20 Beautiful Photographs Of Norway

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Norway, one of the most beautiful countries to live and to visit also. This country offers visitors an incredible mix of view and cultural wonders. The midnight sun and the beautiful northern hills of Norway are waiting to show their endless beauty. The transport system in Norway is always best to reach out to these heavenly places. So getting around this beautiful country will be easy for the travelers. So, do not get late and plan your sightseeing excursions according to our choices.

Here is the list of 20 most beautiful photographs of Norway that will force you to visit the country again and again. let’s Go!

Here Are 20 Norway Tourism Pictures

1. Alesund


Are you ready to explore Norway’s best known cultural and natural places? Alesund will give you the pleasure to reach out in this and this will feel like a fairytale. It is a wonderful photograph of Norway, this place is famous for Hiking, Sightseeing, Wildlife Safari and so on. So, why are you being late?

2. Austfonna


Austfonna is a famous ice cap located in  Nordaustlandet. This place has a thickness of up to 560 meters. It is the largest ice cap according to the area and in Europe its number two. The southern of Austfonna is called Sørfonna. Norway has a total of 1600 glaciers.

3. Dalsnibba


Can you imagine yourself on a mountain top? having a fresh mountain air and enjoying the snow-covered mountains. you can have all this and sometimes more in Dalsnibba. So, why being late?

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4. Dog sledding

Dog sledding

Want to have an experience with four-legged friends with up and down to the entire country? Huskies are strong enough to sled and you have to strong to enjoy nature. Joining a dog sledding team increases the bond among people’s dogs and natures at the same time. Do pack your bag and go on!

5. Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park

Hardangervidda National Park is the largest park in Norway, designated in 1981. This park serves various activities to the tourists like hiking, climbing, fishing and most importantly cross-country skiing. This park is like heaven for both seasoned hikers and recreational hikers.

6. Hornindalsvatnet


Hornindalsvatnet lake is the deepest lake in Europe with a depth of 514 meters. The lake remains mostly ice-covered most of the time. The volume of the lake is almost 12 cubic kilometers. A very beautiful and calming place and great for meditation and pictures.

7. Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park

Jotunheimen National Park is one of the biggest national parks in Norway with almost 250 mountains. In its peak, it offers nature with stunning beauty. Anybody can go through-hike, bike, ski and climb. This beautiful photograph of Norway is broadly recognized in the literature, especially travel books from the 18th Century and after.

8. Kirkenes snow hotel

Kirkenes snowhotel

Do you have a wish to stay in a hotel made of ice and snow? Then you just need to come to Kirkenes town. These phenomenal hotels can give you experiences that will heal you every time you think about this.

9. Kjeragbolten


Kjeragbolten is a popular peak to hike, on 1084 meters above Lysefjorden, which is a giant boulder is wedged in a mountain crevasse and this amazing thing will always pull you towards this. This place is also best for BASE jumping and if you are a selfie maniac, this could be your place.

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10. Laerdal Tunnel

Laerdal Tunnel

Norwegian Parliament decided to construct the world’s longest road tunnel in 1992 and after successful construction, this beautiful tunnel was opened in 2000. This tunnel has a feature of air treatment and the day illusion has made this tunnel a heavenly road.

11. Lofoten Islands

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is a beautiful place for fishing, nature attractions like northern lights and midnight sun and of course for the small villages of the beaten track. If you want to see the sea eagles soaring in the sky then do not think more, just go for Lofoten Islands.

12. Midnight sun

Midnight sun

Yes, you are seeing the right scenario. The midnight sun is one of the big phenomena of nature, the sun never sets for a month during Scandinavian summer. You just have to reach out there a little whisper will say “Welcome to the land of the midnight sun”.

13. Nordfjord


Nordfjord is a traditional district in the western part of Norway. It is the sixth long fjord all over Norway with a distance of 105 kilometers and a depth of 565 meters. The inner end of the Nordfjord is covered by Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

14. North Cape

North Cape

Do you believe in the Eternity of a day? then you must have to visit the North Cape. Peoples all around the world come here to see the truth of pure beauty. If you want to lose your soul then look at the photograph of Norway “sky” and if you want to find it back then look down to the sea!

15. Northern lights

Northern lights

This could be an experience like no other. As Norway is a year-round destination but the magical view of Northern lights can be seen only when all of Scandinavia is plunged into darkness. Both Finland and Norway are the countries to have a perfect view of seeing the lights.

 16. Oslo


Explore yourself on a holiday in Oslo! you definitely can reinvent yourself when will you come to this capital city which is surrounded by the Mountains and sea. you would like every single moment of this compact, culture, and fun city.

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17. Trolltunga


Trolltunga is one of the most popular cliffs in Norway. The photograph of Norway that shows very challenging for its weather changing issues. If you like hiking then this could bring your dreams to come true, but before you proceed, read the safety book first!

18. Tromso


Tromso situated in northern Norway. this could be a place where your arctic adventure begins. This place is perfect to enjoy the northern lights and you can enjoy more outdoor activities here. What about the foody peoples? Tromso is very popular for having local foods!

19. Trondheim


Trondheim is the third-largest city in Norway and it was the capital city of Norway on the Viking age! Best place for hiking and food lovers. Restaurants in this city are popular for serving delicious foods. This could be your choice to explore thyself more.

20. Urnes stove church

Urnes stove church

What about to visit an ancient place like Urnes stove church? the church was built in 1130 and stands in its original position till today. Its a portion of UNESCO’s World Heritage List. It is an epic example of traditional north-western Europian wooden architecture.

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