Which Country Has The Most Beautiful City In The World

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Every city has its own story to tell the travelers they got. We the peoples seek beauty in many forms. Through art and architecture, through water views and mountain highs, in people, in history and so on . when we visit a place we just need to relate ourselves with that city and the stories the city holds.

In this article, we are going to share some tales of 20 most beautiful cities in the world and we do pretty believe that you will be amazed while reading this. So not being late, let’s have some stories of the beautiful cities of our beautiful world.

Here Are The 20 Most Beautiful Cities In The World

1. Paris, France

most beautiful cities in the world  Paris, France

We are not trying to look all in all in a city, but is there a city which is more dramatic than Paris? Where romance and history play side by side, cafes and book stores are everywhere and what about the Eiffel Tower? “The city of Lights” has its own tale to tell.

2. London, England

London, England most beautiful cities in the world

The city is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, with a strong history and ultra-modernity. This duality makes the highest visited beautiful City in the world. Art and literature seem to seep out from the walls in this city and the city is growing more day by day.

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3. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE is dubai the most beautiful city in the world

The city that surrounds with mountains, deserts, and luxuries. It almost looks like a piece of cake, isn’t it? If you are planning to travel Dubai then mountain and sky hiking should be your first choice to do after reaching in this beautiful ultra-luxury city.

4. Athens, Greece

most beautiful city in the world to live   Athens, Greece

It is the capital city of Greece and was the heart and powerful civilization of ancient Greece. The city is still surrounded by old museums, architectures, hilltop ancient buildings, Parthenon temple and so many things that you will drown into if you ever been there.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

most beautiful city in the world to live  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer is watching the whole city in a birds-eye, where a vibrant, beautiful city in the world seems to dance with the shore music of the beautiful sea and the heaven of football. The city has its own innovation and passion for soccer.

6. Vatican City

Vatican City most beautiful city in the world to live

The Vatican is a city-state – located in the heart of Rome and ruled by the pope. This is the smallest state in Europe with an area of  0,44 km². The city was declared independent on 11 February 1929 from Italy with the signing of Pope Pious XI and Mussolini.

7. Beijing, China

Beijing, China most beautiful city in the world

Beijing is definitely one of the best tourist visited areas in the world. If you want to see the blend of old and new you must have to come to Beijing the capital city of China. You can always find something to see in Beijing, at which time you visit the city.

8. Chicago, USA

most beautiful city in the world Chicago, USA

The windy city is a blend of cutting edge comedy, fine dining, sports lovers paradise, and modern art. There are many museums and theater companies here in Chicago and if you are an art person then you are going to fall in love with this beautiful cultural city.

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9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain most beautiful city in the world

Wherever you are in Barcelona you have many places to visit and see. Barcelona can boast of many things, but it is its status as the Mediterranean, historic, cutting-edge, cultural and cosmopolitan city that makes it truly special and I suppose you are a true fan of soccer to visit the local football club here.

10. Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia which country has the most beautiful city in the world

Moscow is Russia’s capital and its cultural and political heart. The largest and most populated city in Russia. Moscow is the biggest tourist destination in Russia and this world cup of 2018 they have given a wonderful experience to their tourist.

11. Prague, Czech Republic

which country has the most beautiful city in the world  Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in middle Europe and with fewer tourist and snowy buildings there is no time to visit Prague than winter. This city is known to equal in beauty as Paris in terms of beauty.

12. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt which country has the most beautiful city in the world

Cairo the capital of Egypt is an essential white desert and this city is one of the megacities in the world. The city is warm, tropical and beautiful with ancient architectures like pyramids. The city has a blend of modernity and old culture.

13. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina the most beautiful city in the world

This is the most visited city in South America and the capital city of Argentina. More than 400 years old the city is a beautiful city in the world and famous for its cultural life and Europian-influenced architectures everywhere. The dance form “Tango” was invented here.

14. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium the most beautiful city in the world

This city is the center of Europian culture and institutions and much more to offer than we can imagine.  With the famous chocolate and beers, there are almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, libraries in this beautiful fully organized city.

15. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy the most beautiful city in the world

The exact history of the city of Rome is still a mystery. During the nineteenth and twentieth century, they dismissed the idea of the early kings of Rome, as well as the date of the founding of what would later become the capital of Italy, in 753 BC.

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16. Pulau Ujong, Singapore

Pulau Ujong, Singapore the most beautiful city in the world

Also known as Singapore Island is the main Island in Singapore. It has gathered most population of the whole country and named as 21st populated islands in the world. The area of this beautiful city is 710 km2 and considered a most visited tourist area in Asea.

17. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand most beautiful city in the world

The capital city of Thailand and known as a tourist paradise in all over the world. Aside from the city itself, Bangkok is also surrounded by many interesting provinces that are worth visiting and can you heal by everything. An ancient city with museums and the zoo.

18. Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia most beautiful city in the world

Sydney is a harbor city. You can relax on the beaches, have delicious meals in the beautiful restaurants and have fun in clubs. The city itself attracts tourists in a recorded quantity every year. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s grandest engineering feats.

19. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany most beautiful city in the world

Berlin the capital city of Germany and the largest city also a major center of culture, politics, and media. Noted for its cultural influence Berlin is the home of the World famous Berlin Opera and Berlin Orchestra. It is known as the historical beautiful City in the world and surrounded many ancient architectures, libraries, museums everywhere.

20. Georgia, USA

Georgia, USA most beautiful city in the world

This city is a state of many contrasts and that makes it very appealing to the people around the world. The Okefenokee Swamp is one of the biggest adventures and a natural spot in this state. If you want to see the world’s largest aquarium then Georgia should be a must.

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