Interesting Facts About Europe You Probably Don’t Know

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This is Europe, the most dynamic and interesting place over the earth. Close your eyes from arctic villages in Scandinavia to picturesque villages of southern Spain.

You can not just be in metropolitan cities you must need to see the small green villages, the nature trails, the alps, the ski resorts, and relaxing beaches.

In this article, we have assembled 20 photos of versatile cities from Europe and we hope that this mini-blog will give you ultra comfort while scrolling. So, let’s not get more delay and visit the photos over the blog.

Here Are 20 Interesting Facts About Europe You Probably Don’t Know

1. Fact 1

40% of the Greek population live in its capital, Athens. interesting facts about europe

We are lucky enough to start from the country of history, Greece. Are you aware that in his capital, Athens, 40% of the Greek people live? Indeed, but the town is not populated densely.

2. Fact 2

And it takes up 40% of Europe's land area interesting facts about europe

This accounts for 40% of the territories of Europe and the other parts of Asia and Africa.

3. Fact 3

Bulgaria is the oldest country in Europe and it hasn't changed its name since 681 AD interesting facts about europe

Bulgaria is Europe’s oldest country and its name has not been changed until 681 AD! Yes, you can see the ancient architects of civilization, if you ever get a chance to visit this place.

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4. Fact 4

Croissants were actually invented in Austria. Sorry francophiles. interesting facts about europe

In reality, croissants are invented in Austria. Francophiles, sorry. Sorry. Hey, so say ancient historical events. By the way, if you haven’t done it yet, then go through it.

5. Fact 5

Greenland is the biggest island in the world 9 facts about europe

Greenland is the largest island in the world. It is a very small island. Beauty and a nice place to visit is truly surrounding this state. Yeah, you can, if you think you’re here.

6. Fact 6

Iceland has no mosquitoes at all. Not even one. 9 facts about europe

There are no mosquitoes in Iceland. None of them. Yeah, that’s real, and the explanation for this is the height of the ocean. This position is at the perfect height of the ocean, so it could not notice this disturbing creature.

7. Fact 7

Italians don't drink cappuccino after 11 AM 9 facts about europe

Until 11 am, Italians will not drink cappuccino! This is a regional theory, and over some countries, but not everywhere, the law is strictly followed. It’s likely Italy with the best cappuccino.

8. Fact8

9 facts about europe

In fact, only 1 percent of the papers held in the British Museum are displayed. Think about it now! Anything you missed? Okay, when will you see the subway at the museum, they have to show you.

9. Fact 9

Perucica in Bosnia is one of the last rainforests in Europe. That's right, Europe has rainforests! 9 facts about europe

In Bosnia, Perucica is one of Europe’s last rainforests. This is wrong, the rainforests of Europe! And more than one! And more than one! Don’t think that only in Latin America or Africa can rainforests be!

10. Fact 10

9 facts about europe

Russia has more than 13,000 villages uninhabited! The Chernobyl web series could be the perfect example for you. If you have not already seen any of these villages. Go and see it! Go and watch it!

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11. Fact 11

The airport in Brussels sells more chocolate than any other single location on Earth 9 facts about europe

If you are a chocolate lover then you should know that the Brussels airport markets numerous chocolate than any place in the world! This is possible because, Belgium is commonplace for chocolate, and foreigners don’t want to miss their chance.

12. Fact 12

The Dark Ages in Europe lasted for twice as long as the United States has been a nation 9 facts about europe

The Dark Ages lasted twice as long as the US was a nation in Europe! The cycle of migration is also known this year. You can google it if you want to know more about it.

13. Fact 13

The escalators in London's underground travel two times the circumference of the Earth every week 40 facts about europe

Two times the earth’s circumference every week and you can now find out how long the escalators in the London underground are located. Did you ever try the London underground by the way?

14. Fact 14

The Leaning Tower of Pisa took more than 200 years to build...and it still leans. 40 facts about europe

It took over 200 years to build the Pisa Leaning Tower … and it is still leaning. What are you doing if you haven’t caught this selfie? Almost a phenomenon!

15. Fact 15

The most visited place in Europe is Disneyland, Paris europe facts and information

Disneyland, Paris is the most popular place in Europe! If you have a bad day or are a tourist, this could be one of the locations in your bin.

16. Fact 16

The Sagrada Familia church europe facts and information

Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia church takes longer to build than you know, it started in 1882 and it’s not done yet! Building’s overdue to date, yeah.

17. Fact 17

The small country of Belgium has the world's densest rail network (113.8 km-1,000 Km2) europe facts and information

The world’s densest rail network is 113.8 km-1,000 km2 in the small country of Belgium. So, try to cover the whole nation over the rail when you visit Belgium.

18. Fact 18

There are more Doner Kebab restaurants in Berlin than in Istanbul facts about europe continent

Berlin has more Doner Kebab restaurants than Istanbul! Yes, the Europeans love Kebab so much and Berlin is world-renowned Kebab, and this you should certainly try.

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19. Fact 19

To start things off with a bang, Europe is technically not a continent. It's separation from Asia was actually a Greek idea. facts about europe continent

You might be surprised by this, you find that Europe is not a continent technically! Yes, his separation from Asia was a Greek notion. Google will know it if you want to know more.

20. Fact 20

The highest toilet in Europe is on Mont Blanc at over 4,200 meters! 21 fun facts about europe

Mont Blanc is more than 4200 meters highest toilet in Europe! If you are prepared to spend money over your bathroom, you can try it! So, what are you talking about? What are you thinking? Would you like to spend or not your money? You have the option.

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