Most 20 Dangerous Countries In The World

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According to the Global Peace Index, Most dangerous or most peaceful countries are dependent on around 22 sign or measure including external and internal conflicts of a country, relationship with neighboring countries, terrorist activity, political imbalance, manslaughter of per 100,000 civilization, prison people per 100,000 civilization, the capability of harmful and heavy as well as nuclear weapons, terrorist activity and so on. According to the Global Peace Index, the most five peaceful and safety countries are Iceland, Denmark, Australia, Newzealand, Switzerland. But the topic is not actual safety or peaceful countries. Now we show you the most dangerous countries where you may not feel good or you should not go for spending a vacation. Here are the Most 20 Dangerous Countries In The World.

Here Are The 20 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

1. Central African Republic (3.331)

Central African Republic (3.331)

The Central African Republic is one of the landlocked countries in central Africa. The bordering countries of the country are Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo and Cameroon. The country got independence from the France Rule in 1960. And after gaining independence, the country was ruled by many autocratic leaders but nobody was able to bring peace. The main reason for violence in the country is racism as well as the conflict of religion. Various ethnic, Muslim and Christian community always fight each other. And the fighting broke out the government rules and create political imbalance, and then occurred violence through the country.

2. Chad (2.558)

Chad (2.558) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

Chad is one of the landlocked countries in the world. The official name is the Republic of Chad. The bordering countries of Chad are Libya, Sudan, Cameroon, Nigeria. The landlocked country is one of the most corrupted as well as poorest countries in the world. Maximum citizenship of the country lives in poverty line. However, the country is full of political violence. The poverty line and political imbalance are the major sources to increase rapid criminality and rapid corruption in the country.

3. Colombia (2.701)

Colombia (2.701)

The Republic of Colombia a sovereign country which is located in the northwest of South America. The country is one of the most dangerous states among the South American Country. It is a country of many Latin American nations which are evolved as a highly segregated society and many of poor Colombians are belong in the mixed race. As a result, race conflict is common in here. Besides numerous armed groups come out that have been related in drug trafficking, murders, kidnapping, and other criminal activities.

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4. Democratic Republic of Congo (3.213)

Democratic Republic of Congo (3.213) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

5. Egypt (2.571)

Egypt (2.571)

The official name of the Eypgt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. The country is located in the southwest corner of Asia and northeast corner of Africa. Though the country has many significant histories and a place of ancient civilized after ancient Greece, it lost its past tradition. Because of political violence and religious conflicts. Recently the common people and the opposition party of the country have stood against the president of Egypt.

6. Ethiopia (2.502)

Ethiopia (2.502) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

Officially the name of Ethiopia is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It is a country on the northeastern side of Africa. The country is most known as the Horn of Africa. However, the country is not actual peaceful like its name. Frequently political and criminal activity have made the country most terrible and occurred huge casualties both the human being and wealth. Silly crimes are available in the country including pick-pocketing, snatching, stabbing, thefts even kidnapping of foreigners and famous person in Ethiopia.

7. Guinea – Bissau (2.591)

Guinea - Bissau (2.591)

Guinea Bissau is a country of West Africa which was dominated by Portuguese. The country got independence in 1974 from the Portuguese rules. Since its independence, no elected president served the country for a full period. So you can easily be thought that the political situation of the country is not actually good. Without the political imbalance, the country suffers from poverty, high crime, murdered as well as human trafficking now and then. In these circumstances, you will not recognize the country as a peaceful one, will you?

8. India (2.571)

India (2.571)

India is one of the big countries not only in Asia but also over the world. The bordering countries of the country are Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal. The country has no good relation with China and Pakistan. They are always in fear of war between them. It is a normal phenomenon of the country. However, without this, the country faces many challenges including corruption, malnutrition, poverty, terrorism, illegal drug trafficking and so on. The major problem of the country is religious conflict.

9. Israel (2.689)

Israel (2.689) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

Israel is an Illegally grabbed middle east country. Though it is a developed country with the supreme standard of living, you may not want to live in. Because of safety instability in the Israeli. It is an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians which began in the middle of the twentieth century and till present.

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10. Ivory Coast (2.546)

Ivory Coast (2.546)

The official name of Ivory Coast is the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire which is situated in the south coast of West Africa. The Bordering countries of Ivory Coast are Guinea, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Mali and the Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean. The country is also most dangerous according to the Global Peace Index because the country has been affected by internal conflict as well as civil war. So the country has not enough rule of law and confirmation of citizenship.

11. Lebanon (2.620)

Lebanon (2.620) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

Another name of Lebanon is the Lebanese Republic, the official name. It is a country of Western Asia which is bordered by  Syria, Israel and Cyprus. The main conflict of the country is religion and politics. It is dangerous because of being the civil war of Syria. Many of Lebanese support Syrian president and they fight for him. Without it, unrest, murdered, kidnapping of foreign and famous persons are normal occurrence here.

12. Mexico (2.500)

Mexico (2.500)

The United Mexican States is a country of North America which is bordered to the United States, Guatemala, Belize, the Pacific Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. The State is most terrible for smuggling, illegal drug trafficking including heroin, cocaine and some other dangerous drug addiction among the bordering countries. Some of the illegal crime organization and the illegal drug trafficking and smuggling have been the main reason for the violation in Mexico. So the country is not for good the common people over the world.

13. Nigeria (2.710)

Nigeria (2.710) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

The Federal Republic of Nigeria widely known as Nigeria. Though it is a huge government revenue from the mining of petroleum, it is faced with numerous societal topics. Its human rights record remains poor and government officials at all levels continue to be extremely corrupt. Besides, Child abuse, child labor, child sexual exploitation, rape, discrimination on sex, torture, domestic violence, ethnicity, region, and religion are all widespread within the country.

14. North Korea (3.071)

North Korea (3.071) is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, well known as North Korea. It is a country of world thread. It is actually not as democratic as its name. The country is widely accused of being one of the worst human rights records in the world. The population of the country is strictly managed by the state and people are dominated by its ruling. Amnesty International recently reports of severe that the freedom of association, torture and other ill-treatment, murdered, and executions are available here. So you can easily recognize it as one of the most dangerous.

15. Pakistan (3.107)

Pakistan (3.107)

Pakistan is a country of the subcontinent which is located on the east side of Asia. Since the independence of the country has been characterized by periods of military rule, political imbalance and conflicts with the neighboring country, India. No government has ruled the whole five years from its birth. However,  it continues to face many challenging problems, including overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, corruption and so on.

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16. Russia (3.039)

Russia (3.039) is the is the most  Dangerous Countries In The World

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world by area which is bordered by Norway, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and North Korea. Though it is high standard living as well as a powerful country, it is considered the world’s most dangerous countries. Because of some illegal activities includes drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, extortion, murder for hire, fraud and so on. Many criminal operations involved in corruption, black marketeering, terrorism, and abduction. So it is regarded as the dangerous one.

17. Sudan (3.362)

Sudan (3.362)

The Republic of Sudan is a country of Northeast Africa. The country suffers from numerous challenges. It suffers from poor human rights most dealing with the topics of ethnic cleansing and slavery in the nation. Recently, the state has seen two civil war. However, the Sudanese legal system is based on Islamic law. So the conflict of religion occurs now and then.

18. Ukraine (2.546)

Ukraine (2.546)

Ukraine is a country of Eastern Europe located beside Russia. The country is independence on 16 July 1990 and declared it as the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine. But there was no peace after its independence. Corruption of Ukraine, political imbalance and relationship with its neighboring countries are not actually well. The activity makes the country one of the dangerous country in the world.

19. Yemen (2.629)

Yemen (2.629)

Yemen is known as the Republic of Yemen. It is the second largest country in the Arab State. The country is also dangerous for its 11 civil wars and social unrest which are common in the country from past to present. Poverty, unemployment, corruption, and terrorism are common problems here. The government and its security forces often considered suffering from epidemic corruption. The common people always fight against the government as well.

20. Zimbabwe (2.662)

Zimbabwe (2.662)

The Republic of Zimbabwe is a country of Southern Africa which is bordered by South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique. The country is suffered crime activity since its independence. The country’s degenerate economy is one of the major problems. The most popular crime in the country is the “smash and grab” in which thieves or blamer brake the windows of running cars and stopped them and snatch valuable things from inside the car.

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