20 Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

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When we think about the ocean we generally think about whales, dolphins, sharks and other things.  Whatever,  if you go down under the surface of the seawater, the water gets darker, the temperature drops and the creatures get weirder.  If you don’t believe then look at these 20 flower Hat Jelly beautiful sea creatures.

Here Are The 20 Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

1. Axolotl

Axolotl Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

Te neotenic salamander is also known as ajolote. They are facing extinction threat. They are used in scientific research widely because they can regenerate their limbs. They live on worms, small fishes and insects in the wild.

2. Basket Star

Basket Star Beautiful interesting sea creatures

It is one of the most bizarre-looking creatures in the sea. These basket stars are known as flower Hat Jelly beautiful sea creatures and enduring animals and they can live up to 35 years.

3. Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Beautiful Sea Creatures

These queer-looking sea slugs are known as the blue dragon. They are gastropods and float upside down on the surface of the seawater. They do so for their location of the gas sack.

4. Carpet Shark

Carpet Shark Beautiful Sea Creatures

If you take a close look at this photo, you will surely realize why their name is carpet shark. Well, all of them don’t resemble like carpet but some of them like this one made their name appropriate.

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5. Firefly Squid

Firefly Squid colorful sea creatures

The sparkling enope squids are also known as the firefly squid. They can grow up to 3 inches (7.6 cm) and have a one-year lifespan. They are commercially fished in Japan and known for lighting the shoreline.

6. Flying Gurnard

Flying Gurnard colorful sea creatures

Though the name is Flying Gurnards, they can’t fly. They are well known among beautiful sea creatures for their large pectoral fins. For their inability to flying a few scientists think that they should be called Helmet Gurnard instead of Flying Gurnards.

7. Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Seadragon Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

This bizarre looking animal is the marine emblem of South Australia. It has innumerable leaf-like extensions all over the body which help it to camouflage and give its name leafy dragon.

8. Longhorn Cowfish

Longhorn Cowfish interesting sea creatures

Longhorn cowfish resembles the Pokemon cartoon. You can consider them cute but beware of them. This tiny creature is very dangerous and they release the deadly toxin when under stress.

9. Matsuba Koi (human-faced fish)

Matsuba Koi (human faced fish) interesting sea creatures

Though its name is human-faced fish, it does not resemble a human face. Some members of these beautiful sea creatures have very close human-like characteristics such as eyes and noses on their heads.

10. Mola Mola

Mola Mola Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

They are the heaviest bony fish on earth and have an average weight of 2,200 lbs (1,000kg). With a flattened body, the ocean sunfish or the common mola primarily feast on jellyfish.

11. Northern Stargazer

Northern Stargazer interesting sea creatures

They are bizarre-looking and a bit scary. They bury themselves in the sand and wait to ambush their prey.

12. Red Flashing Jellyfish

Red Flashing Jellyfish ocean creatures pictures

The Red Flashing Jelly Fish utilized its red tentacles to tempt its prey. They are the first type of invertebrates which emit red light. In former times scientists thought that the animals in the deepest part of the ocean are not able to detect red light.

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13. Roughback Batfish

Roughback Batfish weird sea creatures

Also known as seabass or anglerfish, the Ogcocephalus Parvus is one of the species of batfishes which grows up to 4 inches (10 cm). Most anglerfishes are not luminous.  On the contrary, they secrets fluid which they use to lure the prey.

14. Sea Butterfly

Sea Butterfly ocean creatures pictures

Sea butterflies are the most abundant gastropod species on earth. They have calcified outer shells. The level of oceanic acidity is increasing and their survival is facing a threat.

15. Sea Scorpion

Sea Scorpion weird sea creatures

Sea scorpions are now extinct and they are the largest arthropods that ever lived. Though extinct their fossils have been seen scattered all over the world. For you out there, we know this beautiful sea creature picture is ambiguous, improbable and maybe photoshopped but this will give you an idea of what sea scorpions would look like.

16. Skeleton Shrimp

Skeleton Shrimp Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

The skeleton shrimps threadlike narrow body gives them the privilege to disappear among the fine filaments of seaweed, hydroids, and bryozoans. Sometimes they are known as ghost shrimps.

17. Tongue-eating Louse

Tongue-eating Louse beautiful sea creatures names

They are like aliens. They are parasites. They are also known as Cymothoa Exigua. The female tongue-eating louse enters a fish’s mouth and fixes itself with the base of the fish’s tongue. After cutting the fish’s tongue the louse fixes itself with the stub and acts as its tongue. what a horrible thing!

18. Weedy Seadragon

Weedy Seadragon Beautiful Sea Creatures

It is the marine emblem of the Australian State Victoria. Weedy sea dragon got their name from their leaf-like appearance which helps them to camouflage. They resemble sea horses and can grow up to 18 inches.

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19. Black Swallower

Black Swallower Beautiful Sea Creatures

Black Swallower of the great swallower is a bizarre deep-sea fish that can swallow fishes up to twice its length and 10 times its mass. Sometimes they eat so large fish that they can’t be digested before rotting which results in excess gas making the swallow floating on the sea surface.

20. Yeti Crab

Yeti Crab Flower Hat Jelly Beautiful Sea Creatures

These creatures are named after the mysterious Yeti. They live at the bottom of the ocean. Generally, male yeti crabs prefer warmer waters and the females with the eggs or younger ones prefer the coldest.

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