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What Happens If Charged With Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty is one of the largest standing issues in the world. Do you know animals sold as key chains?

Every year, particularly animal rights have encouraged many debates and controversy among people as well as cultures.

They have also mentioned animal torture – events that violate animal rights occur and published in the media.

In addition to that, frank activists have advocated the protection of animal rights along the way.

They have included high-profile celebrities to understand the people. Here is a list of 20 best examples of what happens if charged with animal cruelty.

Defense Against Animal Cruelty

1. Animal Testing Experimentation

Animal Testing What Happens If Charged With Animal Cruelty

Some people think that animals are necessary to further advance in medical treatment for humans.

What do you think? They think that this is the right process for animal treatment.

According to the report of human rights, it is an unacceptable animal testing process.

Between 50 and 100 million vertebrates are used in testing every year in the world. Besides, most of these are euthanized after they have been used in the analysis.

2. Animal-borne bomb attacks

Animal-borne bomb attacks what happens if charged with animal cruelty

We are not sure about this picture. If it is legal during peacetime, we can guess that many governments, including the US, have used several animals as ways to bomb targets.

Before killing, they usually strapped to an animal such as a dog, horse, mule, or donkey.

Actually, we don’t have to inform you what happens to the poor animal.

3. Animals sold as key chains

Animals sold as key chains what happens if charged with animal cruelty

Recently CNN and various other international sources uncovered this practice in China.

Although, it seemed like a bad joke. Using this process many international sources sent to other countries such as fish, turtles, lizards, and other amphibians.

Animals are trapped inside small plastic bags that contains crystallized oxygen and sold key chains.

4. Anti-moose mat

Anti-moose mat defense against animal cruelty

Anti-moose mat stands six feet tall can cause dangerous accidents in places such as an airport or a motorway, even it can cause people to die.

This animal might seem necessary in some most common places, like Alaska.

For instance, the weight up to one thousand pounds since a full-grown Anti-moose.

But, there are a few recorded cases in which a healthy anti-moose died from the shock of the electrical mat.

It is usually just frightening the moose without other results.

5. Bullfighting

Bullfighting defense against animal cruelty

Bullfighting is the most popular entertainment part of some countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Venezuela, Ecuador, and the Philippines involves baiting bulls to inspire the audience. 

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Some people of these countries prefer and experiment with what happens if charged with animal cruelty. It is the best tradition of their country.

On the other hand, animal rights advocates who consider it is a blood sport and very harmful for animals.

According to the report, many bulls are killed in the area during bullfights.

6. Canned hunt

Canned hunt animal cruelty articles

Nowadays, we usually can see films where hunters proudly decorate their walls.

What do you think about this picture? You probably think it can be a digital painting. No, it’s real practice by a human.

With the heads of bears, deer as well as other animals they have murdered. According to the research of animal rights, this barbaric hobby is called a canned hunt.

It is also considered a hunt for animals. This process has been increased on game ranches until they are mature enough to officially banned in twenty U.S states.

7. Debeaking

Debeaking animal cruelty articles

Debeaking is considered as the legal system of the partial removal of the beak of poultry, especially chickens and turkeys. 

It is also performed on quail as well as ducks. This is the main reason for this act is usually an excessive attack.

However, the method of the creature is considered quite unfeeling as well as in many cases the animals’ beaks.

Without any anesthetic, the animal’s beaks are trimmed with a heated blade.

8. Dog Fighting

Dog fighting types of animal cruelty

According to the research of animal rights, the cruelty of this “sport” is not restricted to the original fighting event.

It is considered as the illegal part in most countries of the world, such as some parts of Japan, and Afghanistan.

The opinion of these countries The brutal display of abuse is still functioned and legal.

Moreover, it continues to the way owners train and treats these animals with training methods that involve harsh beatings, animal bait dismemberment.

If the dog is found lacking implied or is weak.

9. Eating Live Seafood

Eating Live Seafood types of animal cruelty

As we know seafood is particularly popular in many Asian countries including Japan China, South Korea, and India.

We usually accept people who eat live oysters. If you are watching a fish or octopus fight for their lives as they are completely crushed to death.

Due to this same horror in some people as seeing a human being eaten alive by a shark.

Remember that people have suffocated to death trying to eat a live octopus.

Since the animal uses its victims to stick to the inside of their throats in order to outlive.

10. Exploding Animals

Exploding Animals unintentional animal neglect

According to the report of animal rights, it was one of the most famous cases includes pigs.

It has been blown up by bombs in military testing. Exploding animals are different but legal in many countries during several experiments as well as tests.

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Did you watch a Romanian movie named Tales from the Golden age? If yes, you have known a pig explosion with the blessing of the government in then-communist Romanian.

11. Force-feeding

Force-feeding unintentional animal neglect

Do you know force-feeding can be a fatal technique in many cases?  There are many documented cases where people (particularly infants) have lost their lives.

But It is much better when humans do it to animals and think what happens if charged with animal cruelty – even though it’s estimated right process much everywhere.

To be more special, force-feeding of ducks and geese in order to fatten their livers for the generation of quality foie gras has caused a lot of controversies globally.

There are many groups throughout Europe who have tried to criminalize this act as one of animal cruelty.

12. Goat throwing

Goat throwing falsely accused of animal cruelty

In Spain, where usually a bunch of young men threw a live goat from the top of a church.

It was called the sadistic festival and celebrated every January in Manganese de la Polvorosa, Spain.

People from the crowd who enjoyed more after the animal dies in a bloody mess. They would pick up the remains of the goat as well as place them in a canvas sheet.

Moreover, the local animal rights groups charged the end of this festival. This festival was finally blamed in 2002.

The recent celebration of this place, a fack toy which resembles a goat has been thrown like before tradition.

13. Ikejime

Ikejime falsely accused of animal cruelty

Japanese chefs have implemented a new way to keep fish as fresh as possible before it is consumed, whether raw or cooked.

Do you know how it is possible? First of all, they paralyze the fish by quickly inserting a spike in its brain, which is located insignificantly behind and above the eyes.

Using this way the fish is said to stay fresh for as long as possible.  Most experts in many countries say this method is essential and the fastest.

Many humans method of killing fish, but for some reason, we’re not convinced.

Learning more details about the system, which many times go wrong, and as a result, the fish suffers horribly before dying.

14. Onychectomy

Onychectomy statute of limitations animal cruelty

How do you feel if someone cut your finger at the first knuckle just for the fun of it?

Believe it or not, there are many people who own pets.

Especially in the US, most people pay thousand to surgically remove their animal’s claws in the mane of convenience.

15. Pinikpikan

Pinikpikan statute of limitations animal cruelty

According to the research, this experience will probably turn any sane human off. Pinikpikan is deemed a very popular and tasty chicken dish in several regions of the Philippines.

Do you know why people do this practice? It is a very harmful matter that, a man will beat a live chicken to death with a wooden or metal stick previous to cooking.

Apparently, to beat the animal viciously wounds its flesh. And they bring blood to the surface, this process is considered to give a separate flavor to the chicken after you have cooked it.

16. Remote control animals

Remote control animals animal cruelty statistics

It is a sick experiment from a low-budget sci-fi flick but regrettably a remote control animal.

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This also describes test animals what happens if charged with the animal cruelty that is controlled remotely by humans. According to the research, most applications require electrodes implanted in the animal’s nervous system, as well as the poor animals, are controlled by radio signal.

This experiment proves that science can be so sick sometimes.

17. Shark Finning

Shark finning animal cruelty statistics

As far as we know that, a shark cannot move without its fins is like a man without legs or hands.

Shark can’t move adequately through the ocean. It can’t up dropping to the ground to die or be eaten while still alive.

Finning of shark is a very economical business in the world. According to various estimates, the value of this business between $500 million and $1.2 billion.

If you’re wondering what shark finning is, you have to understand that its removal and retention of shark fins.

Due to this the remainder of the living shark is refused in the ocean.

18. Stunning

Stunning animal cruelty statistics

Nowadays, there are many legal ways of stunning but some people find out more details about them.

You have to realize that most of them are somehow similar to torture. Some “stunning” farmers usually think that the process is correct and they follow to render an animal immobile or unconscious without killing it.

They also slaughter it for consumption before. The brain and heart of the animal can damage by electrical stunning.

They also use gas stunning, animals are exposed to various gases by it cause their death through hypoxia or asphyxia, are some of the ways of stunning an animal.

19. Tado Festival

Tado Festival

Tado is the most popular festival in some countries. It is also called horse jumping.

The main activity of the Toda festival is men ages seventeen to nineteen ride horses and run up a hill before jumping over a wall about two meters high.

To implement this festival, they collect enough strong horses to do this twelve times in the course of the events.

20. Toro Embolado

Toro Embolado what constitutes animal cruelty petfinder

Toro Embolado is an uncommon festival that tortures animals. The organization attaches burning balls of flammable materials to a bull’s horns.

In the primitive tradition, it released into an ecstatic, and know What Happens If Charged With Animal Cruelty, angry crowd and then harass the bull.

Although you’ve probably guessed, in the end, the bull is killed after he has been beaten and depressed for hours.

By the animal rights activists have been trying to stop this festival because of its greatest cruelty but without any progress so far.

What Happens If Charged With Animal Cruelty say no to animal testing

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