20 Most Violent Places In The World

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The security of a particular place is often an issue no matter what whether relocating or vacationing. For the previous decade, the world has seen many types of violence in different parts of the world. Although most of the rated crimes reported in history had political roots, a number of them were conjointly triggered by financial condition and therefore the use of drugs. Here is a list of the 20 most violent places in the world.

Here Are 20 Most Violent Places In The World

1. Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland Most Violent Places In The World

Due to its high level of drug and gang-related violent place, this area is considered one of the most fierce places in the united state. A general report of the last year, this city has regarded a slight decrease in its murder rate.

2. Belem, Brazil

Belem, Brazil Most Violent Places In The World

It is believed that through the dense Amazonian jungle surrounding this city that drugs are supplied all over Brazil and exported throughout the world. Belem is also well known as a natural entrance for smuggling drugs. As a great level of cocaine users living here, violence in this part of the country is mostly related to drug killings.

3. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama most dangerous cities in the world

Birmingham was considered as the destructive cities not only in the United States but also in the world. Since the 1990s, with a murder rate of 33.7 per 100,000 citizens, this city has had consistently high crime rates. As per police officers, most of the murders happened in the city are tough to avoid because they are native.

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4. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia most dangerous cities in the world

The strong security of Colombia has considerably improved through the years, narco-terrorist teams still unfold violence in a number of its rural areas, particularly in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. 3 years back, a bomb explosion came about outside the Caracol station and since then, varied cases of status kidnappings are reportable.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Though Cape Town is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, this city is contending against some of the top crime rates on Earth. It is easily treated as one of the most threatening cities at night, especially for women. In this part of South Africa, most of the crimes occurred are driven by the gap between and among socioeconomic classes.

6. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan most dangerous cities in the world

Without a doubt, Detroit is considered one of the most violent places in the world having a murder rate of 54.6 per 100,000 citizens. A couple of decades ago, because of its very high crime rate, it was known as the Murder Capital of the United States which can be blamed for the high level of gang presence, poverty, and drugs.

7. Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan most dangerous cities in the world

Another deadliest city of the United States is Flint. It is also one of the underprivileged cities in the country, with rural areas bothered by drug dealers and illegal gun users. It has a murder rate of 64.9 per 100,000 citizens.

8. Grozny, Chechnya

Grozny, Chechnya most dangerous cities in the world

Grozny is a city in Russia has seen highly slaughterous since the 1990s. This is the principal reason why the United Nations recently named it as “The Most Destroyed City on Earth.” Crimes devoted by gangsters and mobs are very excessive in Grozny, but kidnapping, rape, and criminal murders are serious issues.

9. Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan most dangerous cities in the us

From 2011 to 2012, most of the terrorist attacks that were recorded in Pakistan took place in Karachi. The largest city in Pakistan is known to be destroyed by crimes and without laws as it is overrun by all kinds of violence, including gang shootings and suicide bombings.

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10. Maceio, Brazil

Maceio, Brazil most dangerous cities in the us

Though Maceio is world-renowned for its natural beaches, it is also known to all for its noticeable crime rate. In 2011, Maceio had a murder rate of 1564. Drug-based crimes are the main reason for the destruction of the favelas, or slums.

11. Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu, Somalia most dangerous cities in africa

This part of Somalia is usually combined with military objectionable attacks done by terrorists. In 2010, hundreds of people were killed during the attack against the Transitional Federal Government and African Union. In the same year, a wayside bomb explosion was conjointly recorded to possess broken 3 civilian minibusses and killed 9 folks. This Violent place is extremely dangerous in Mogadishu, Somalia.

12. Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

Muzaffarabad, Pakistan most dangerous cities

Despite being named as “a paradise on earth” it is ironic that this city in Pakistan is also treated as one of the most brutal places on Earth. A significant amount of planned crime, terrorism, abduction, and drug smuggling are all usual case in Muzaffarabad.

13. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya most dangerous cities in africa

In recent years, a record number of terrorist attacks committed in Nairobi. Irritated with huge crime rates in less-income areas, tourists are requested to stay away from these areas. Street crimes are also a common incident in the city.

14. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana most dangerous cities in the world

New Orleans has been labeled as one of the deadliest cities on Earth, accounting for its 53.5 murder rate for every 100,000 citizens. This city had 193 recorded murders just in 2012. This city has been striving with the uncontrollable use of unauthorized firearms among its residents and high levels of gang crimes.

15. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea most dangerous cities in the world

In terms of crime rate, the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea is one of the deadliest cities in the world. The most usual crime in this city is Rape and robbery. Although carjacking, vehicle stoning, and pick-pocketing are also common here. Not only that, even unguarded public sites like beaches, parks, and golf courses are not excluded from criminals.

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16. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti most dangerous cities

Haiti, which is the largest capital city, is controlled by Criminals. Despite the police cooperation provided by the United Nations violent outbreaks have been observed in the city from 2004. As it is considered a bastion of murderers, carjackers, robbers and drug addicts, the presence of police does not guarantee security for visitors in Port-au-Prince.

17. Sana’a, Yemen

Sana’a, Yemen most dangerous cities

The security system in Yemen city has noticeably deteriorated due to political unrests. The reason why it has turned into a hub of terrorism is considered to be political instability. Now, people who are living there are advised to leave though commercial carriers are still flying here.

18. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas, Venezuela most dangerous cities

In 2010, Caracas was considered as one of the ten most dangerous cities in the world. Until today, because of its high murder rate, the city remains among the most violent places in the world. Much of the violence that happened within Caracas is related to drug trafficking in the city. The ironic point is, firearm kidnappings and killings in this city commit the local police officers themselves.

19. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic most dangerous cities in the world

Today mugging and pick-pocketing are two of the biggest issues claimed by the local government of Santo Domingo. But reports of rampage against foreign tourists and car theft are also noticeably increasing. Native criminals often target tourists from other countries, that is why foreigners in this part of the country are advised to act caution all the time.

20. St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri most dangerous cities in the world

Based on statistics, beating Detroit, New Orleans, and St. Louis, Missouri, Camden tops the list of the most violent cities in the United States. In 2006, it was recorded as “America’s Most Dangerous City” and in 2009, it came in second. Currently, it has 2,070 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. In the east part of St. Louis 65% of the total crimes committed.

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