20 Funny Place Names Around The World

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There are so many places around the world that are famous. Some attract by their beauty, some attract by their unique look, some attract by religious issues and some attract by their history of course. We all love to discover the places all around the world to see, to feel, to relate them with our daily life. Here in this article, we have talked about some funny place names.

Some uncommon mysterious names are there all over the world among many places. We have decorated our article with this uncommon places with uncommon names. You can find a true potentiality there for your tourists inside. So, let’s grab a look at this one and have a small virtual tour.

Here Are The 20 Funny Place Names Around The World

1. A City In Bangkok That Nobody Can Say Properly

A City In Bangkok That Nobody Can Say Properly Funny Place Names

This town in Bangkok is famous but it is a little hard to pronounce the name. Locally speaking, they claim that it is your word to say it correctly, like “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin.”

2. Accident

Accident Funny Place Names Around The World

The city is very tiny and 400 individuals have lived here as well. This tiny city is located in Maryland, USA. It’s famous for its views of this town. To what end this funny place still doesn’t know that name.

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3. Elista

Elista Funny Place Names Around The World

In Russia, the town is the capital of the country of Kalmykia. Founded in 1865 and built a town in 1930? The town has a cultural and natural panorama and is also a tourist destination. This town has a population of just over 100,000, a piece of unique data.

4. Fucking

Fucking funny fake town names

However, it’s not a town. This is a tiny town close to the German frontier in Austria. The town has more than 500 inhabitants. In 1070 AD the town itself has an ancient history.

5. Gibsonton

Gibsonton funny fake town names

This location is a non-built region located in the United States of Florida. This location is usually referred to as show town. They have an international city of exhibition society and there is a big museum for all to visit.

6. Hashima Island

Hashima Island small towns with funny names

The deserted area of Hashima Island, known as Gunkanjima, is 15 kilometers from Nagasaki, Japan. This site was famous in 1887 for its subterranean coal mines. It has been deserted many times, opened to the visitor in 2009.

7. Hell

Hell small towns with funny names

The tale behind the name has two theories and in it, there are many funny places known as hell in the globe and you can check them out over the Internet. “Hell” is a non-corporate corporation based in the state of the US.

8. Lily Dale

Lily Dale small towns with funny names

Lily Dale has been a built-in region since 1887. It is a free thought camp and a camp for spiritualism. If you like, you can visit this location.

9. Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen funny island names

The largest settlement in Svalbard is Longyearbyen. The town is frequently referred to as the world’s southernmost city. This is an ideal location for exploring the Arctic. The climate here in summer and in winter is typical.

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10. Manshiyat Naser

Manshiyat Naser funny kingdom names

The region of Manshiyat Naser is near Cairo. The town is often referred to as the waste town. While this town has roads, stores, and flats, all the civilians in this town have difficulties with clean water, electricity, and drainage.

11. Missoula

Missoula funny kingdom names

This town has a college and wooden factories, Missoula is a municipality in the state of Montana, USA. Without some natives, the entire town is now almost empty. The lovely sites make it a choice to visit this town.

12. Monowi

Monowi cool city names in the world

Monowi is an embodied village, located in the United States of Nebraska. This location only has 1 person living in 2010 According to 2010. The indigenous flower is called Monowi. There are too many wildflowers in the town.

13. Rennes-le-Château

Rennes-le-Château cool city names in the world

Rennes-le-Château, located in southern France, is a very tiny community. This funny place of France draws thousands of visitors each year, both in the middle of the mountains and in autumn, for its flowers. The lovely trees and the top view of the town are amazing.

14. Roswell

Roswell cool city names in the world

Roswell is a US-based town in New Mexico. There are many restaurants, parks, shops and book stores linked to the alien word in the town, which are very well known as its famous exotic event. So you can have a brief visit and understand the complete tale if you are fond of UFOs.

15. Supilinn

Supilinn cool city names in the world

The little tiny town in Tartu is Supillin. This tiny town has only 1840 inhabitants. It could be a place for you if you want a life without other people interacting.

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16. Swastika

Swastika cool city names in the world

The Swastika in northern Ontario is a tiny town in Canada. There is a tiny train station in this town and a lovely park. Long ago there was a gold mine and there is hardly any population in the location. You can see no people’s signs on the road.

17. Thames Town

Thames Town funny names for villages

The city of Thames is a new city of about 30 km from Central Shanghai in Songjiang District. This place is an ancient place and there are many things to visit here that attract visitors. There’s a secluded location with all sorts of amenities, so you can come if you want.

18. The Dwarf Village

The Dwarf Village Funny Place Names

In China is a common remote village. The biggest thing is that nearly 40 percent of this village is dwarf. 3’10 is the highest dwarf and 2’1 is the shortest dwarf. Almost 80 people live in the village along with dwarfs. You are welcome to see this if you’re interested in seeing this village.

19. The Villages

The Villages Funny Place Names funny creek names

With 50 + golf courses throughout the village and very popular for the people who have money to spend, this funny place is incredible and beautiful. There are flower gardens, lakes, clubhouses, and tours for entertainment purposes. It was called Florida’s friendly hometown.

20. Centralia

Centralia Funny Place Names

Centralia is a fantastic city in Pennsylvania, USA. Nobody has actually lived there in recent days. In 1856, there was a coal mining company which, following the weather, was shut down some years later and the population grew very little. One of the mines had exploded and the temperature reached 172 ° F.

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