20 Bus Terminal Design Concept Plans

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If you’re responsible for delivering the bus terminal concept, minor interchange, or simple bus stop, but you can’t afford to waste money or lose your reputation by getting it almost right. Do you have the simple design concept of the bus terminal? For the individuals who swap to and from work, even other places they need to go to, a sturdy and comfortable shelter from the natural elements is a blessing. Nowadays, designers objective to satisfy commuter with style and ergonomics, however, they don’t stop there. These shelters are presently stacked with innovative progressions and environmentally friendly features like solar panels based boards, reused material developments, and even green roofs. Many journals have discussed the concept of bus terminal design so, here we have gathered 20 amazing Bus terminal design concept plans for you to know and to explore the beauty of engineering.

Here Are 20 Bus Terminal Design Concept Plans

1. Martin Necas’ Design

Martin Necas’ Design Bus Terminal Design Concept Plans

This is an accomplished and modern designed bus shelter by Martin Necas. A beautiful waiting area which is considerably roomy and holds approximately 4-6 passengers with space for a stroller or a wheelchair.

2. Project Bottlestop

Project Bottlestop

Ever seen an entire bus stop made of recycled bottles?. The University of Kentucky student who built Project Bottleshop. The bus terminal design concept maker who employed the soft-drink company, using bottles that were equipped with solar-powered LED lights to form walls. The self-sustaining structure remains enclosed inside a safety glass structure for protection against external elements.

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3. YBR Bus Shelter

YBR Bus Shelter

The YBR Bus Shelter is a perfectly sustainable and adaptable piece of architecture that can be molded according to the differing needs of several cities. The design of the feature excellent seating area. A kiosk area to get information on bus routes, QR codes and bus schedules, etc. As per every city requirements, the YBR Bus Shelter can also be integrated with eco-resin panels and solar panels to enhance its sustainability.

4. Hi-tech San Francisco Bus Stop

Hi-tech San Francisco Bus Stop

The Hi-tech San Francisco is environmentally friendly by incorporation LED lights these use solar energy and built entirely of recycled components. Pointedly once all the 1100 shelters are in place, these routers would offer WiFi connectivity to the entire state.

5. Fitness First’s Weighing Bus Stop

Fitness First’s Weighing Bus Stop

Fitness First’s Weighing Bus Stop can show actual weight when a person sits on the bench of this bus stop. The operator of the health club based in the Netherlands planned to put weight meters or scales at some of the bus stops in Amsterdam to promote a healthy life.

6. GPS-Enabled Bus Stop

GPS-Enabled Bus Stop Bus Terminal Design Concept Plans

Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled the bus stop. This is a commercial place for the selling machine, cellphone charging outlet, public telephone, ceiling fan, and strong security guards are helpful. This image of the bus terminal design, located in Chennai, India.

7. Rural Bus Stop

Rural Bus Stop

Rural Bus Stop is also powered by solar energy. It is activated 24 hours by a light that is controlled by a button. In addition, there is an electronic screen that provides actual-time and other journey information to waiting passengers.

8. Round Bus Stop

Round Bus Stop

Round Bus Stop is designed by Viera Gorelova. This is an eco-friendly bus shelter and car-free city Bratislava. It is also solar powered roof that lights up in the dark. To get local information there is a touch screen display provides all data to presenters.

9. Solar Bus Stop

Solar Bus Stop

Solar Bus Stop is a big flat roof bus stop that is decorated with solar panels. This is an ideal bus stop it can serve, not only as of the place of shelter but also as an energy provider for the city. It is a high decoration solar bus stop. It connects the bus of this area with the city’s grid and extra electricity consume into the city’s needs.

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10. Landmark


Landmark is a hi-tech feature of the bus stop. It is the standard color and stylish design bus stop that attracts the animus of passengers.

11. Drop Spot

Drop Spot

This is the latest idea from Jonas Elslander and Jeroen Robberechts they implement the space-saving and space creating collapsible. This inflatable bus terminal design concept is ideal and environmentally friendly, collapsible. It is made by the eco-friendly fabric which is cost-effective and capable to set up as the bus stop, even it can be a strong rain shelter instantly.  

12. Times Square

Time Square

The times squire latest innovation is utilized to impart the nearness of the following bus in this advanced looking bus cover by Fiori.

13. Internet-Enabled Adaptable Bus Stop

Internet-Enabled Adaptable Bus Stop

Internet-Enabled Adaptable bus stops will make a remote work arrange over the city with the capacity of sending wireless internet share to one another. It will be managed with a GPS transmitter to send ongoing transport data to each stop and an intuitive touch-sensitive Google map for travelers.

14. Bus Stop Intelligent Series Flex

Bus Stop Intelligent Series Flex

The bus stop shelter Intelligent Series harmonizes seamlessly with the modern urban landscape. It is made of premium materials and a wide range of goods make this street furniture object a sustainable solution. There are many facilities like wi-fi, solar panel roof, dynamic display for schedule updates and announcements, bench, waste bin, advertising display case.

15. Abrigo do Onibus

Abrigo do Onibus

It’s a minimalistic design bus stop that is constructed out of sustainable and recycled materials. This is an environmentally friendly bus stop. In fact, to contract it at a more affordable price and easier process.

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16. Walking Energy

Walking Energy

The mechanical fashioner Laurence Kemball-Cook made power-producing sections called “PaveGen” which diverts the energy it extricates from being walked on into a little measure of electricity that lights the bus stop at dark night.

17. Voyager

Voyager Bus Terminal Design Concept Plans

This is enough space bus stop which design as the modular system to include solar power lighting. There are many conveniences for passengers like WiFi, CCTV, and big display.

18. EyeStop


This intelligent bus stop idea configuration expects to incorporate urban communities with intuitive administrations, stimulation and network data, all controlled by best in class detecting innovations.

The sun based bus terminal design includes a transport stop that is incompletely secured with screens and e-INK that are contact delicate. Clients can utilize these screens to design their outing, surf the web, screen contamination levels and trade network data while hanging tight for their transport.

19. TU Colibri

TU Colibri

It is designed to improve local public transport in Peru, the TU Colibri by designer Beatriz Cockburn is a little yet critical bus stop idea to keep the travelers refreshed about the course and time of the buses. There are some advantages such as display time statistics and the bus stop uses LED lights to reveal the charged route information. It is powered by a solar panel on the roof of the bus stop.

20. AqurioMania


It offers natural flavors while waiting for passengers to keep company with real fishes. This is an environmentally friendly bus stop, having the natural beauty of the place.

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