several times and part of it has been ruined. After its reformation, now it’s a popular tourist spot.

5. Chateau De Chambord, France

Chateau De Chambord, France

This Chateau is one of the greatest symbols of the French Renaissance. This chateau was the hunting lodge of the famous French king Francois I.

6. Chateau De Chillon, Switzerland

Chateau De Chillon, Switzerland Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

This medieval castle is situated on the shore of Lake Geneva. This best-preserved Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe has 100 separate buildings which were interconnected together serially.

7. Chateau De Martainville, France

Chateau De Martainville, France neuschwanstein castle facts

This medieval chateau is situated in north-western France. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in this region. Now tourists can see here everyday furniture, life items and costumes from 16th- 19th century Normandy.

8. Chateau De Versailles, France

Chateau De Versailles, France

This magnificent chateau was the center of political power and a symbol of the French monarchy in the 17th century. Now it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in France. You can see here the Museum of French History.

9. Coca Castle, Spain

Coca Castle, Spain

Coca Castle is one of the magnificent castles of the medieval age. It was built during the late 15the century and is located in Spain. Now it is used as a school and training center for foresters.

10. Dunnator Castle, Scotland

Dunnator Castle, Scotland neuschwanstein castle facts

This devastated medieval stronghold occupies an area of about 3.5 acres on a stone cliff in the north-eastern part of Scotland. You perhaps saw this castle from the 1990 movie “Hamlet” starring Mel Gibson.

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11. Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark

This castle is the largest of all castles built in the renaissance period in Northern Europe. It was the royal residence of King Christian IV. Now it is the museum of Danish national history.

12. Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria

Hochosterwitz Castle, Austria Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

This castle is of the prime medieval age.  It is situated on a rocky hill in the state of Carinthia, Austria. Now it is a popular tourist attraction.

13. Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic neuschwanstein castle facts

Roman Emperor Charles IV built this Gothic castle. It is one of the most famous Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe. This castle has been depicted in several fairytales and cinemas.

14. Malbork Castle, Poland

Malbork Castle, Poland

This is the biggest brick-built castle in the world. It was completed in 1406. Now it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Poland.

15. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

This castle is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Germany. As this fortress has a fairytale-like look, every year about 1.3 million tourists visit here. See the above picture. How impressive it looks in winter!

16. Pembroke Castle, Wales

Pembroke Castle, Wales neuschwanstein castle facts

This medieval castle is situated on the rocky headland in Pembroke, West Wales. It was built in the 11th century. You may have seen this fortress in several movies such as “Jabberwocky” and “Richard II”.

17. Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

This popular tourist site in Prague is the biggest castle complex in the world. It occupies a vast area of more than 18 acres.

18. Predjama Castle, Slovenia

Predjama Castle, Slovenia neuschwanstein castle facts

This Slovenian castle was built in the renaissance period near the own of Postojna. To make access to it hard this was made in the stone wall. Now, Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe is a popular tourist spot.

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19. Segovia Castle, Spain

Segovia Castle, Spain

This stone fortress is one of the most popular edifices in the Iberian Peninsula. For its unique shape, it became an inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle.

20. Trakai Castle, Lithuania

Trakai Castle, Lithuania Neuschwanstein Castle Fairytale Europe

This wonderful castle was one of the important centers of Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For this, it had extreme strategic importance. Now it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Lithuania.

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