Top 20 Most Interesting Micronations

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The four major elements have to need to be a country, they are Sovereign, specific land, people and the government. Among them, the most needed element is specific land or territory. Besides those elements, the state needs to recognize internationally to be a proper country. Without achieving the elements, the territory would be a failed state which is known as micronations. Here is a list of 20 most Interesting Micronations.

Here Are The Top 20 Most Interesting Micronations

1. Aerican Empire
Aerican Empire

WikipediaThe American Empire is founded by Canadian Eric Lis and the groups of friends in 1987. Though the Empire has a flag, constitutions, currency, embassy, and all but all elements of doing an independent nation, it was not able to do the sovereign nation because of not getting recognized by international countries and organizations.

2. Akhzivland

Akhzivland Most Interesting Micronations

The new model country, Akhzivland, is located near an ancient and ruin city of Achziv in present Israel. The micronation is founded by  Eli Avivi in 1971. This most interesting micronation is promoted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism as a tourism place now.

3. Conch Republic
Conch Republic

Wikipedia The Conch Republic is an essential part of the United States which is now a micronation. The territory was declared as the state by tongue in cheek secession. The mayor of the Key West (capital of the Conch Republic) declared war against the United State but soon surrendered and got $1 billion of foreign aid. The micronation celebrates Independence Day on April 23.

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4. Dominion of Melchizedek
Dominion of Melchizedek

WikipediaThe Dominion of Melchizedek, the model country, is well known over the world for promoting banking fraud. The micronation was declared by Mark Pedley, the US citizen in the 1990s. The Dominion of Melchizedek began to demand some number of the island as parts of it’s including Taongi Atoll, Malpelo Island, Solkope Island, etc.

5. Filettino

Filettino Most Interesting Micronations

By merging of some neighboring Italian village, The Filettino is consist. After consisting of united, they declared it an independent nation. The mayor of the most interesting micronation, Luca Seller started a campaign to become it as an independent state in August 2011.

6. Free Republic of Wendland
Free Republic of Wendland The Free Republic of Wendland was mainly a protest camp that was located in Gorleben, Germany. The micronation of 5000 German anti-nuclear activists was destroyed by the police within one month.

7. Freetown Christiania
Freetown Christiania

WikipediaFreetown Christiania situated on a military base in Copenhagen in Denmark. About 850 to 1000 residents live here. The micronations declared as a state in 1971. the place is regarded as the example of lawlessness and legal form of government.

8. Kingdom of EnenKio
Kingdom of EnenKio The Kingdom of EnenKio is consist of a small of separatist group of Marshall Islander in the United States. The model country is falsely demanded micronation near the Marshall Island run by Robert Moore.

9. Kingdom of Wallachia
Kingdom of Wallachia The Kingdom of Wallachia, a model country, was founded by Thomas Harabis in 1993. But it is declared as an independent nation in 1997. The micronation is located in the northern corner of the Czech Republic. The name of the most interesting micronation is taken from the region of Moravian Wallachia.

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10. Molossia

setifnews.comThe official name of the new project country, Molossia, is The Republic of Molossia. It is founded by Cavin Baugh in 1977. Though the model country has demanded herself as a nation, it was not recognized by major countries and organizations. It is now recognized as a tourist spot but you have to need the passport to enter here.

11. Pitcairn

lizasreef.comPitcairn is a British Overseas Territory. The Pitcairn is consists of four volcanic islands. Though the Pitcairn is not recognized as a nation, people consider it as a democracy island. Though its territory and language are taken from the British, the currency of its New Zealand dollars.

12. Principality of Hutt River
Principality of Hutt River of Hutt River was founded in April 1970 by Leonard Casley. He declared his farm as an independent country. It is now only a tourist attraction, though it has its own currency, stamps, passports, and other phenomena of a country.

13. Principality of Sealand
Principality of Sealand

WikipediaPrincipality of Sealand was started its travel as an anti-aircraft place during World War II. In 1967, Paddy Roy Bates claimed it as an independent sovereign state. Bates tried his best to establish it as a Sealand state to write its constitution and by creating others symbols. But it was failed to be a state by not getting internationally recognized.

14. Principality of Seborga
Principality of Seborga Principality of Seborga is located in the Italian province of Imperia near the French border. It was declared in 1963 as an independent territory. It has its own capital, the official language, currency but it was not like a sovereign country.

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15. Principality of Wy
Principality of Wy why Principality most interesting micronation in Australia located in the Sydney suburb of Mosman. The unrecognized micronation is declared by Paul Delprat in November 2004.

16. Republic of Minerva
Republic of Minerva

sailblogs.comThe Republic of Minerva is located in the Pacific Ocen South between Fiji and Tonga. Though it is first discovered by Captain John Nicholson in 1818, it is established by Michael Oliver, a real estate millionaire. He tried to make it as a territory to fill by pouring sand into it. But the project was failed by Tongan troops.

17. Rose Island
Rose Island

warsintheworld.comRose Island was known as the Republic of Rose Island which was a short-lived micronation by a man-made cottage in the Adriatic Sea. The cottage was constructed by Giorgio Rosa an Italian architect in 1968. And he declared it as sovereignty country. Later it was blown up by the Italian Government.

18. The Grand Duchy of Westarctica
The Grand Duchy of Westarctica

WikipediaThe Grand Duchy of Westarctica is a micronation which is founded by Travis McHenry in 2001. The territory is located between New Zealand Antartic Territory and Chilean. Although the territory could not get international recognized, it has own population, area, and official language as well as own currency.

19. Waveland

WikipediaWaveland is a Rocky small area rocky island which is declared as an independent state by Greenpeace in 1997. The micronation is an uninhabited North Atlantic based islands with Rockwall.

20. Whangamomona
Whangamomona Most Interesting Micronations

WikipediaWhangamomona is a rural township in the Whangamomona Region in New Zealand. The rurally-based micronation is not recognized any of the sovereign countries yet.

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