20 Best Wine Regions In The World

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Maybe you are not an expert about hops or wine, but the beauty of the vineyard will surely attract you. Rows upon rows of vines stretching to infinity create a beautiful and serene sight. In this post, you will observe some of the most mesmerizing and wonderful sights of the world. So, for you, here are the 20 Best Wine Regions In The World.

Here Are The 20 Best Wine Regions In The World

1. Abruzzo Vineyard (Italy)

Abruzzo Vineyard (Italy) Most Beautiful Vineyards In The World

Abruzzo is situated along the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Though Abruzzo is the mountain region, it’s half of the land is covered with the vineyard. The total vineyard of the region can still produce more than 22 million cases of wine per year. However, the Abruzzo not only famous for its vineyards, but also for its beautiful mountain and natural beauty as well as various kinds of winemaking grapes.

2. Adelaide Hill (Australia)

Adelaide Hill (Australia) best wines in the world ranking

Adelaide Hill is a vineyard region of Australia, which located in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges. The largest town in Australia is famous for its vineyard. Besides vineyard, the hills of Adelaide have also attracted the people over the world. This best wine region keeps smooth and cool in February because February is the month to ripen the grapes.

3. Clare Valley Vineyard (Australia)

Clare Valley Vineyard (Australia) Most Beautiful Vineyards In The World

Clare Valley Vineyard is another old region of Australia which is well known for its Riesling wines. The region is situated in the Mid North of South Australia about 120 kilometers away from the Adelaide Hills. There have 200 more vineyards and the vineyard has produced approximately 19,796 tonnes of winemaking grapes. However, it is one of the longest beautiful landscapes, vineyards in the history of Australian.

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4. David Hill Vineyard (Oregon)

David Hill Vineyard (Oregon) famous wine regions

David Hill Vineyards is one of the most picturesque regions in Oregon. The vineyard farm is about 140 acres. The region is full of beautiful farmhouse and vineyard. The wine David Hill is made from the grapes of the vineyard. However, David Hill Vineyard is one of the magnificent land as well as tourist places.

5. Denbies Vineyard (England)

Denbie’s Vineyard (England) best wine destinations in the world

Denbies Vineyard is also called Denbies Wine Estate. It is the largest vineyard in England, which is approximately 265 acres. However, it is not only an attractive vineyard but also an attractive tourist spot in England.

6. Edna Valley (California)

Edna Valley (California)

Edna Valley is famous for its natural beauty as well as its vineyard. The valley is well known for the best wine region in the Edan Valley AVA. The valley is situated in San Luis Obispo, Calfornia in the United States. The total area of the valley about 3.158 square kilometers.

7. Franconia Vineyards (Germany)

Franconian Vineyards (Germany) Best Wine Regions In The World

Franconia is a region of Germany. The region is best known for its Vineyards and its quality wine. The vineyard region is located in the northwest of Bavaria in the district of Franconia in Germany. About 15,260 lands are grown vineyard by Franconia Vineyard. The grapes are the best qualities to make world-famous wine.

8. Garfield Estates Vineyard (Colorado)

Garfield Estates Vineyard (Colorado)

The Garfield Estates Vineyard is located in Colorado in the united states of America. It is always famous for its beautiful vineyards. Besides enjoying the Vineyards, you can enjoy its nature, hiking, wine domains tour, and historical monuments as well.

9. Herbst-Farben Vineyards (France)

Herbstfarben Vineyards (France) Best Wine Regions In The World

Look at the picture. This is the Herbst-Farben Vineyard’s picture, which is captured in autumn. However, Do you know which country is the largest producer of wine in the world? Yes, the country is France. The country produces 7-8 billion bottles of wine per year. The raw materials of the wine are provided by the Herbst-Farben Vineyards in France.

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10. Kappelberg Vineyards (Germany)

Kappelberg Vineyards (Germany) Most Beautiful Vineyards In The World

Kappelberg Vineyard is similar to Franconia vineyard. Kappelberg is the second vineyard in Germany. German has produced 7-8 billion bottles of wine from the vineyard per year.

11. Lot Valley (France)

Lot Valley (France)

Lot Valley is situated in Southern France in the South of Lot. The Lot Valley is always famous for its beautiful vineyards. Besides enjoying the Vineyards, it can offer you to enjoy its nature, hiking, wine domains tour, and historical monuments as well.

12. Montague Vineyards (South Africa)

Montague Vineyards (South Africa) Best Wine Regions In The World

Montague Vineyard is one of the best wine regions in the history of South Africa. The vineyard is situated at the beginning of the Little Karoo about 200 kilometers away from Cape Town in South Africa. The vineyard is surrounded by the splendid mountain as well nature. As a result, many visitors come to take its beauty.

13. Napa Valley (California)

Napa Valley (California) Best Wine Regions In The World

The Napa Valley reigns is the land of grand estates, expansive tasting rooms, old-fashioned attractive towns, and stylish lodgings. The valley is mostly considered as California’s most famous wine region. Napa Valley is an authorities paradise, inviting visitors to explore beyond the region’s signature Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Don’t miss the earthy cherry flavor which is appealing to a new generation of red wine fans.

14. Prosecco Trail (Italy)

Prosecco Trail (Italy) Best Wine Regions In The World

Prosecco is one kind of white Italian wine which is made from Glera grapes. The Gila grapes are collected from the Prosecco Trail in Italy. The Trail is a rough route across a forest in Italy.

15. Remstal Vineyards (Germany)

Remstal Vineyards (Germany)

The Remstal Vineyard is another wine-producing vineyard, which is located Wurttemberg region in southwestern Germany. The Wurttemberg is the fourth biggest wine region in the history of Germany. Schwarzriesling, Pinot Meunier, Lemberger, and Riesling are the major Grapes in the Vineyard, which are used to produce various kinds of wines.

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16. St. Emilion Vineyards (France)

St. Emilion Vineyards (France) Best Wine Regions In The World

When you search in google or other search engines to write St. Emilion Vineyards, you may get suggestions St. Emilion tourist spot and St. Emilion Red Wine beside the vineyards. It is an ecstasy commune in Southern-Western France. The commune is not only famous for its beauty but also its vineyard as well as grapes, Merlot and Cabernet Fran which are used to make world-famous St. Emilion Red Wine.

17. Tokaji Vineyards (Czech Republic)

Tokaji Vineyards (Czech Republic) Most Beautiful Vineyards In The World

Czech Republic is one of the treasured places of Europe, popular for its many UNESCO World Heritage sites and the capital. Tokaji is one of the most popular destinations in the world. Though it is a small dimension, the country produces a huge quantity of wine. The prolific, densely planted Winelands of Moravia in the southeast is considered the best wine region of wine production. Though there a few vineyards are situated in Tokaji in the north-west in the Czech Republic.

18. Valley of the Vineyards (Brazil)

Valley of the Vineyards (Brazil) Best Wine Regions In The World

If you are fond of wine admiration and winery roaming, do not miss a great trip in the winemaking place, Valley of the Vineyards. There are all sorts of small and huge wineries, all of them offering the visitors welcome, attractive tours and great wine, and grape juice. The best time of the year to visit there is from February to March, in harvesting time, when the visitor can enjoy the splendid place with a great view as well as its immortal of wine.

19. Van Gogh Vineyard (Portugal)

Van Gogh Vineyard (Portugal) Best Wine Regions In The World

The Van Gogh Vineyard is one of the popular, attractive places in Portugal. It is named after Vincent Van Goth, a Dutch Post Impressionist painter.

20. Vynfields Vineyard (New Zealand)

Vynfields Vineyard (New Zealand) Most Beautiful Vineyards In The World

The Vynfields Vineyard is one of the best wineries, places in the history of New Zealand. The famous Red Wine, White Wine, Champagne, Sparkling, Dessert Wine, Rose Wine of New Zealand is made from the grapes which are taken from The Vynfields Vineyard.

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