20 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving 2019, Thursday, November 28. Thanksgiving day is one of the most celebrated days in the United States. From the very beginning of our childhood, we have been celebrating this day with utmost pleasure. Generally, we give thanks and get stuff on this very special day. However, celebrating the day, in the same way, is really a monotonous thing. That’s why we have come up with 20 unique things about Thanksgiving.

Here Are 20 Thanksgiving Facts That’s you probably don’t know

1. “Tom” turkey

“Tom” turkey  Thanksgiving Facts

Tom Turkey is nothing but a turkey. It is, indeed, a male turkey which was named by Ben Franklin to spite Thomas Jefferson.

2. 1/6 of annual turkey consumption in America occurs today

1/6 of annual turkey consumption in America occurs today  Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving day is a day when people in America consume approximately 45 millions of turkeys. That is really a big amount. The amount is nearly 1/6 of all the turkeys that the American consume all over the year.

3. A grand ol’ gobbler

A grand ol’ gobbler

Turkeys are usually heavy and big in size. So, there is nothing to be surprised if a particular turkey is above its average size. By the way, the heaviest turkey, according to Dr. Sarah Birkhold, was 86 pounds. It is said that the size was as large as a German Shepherd.

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4. America will eat the weight of Singapore in turkey today

America will eat the weight of Singapore in turkey today

It is really a surprising thing that the American eat a large number of turkeys on this day. It is estimated that they are going to eat 690  million pounds of turkeys today. And the most amazing thing is that the weight is as big as the weight of the entire country of Singapore.

5. Average Thanksgiving calorie consumption per capita 6000

Average Thanksgiving calorie consumption per capita 6000

The meat of turkeys is rich in proteins as well as calories. But the American consume too many calories from turkeys on the occasion of Thanksgiving day. They, the average American, consume 4000 to 6000 calories on this day. The surprising fact is that it requires 8 hours of exercise to burn off the calories.

6. Benjamin Franklin was obsessed with turkeys

Benjamin Franklin was obsessed with turkeys

Benjamin Franklin thought turkeys were too much American and for this reason, Bald Eagle was chosen as the national bird of America. But later in a letter to his daughter, he said that it was a wrong decision and turkey was a perfect choice as it is an original native of America.

7. Berry bounce

Berry bounce

Can you tell this cranberry is ripe or not? you need to bounce it! The higher the bounce the ripper the cherry is!

8. Forkless frustration

Forkless frustration

Can you imagine your frustration is trying to stab your turkey with a spoon? Though forks had been around for a long time, for some reason the pilgrims did not bring any with them never. Instead, they used napkins to keep their hands clean.

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9. Irony in the Abbey

Irony in the Abbey  Thanksgiving Facts

Thanksgiving was a holiday started by the Pilgrims escaping religious persecution. the irony was evident when 3,500 American soldiers filled the pews of Westminster Abbey in 1942 for a Thanksgiving service. Do you know, it was the first time in 900 years that a foreign army had set foot on its grounds?

10. Israel consumes more turkey than any other nation

Israel consumes more turkey than any other nation

Israel is such a small nation but the interesting thing is they need and consumes more turkey then the US! Israel’s every capita consumption is 11.5 kg, on the other hand in the US it is only 7.7 kg.

11. Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song

Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song

This song was originally composed for Thanksgiving by James Pierpont in 1857 for the children celebrating at Boston Sunday school. As it was so popular it was repeated in Christmas Eve and then again and again and again.

12. Largest annual source of bar sales

Largest annual source of bar sales  Thanksgiving Facts

Do you know? rather any other ceremony in America, the eve before Thanksgiving, is responsible for the most bar sales in the US? MOre than new york or the super bowls eve this occasion is much more popular in America.

13. National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning

Since 1970, European-Native American relations have gathered at Plymouth rock to celebrate “National Day of Mourning

14. Origin Controversy

Origin Controversy

The history of this holiday is not that clear but you should expect a holiday on this specific day and a reason behind this. Though 1863 was the first year to celebrate this and Plymouth rock is known as the first place to have this one.

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15. Presidential Pardon

President Bush Pardons

Since 1947 the national turkey federation gives a turkey to the president to have a nice meal at the dinner table. President J.W Bush was the first president to offer it officially a pardon. Since then a lucky turkey has been offered a presidential pardon every year.

16. Sarah Joseph Hale

Sarah Joseph Hale

This person who wrote “Marry has a little lamb” brought us this Thanksgiving day as a national holiday. After constantly writing letters from almost 36 years, Sarah Hale finally convinced Abraham Lincoln to recognize this day as a public holiday in 1863.

17. Thomas Jefferson wasn’t

Thomas Jefferson wasn’t

Thanksgiving was the most ridiculous notion ever, thought by Thomas Jefferson.

18. Turkeys are prone to heart attacks

Turkeys are prone to heart attacks

Evidently, turkeys have very sensitive cardiovascular systems. In some cases when the US air force passing by with their planes many turkeys found dead near the testing fields for the sound of these planes.

19. Turkeys are the only poultry native to the West

Turkeys are the only poultry native to the West

As it is popularly believed that and still there is some debate on this topic but for the most part, it is accepted that turkeys are the only poultry originally from this half of the globe.

20. Yanksgiving


Many people know that Thanksgiving is actually on the second Monday of October. What we celebrate is known to them as “Yanksgiving”. But Americans aren’t the only ones to thankfully consume turkey on this particular day. If you ask any of our neighbors to the north they’ll tell you about this one.

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