Most 20 Harvest Stories From Around The World

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According to the research of America, millions of Americans are crisscrossing the country today to spend Thanksgiving with their friends and family members.

Do you like to do this festival every year around this time? It is an amazing celebration of people like this gala as a part of the great entertainment.

In addition to that, it is a wonderful celebration around the world. To continue with your special person’s similar holiday. Here is a list of 20 most harvest stories from around the world.

Here Are Most 20 Harvest Stories From Around The World

1. Argentina: Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia

Argentina: Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia harvest festivals around the world

Are you planning to have a memorable celebration? Taking place throughout the primary week of March.

Inpmenemt this festival by wine and wine-making has been occurring formally since 1936. On the other hand, the area unit has four main events that occur throughout this fiesta and the Benediction of the fruit, that takes place on the last Sunday in Feb.

The Carousel Vendimial is another parade of the Reinas, solely this point they’re in the course of men wearing cowpoke vogue outfits riding horseback.

The actors of this area are representing varied provinces of the geographical region.

The Vía Blanca First State las Reinas, wherever the ladies World Health Organization are electoral as Reinas, or queens, parade through the streets in chariots.

And eventually the “Acto Central” or central act, takes place within the Frank Romero Day Greek theatre and options over a hundred musicians and dancers.

At the tip of the show could be a giant fireworks show and also the Queen of the contest is chosen.

2. Australia: Apple and Grape Harvest

Australia: Apple and Grape Harvest Stories From Around The World

When people generally enjoy local cheese as well as wines, including a gala ball, a celebrity grape crush and even a street parade, during some of the most favorite festivities include seasonal harvest stories and harvest feasts.

This Stanthorpe celebration is known as the back to Stanthorpe week. It is host to about 60,000 to 80,000 people in 1954.

3. Barbados: Crop Over Festival

Barbados: Crop Over Festival harvest festivals around the world

Every year millions of local people would hold a celebration signifying the end of another successful harvest, the “Crop Over” festival. Barbados was the world’s best leader in 1780, Sugar.

The sugar industry in Barbados declined that the festival. And later it was shut down completely in 1940.

However, this festival was revived adding more aspects from their culture in 1974. Today it becomes an enormous festival for local people.

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4. Brazil: Dia de Ação de Graças

Brazil: Dia de Ação de Graças harvest celebrations around the world activities

It was a notable festival that celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday in November.

The Brazil ambassador was so fascinated by Thanksgiving in America. This Brazilian holiday borrows profoundly from the  American one. 

In 1948, the Brazil ambassador brought the tradition back with him. The president of Brazil, Gaspar Dutra established the National Day of Thanksgiving.

5. Canada: Thanksgiving

Canada: Thanksgiving Harvest Stories From Around The World

It is an annual holiday in Canada dates back to 1578.  Sir Martin Frobisher left England trying to find the itinerary.

Due to the hard ice and storms, their group of scientists suddenly separated, however, they could meet in what is currently called Sir Martin Frobisher Bay.

It was there a sermon and thanked and god for his strange and extraordinary recovery in those vulnerable places.

Despite its long history, it took 3 centuries to maintain a public holiday in 1879. This festival was not until 1957 when its official date was established, the second Monday in October.

6. China: Mid-Autumn Festival

China: Mid-Autumn Festival harvest festival facts

Most probably 2,200 years later, Mid-Autumn Festival didn’t popularity until the Tang Dynasty but today most Chinese use this holiday as a way to reunite with friends, hang paper lanterns.

Moreover, the chines have been observing their harvest stories since the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years before.

7. England: Harvest Festival

England: Harvest Festival harvest festival facts

England’s Harvest festival is considered as the main celebration every year in schools, chapels, and churches. In 1843 this attractive festival was only started.

Vicar Robert Stephen Hawker started this modern Harvest Festival by inviting all his congregants to meet commonly to obtain the “bread of the new corn”.

Many people who found their church had been embellished with flowers and fruit. 

Today, the Harvest festival is still decorated like not as expensive. A dinner is held with all the congregants inducing homemade dishes to share at night.

This celebration is in advance of waiting for the last harvest because they use machinery instruments instead of manual labor.

8. Georgia: Rtveli

Georgia: Rtveli ancient harvest festivals

This festival is still participated by the local people in Georgia. Late September in the east and mid-October in the west,  an ancient holiday usually falls.

People usually celebrate lasting for several days by starting their work very early in the morning harvesting their crop.

And then they start their day with a feast while listening to folk music.

9. Germany: Erntedankfest

Germany: Erntedankfest ancient harvest festivals

According to the opinion of local people, Erntedankfest means harvest festival of thanks but unlike the Thanksgiving in the US as well as Canada.

Every year this festival is celebrated on the first Sunday in October. It is one of the most famous religious holidays in Germany.

Generally, this day starts around 10 am with a church service and a parade at 2 pm, including music, dancing, and food in the area. Evening service starts at 6 pm, and the program is finished around 7 pm.

10. Ghana: Homowo

Ghana: Homowo rice harvest festival

This festival is celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana in May. Do you know the real meaning of How?

Actually, Homowo comes from the words “homo”. The meaning of homo is hunger, and “WO”. According to the report of Ghana, there was no rain, people had faced many problems.

This celebration was continued by returning the rain. To implement this festival includes marching down streets with drums, singing, chanting, face painting, and traditional dancing.

11. Iran: Mehregan

Iran: Mehregan rice harvest festival

Mehregan is a totally different history from the rest of the entries in the list. It was a fantastic harvest festival which would celebrate when taxes were collected in Iran.

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To keep up with a waste of ancient time, right now, people wear new clothes as well as decorate the table by colorful instruments.

During the ceremony, everybody gathers around a mirror on the table and then drink sherbet.

12. India: Holi

India: Holi harvest festival pictures

It is another ancient festival on our list. Holi dates celebrations start with a bonfire the night before where people dance and sing usually occurring in March.

It is an amazing harvest story from around the world, everyone tries to color everyone else with powders and colored water.

Water balloons and Squirt guns are the preferred “weapons of choice”. This celebration allows you all and it doesn’t matter who or what you are, rich or poor, friend or enemy, young or old, everyone is fair game.

In the evening, cleans off, everyone settles down, dresses up and visits family enjoying delicious meals and fun. 

13. Israel: Sukkot

Israel: Sukkot harvest festival pictures

The festival means falling 5 days once Yom Kippur. The main trends to be around late Gregorian calendar month, early Gregorian calendar month, is that the human harvest competition of Sukkot.

Presently this festival is known that synagogues sometimes build their own sukkah.

On the contrary, in a number of the additional non-secular sects, unless it’s descending, folks eat meals in them the people can sleep at night, returning from their practice.

It commemorates the forty years the Jews spent wandering the desert whereas living in temporary shelters or Sukkot.

14. Japan: Labor Thanksgiving Day

Japan: Labor Thanksgiving Day harvest festival pictures

Labor Thanksgiving Day is an amazing festival which means all the way back to the time of emperor Jimmu reigned from 600-585 BCE.

The latest version was established in 1948, after world war II. Right now, it takes a fixed place annually on November 23.

This festival commemorates labor, production as well as respect to all, Often time, real concept of drawing pictures for students and provide the local police stations as gifts.

15. Korea: Chuseok

Korea: Chuseok why are harvest festivals celebrated

Chuseok is one of the most famous festivals in Korea, which generally falls around September.

As we know, this wonderful celebration has two possible origins. First of all, the most well-liked festival comes from Gabae, that was a month-long weaving contest between 2 groups.

During the day of Gabae attained, the team of whichever has woven the most cloth to participate in this festival, including losers treating them to a huge feast.

Secondly, that several students believe that this festival comes from associate ancient ritual attend the full phase of the moon.

On the other hand, when this wonderful festival comes, most Korean families visit their ancestral homes.

They enjoy eating Korean traditional foods such as Songpyeon and rice wines.     

16. Liberia: Thanksgiving

Liberia: Thanksgiving why are harvest festivals celebrated thanksgiving day around the world

Do you like traditional food? This traditional decoration of food is considered as the memorable food presentation held on the first Thursday in November.

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In 1820, Thanksgiving in Liberia started back when the freed black slaves from America began colonizing the area.

The food menu is some different from ours here in America because the Liberations use tastes found in their region.

To eat food they served dishes like green bean casserole, mashed cassavas.

17. Malaysia: Kaamatan

Malaysia: Kaamatan international harvest festival

This harvest festival is generally celebrated at the end of May, it has six stages such as Posisip, Kumogos, Kumotob, Poihib, Magyar, and Humabot.

The founder of this festival she placed more stacks in a basket. She recites chants to tell the spirit Bambarayon to stay in the rice hut until the next harvest.

At the begging of the time, a ritual specialist picked out as well as tie-up seven stalks of the best rice for all.

Moreover, She finished the rice into the basket and due to spirits to keep watch over the rice she recites more chants.

Later, there were tones of activities, entertainments, and the queen of the harvest festival is chosen.

18. The Netherlands: Dankdag Voor Gewas en Arbeid

The Netherlands: Dankdag voor Gewas en Arbeid international harvest festival thanksgiving day around the world

Netherland’s people were shown a nondenominational holiday for their entertainment.

Now it is held every year on the same day as the US Thanksgiving. Before heading out on their voyage to the New World, Most of the pilgrims from the Plymouth plantation stayed in the Netherland.

19. Nigeria: Argungu Fishing Festival

Nigeria: Argungu Fishing Festival harvest festivals around the world

Argungu Fishing Festival is a traditional festival in the harvest story, Nigeria. It is an annual four-day festival started back in 1934. 

To mark the end of the hostility between the Kebbi kingdom as well as the Sokoto caliphate which had lasted for centuries.

Thousands of local people jump into the river on the final of the festival. The main target is to catch the largest fish.

To be a candidate for this festival, you have to follow some rules. Traditional fishing tools are allowed for many competitors to catch fish.

20. Norfolk Island: Thanksgiving

Norfolk Island: Thanksgiving harvest festivals around the world

Norfolk Island is a wonderful place in the world. It was established by Robinson who suggested to dress up the local church Americal style.

For this, they put up palm leaves as well as lemons on and around the church. This tradition becomes to tie corn stalks top the pews and tie flowers to the altar.

Now, this holiday is celebrating on the last Wednesday of November. Currently, this festival means it either falls one day before or six days after the US Thanksgiving.

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