20 Most Brutal Prisons In The World

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In movies, we see prisons are quite a nice place with televisions, ping pong tables, and good food. But in reality, there are some prisons that can be called just hell on earth. You can think that prisoners should think before committing a crime but if you think carefully, you’ll see that most of these hell-like prisons are not in democratic, fair trial countries. So, get ready to know about 20 most brutal prisons in the world.

Here Are The 20 Most Brutal Prisons In The World

1. ADX Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado

ADX Florence Supermax Prison, Colorado Most Brutal Prisons In The World

This prison was built to ensure the security of staff and guards from the prisoners’ attack. Prisoners are kept isolated from the staff and they can’t go anywhere. As a result, they suffer from psychological torture and some of them commit suicide.

2. Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

Alcatraz, San Francisco, California worst prisons in the world

“The Rock” or “Devil’s Island” was built in the 1920s. It was designed in such a way that escaping from here is impossible. As per research, here brutal prisons are kept contactless with the outer world. Abusive and arrogant guards compel them to remain quite a silence. They are not allowed to talk with each other and even show their emotions.

3. Attica Correctional Facility, New York

Attica Correctional Facility, New York worst prisons in the world

This prison was built in 1930 and it held a number of the most dangerous criminals in the world. It became infamous for the Attica Prison riot on September 9, 1971, as the inmates claimed better living conditions and political rights. About 2,200 prisoners revolted and captured the prison taking its 33 staff as a hostage. 39 people including 10 guard and civilian employees died at that mutiny.

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4. Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Black Beach Prison, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea worst prisons in the world

This prison is infamous for human rights offenses, guard brutality, malnutrition, overcrowding and rat infestations. Prisoners die here from chronic disease and who doesn’t die live in constant fear of torture and prolonged lashing.

5. Butyrka Prison, Moscow, Russia

Butyrka Prison, Moscow, Russia  prisons in the world

The central transit prison of Moscow is well-known for its beastliness. During the Great Purge, about 20,000 prisoners were there and 1000 of them were executed after investigations. When the prisoners try to protest against anything, the authority coerced them. Here 100 people are kept in one cell where the capacity is only 10. In summer it is hot like hell and has a problem with pestilences such as AIDS and tuberculosis.

6. Camp 1391, Northern Israel

Camp 1391, Northern Israel Most Brutal Prisons In The World

Camp 1391 is an Israel Defense Forces prison camp. High-risk prisoners are kept here and it is about an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv. Before 2003 this brutal prison’s existence was totally unknown to the public.  Recently Israel’s supreme court commanded the release of some news about the prison.

7. Diyarbakır Prison, Turkey

Diyarbakır Prison, Turkey worst prisons in the world

This prisoner is one of the most sadistic and forbidding penal institutions. This is infamous for human rights violations. Inmates here suffer brutal physical and mental torture. It’s unlivable conditions, sexual abuse of prisoners made it hell for prisoners. To escape from this situation prisoners try to commit suicide, hunger strikes and even set themselves on fire.

8. El Rodeo, Guatire, Venezuela

El Rodeo, Guatire, Venezuela worst prisons in the world

During the regime of Hugo Chavez, crime rates kited and the Venezuelan prisons were filled with about 50,000 prisoners.  On 12 June 2011, two rival gangs attacked each other that resulted in a bloodbath and a siege that prolonged for a whole month.

9. Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda

Gitarama Central Prison, Rwanda worst prisons in the world

Gitarama prison is hell on earth. Here four men live per square yard in the roofless brick box. It was first designed to house 400 people but in the wake of the Rwandan genocide, the inmate’s number became 7,000 in the mid-1990s. The prisoners stand cramped here under any type of weather. They suffer from dysentery and gangrene. They even eat each other’s flesh out of mere desperation.

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10. Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia

Gldani Prison, Tbilisi, Georgia worst prisons in the world

For its zero-tolerance policy, Georgia has the lowest criminal activities in Europe. But here in prison tuberculosis epidemics, brutal treatment of prisoners and aggressive sexual harassment cause many inmates to die, especially in Gldani.

11. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya worst prisons in the world

Located on a 1,200 acre of land, the Kamiti Maximum Security is the most brutal prisons in the world. Here you will see sodomy, lashing of prisoners to death, malnutrition, cholera, and ulcers. Actually this place is not less than hell anyway.

12. La Sante, Paris

La Sante, Paris most famous prisoners in the world

Though La Sante means “health”, this prison is not good for prisoners; mental and physical health as they have to live here in miserable conditions in overcrowded concrete cells with mice and lice. Its violent torture chamber can make any person lose his sanity. In 2002, 122 inmates committed suicide and in 2003 73 more. Most of them have done it by swallowing drain cleaner.

13. Montelupich Prison, Cracow, Germany

Montelupich Prison, Cracow, Germany most famous prisoners in the world

This one of the worst Nazi prisons are located in Poland. It was used to house victims of the Gestapo street raids, British and Russian emissaries and political prisoners during World War II. From 1940-1944 about 50,000 prisoners were kept tortured here. After World War II it became a Soviet prison where Polish soldiers from the Home Army were tortured and killed by the NKVD.

14. Nairobi Prison, Kenya

Nairobi Prison, Kenya world's most dangerous prisons

It was built in 1911 for only 800 prisoners but in 2003 the number became 3,000. No wonder it is one of the most overcrowded prisons on earth. This over-population results in problems with hygiene, sanitation and general living condition where it’s impossible to remain healthy physically and mentally.

15. Petak Island Prison, White Lake Russia

Petak Island Prison, White Lake Russia world's most dangerous prisons

This prison is the Russian version of Alcatraz prison. This prison is isolated by the White Lake and was made to house the most dangerous criminals. Though there is no fear of violence from the guards or their inmates, their isolated life without any lavatories or washing facilities encircled by freezing cold water and snow makes them mentally vanquished.

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16. Rikers Island Prison, New York

Rikers Island Prison, New York

It is one of America’s most brutal prisons in the world and well-known for lashings, stabbing, and beastly treatment by not only guards. But also prisoners who are deployed as “enforcers” by the guards. It’s brutality got media attention when an 18-year-old inmate was lashed senseless with a billy club by other teenage prisoners. Here mentally ill prisoners are treated cruelly and eventually they commit suicide.

17. San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru

San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima, Peru Most Brutal Prisons In The World

It is the most notorious prison in South America. It was made to house 2,500 prisoners but now there are about 7,000 prisoners. Here selling anything by prisoners is possible. They sell gadgets, DVDs and everything sellable including drugs. Cockfighting is a common thing here and visiting prostitutes are known as nurses. Prisoners wander here and there and commit murder and other types of crimes here.

18. San Quentin Prison, California

San Quentin Prison, California world's most dangerous prisons

It is the oldest prison in California. It got started in July 1852 and both male and female prisoners were confined here. In 1930s crime was unopposed here and inter-racial riots were pretty common among the inmates and this was encouraged by guards.

19. Stanley Prison, Hong Kong

Stanley Prison, Hong Kong Most Brutal Prisons In The World

This prison was built in 1937 and it is one of the six most secured places in Hongkong. People were executed here before the Hong Kong government prohibited capital punishment in 1990. From 1946 to 1966 about 122 prisoners were executed here. It was used formerly as the Stanley International Camp during the Japanese occupation. At that time about 600 people were tortured and killed brutally.

20. Vladimir Central Prison, Russia

Vladimir Central Prison, Russia Most Brutal Prisons In The World

This prison was built in 1783 and it got notoriety in the Soviet Union era for housing political prisoners. Now this over-populated and disease-infested prison is infamous for the brutal abuse the prisoners receive from the guards. Prisoners are beaten severely here and as a result, some of them die. Sometimes they are ordered to beat each other.

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  1. About point 13: it was actually a German prison in those days. Currently, it is one of the best-guarded prisons in Poland.

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