20 Most Unusual Things To Do In China

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Hello everyone, how are you all? Today we will travel to the biggest country in Asia. Yes, you are right. Talking about China. The land of history, culture, language, food, vivid places, and mysteries. China is one of the most beautiful countries over the world, and if someone is from China then contact us as you can help with the correct information.

In this article, we have collected 20 most uncommon and unusual photos from China. They have too many local traditions and cultures. Beyond all these things today’s we will discuss something truly exceptional. So, not getting any later, let’s dive into our image gallery.

Here Are 20 Most Unusual Things To Do In China

1.  Fact 1

best things about china

Just look at the photo, these 13-floor buildings have been known to just fall over, which is completely unimpaired. Safety is almost always second to speed when it comes to construction. So, always be careful before doing this type of construction.

2. Fact 2

best things about china

Do you know in China, there are 90 people were arrested for circulating rumors about the Mayan apocalypse? Sounding awkward but people love to do this type of thing to get a few attention over the internet. Be aware before doing these, otherwise, you know what can happen.

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3. Fact 3

best things about china

This is something big, China never seems to get out of the milk contamination. So far the contaminants have included everything from mercury to detergent. It becomes the habit of local peoples too. If you are Chinese we hope you are familiar with this.

4. Fact 4

best things about china

This news got viral back at that time. Company executives get sentenced to death for committing fraud! But there are always some rumors about these. Always see help on the internet for true facts.

5. Fact 5

best things about china

This was big news, you may know, Entire media organizations like Bloomberg get banned for running articles about the President. So, if you are Chinese then you must should aware of this.

6. Fact 6

cool things in china

Now, this is a serious issue here, fake stores are popping up all over the country! you just need to be careful whenever you want to buy some product just be sure about its true region.

7. Fact 7

cool things in china

Though walnuts are very healthy for your health, in other news, conmen have started selling cement-filled walnuts. What will you say after hearing this type of news? This is completely unusual.

8. Fact 8

cool things in china

Love Hunters are people paid by wealthy individuals to scour shopping malls and other establishments for their ideal spouse. And day by day this is increasing one a serious demand.

9. Fact 9

cool things in china

As you can see the jewelry here. People in China, they sometimes very fond of jewelry or sometimes they totally avoid this, This is a pure contradiction and this is truly happening in China in recent years.

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10. Fact 10

cool things in china

Here is Mr. Feng, a Chinese father, who hired a bunch of slayers to kill his son’s online World of Warcraft character. Evidently, his son was wasting too much time after being laid off. How does it sound to you? 

11. Fact 11

cool things in china

Do you know, One man from China, who even built an ark to escape it?

12. Fact 12

cool things in china

You can give thanks to environmental pollution and chemical spills cause entire rivers have turned red! How dangerous it is to see. Nature is getting it’s revenge back this time.

13. Fact 13

unusual things to do in china

Thanks to the whole speed over safety thing, bridges have sometimes collapsed within 1 month of being built! So sometimes the words are so true- “Do not believe Chinese products”

14. Fact 14

unusual things to do in china

This 8 lane and 26 miles long Qingdao Bridge, which cost 14.8 billion yuan to build but gets almost no traffic. So, there can be questions, why would the government invest so much money? 

15. Fact 15

unusual things to do in china

The smog is so bad it can be seen from space. The climate is changing rapidly and you can see the changes over here in China. As there are too many industrial zones are situated.

16. Fact 7

unusual things to do in china

The wealthy upper class has resorted to investing in things like walnuts and jade. So what’s your opinion on this unusual decision? It is really worthy to do like this?

17. Fact 17

unusual things to do in china

As this phenomenon is known to many people that there are entire cities with no people all over the country! they have kept as reserved to do something more to do.

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18. Fact 18

things to do in china beijing

China is a giant in technology farm and all of us know this. Here you can see a picture and this is how they are growing and developing a huge market worldwide.

19. Fact 19

things to do in china shanghai

Law is something very hard in China, you could get punished with a very normal offense. So as a local or a traveler always try to live politely there and do not do such things, which you know nothing about

20. Fact 20

best cities to visit in china in summer

This is really something most unusual that happened in China, with so many people being executed, Interviews before Execution became a popular TV show in China.

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