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20 Controversial UFO Images

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In today’s modern world you can always see innovative pictures but keep in mind old is gold forever. Sine oldest period here some images, some people claimed to witness extraterrestrial cause beings or aliens as well as it is considered as extraterrestrial life because they are believed to originate from other worlds.

In most of the cases, many people refuse to accept the concept of their existence, during scientists figure out extraterrestrial life to be plausible, well considering their supposed history within human life. It was one kind of the genetic complexity of organisms, which arrived human into being, scientists say.

At the same time scientist observe this same genetic complexity could have arrived aliens life. Some people comment that these creatures form of a type of people but their outlook like spine-chilling.

In spite of the fact that there is still no immediate proof of their reality, a few photos have been discharged by onlookers to demonstrate that they really exist. Here is a list of 20 Controversial UFO Images these may never see before. 

Here Are The 20 Controversial UFO Images

1. Australia (1954)

Australia (1954) Controversial UFO Images

Well, a sheep farmer named W.C. Hall who took this picture in 1954. If you follow this picture clearly shows around an unidentified flying object with top and antenna in Australia. Indeed there was more than one UFO image spotted above the mountain near his place. This image was disclosed in the local newspaper later.  

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2. Cave Junction, Oregon (1927)

Cave Junction, Oregon (1927) Controversial UFO Images

The photograph of the UFO was taken by a volunteer fireman in Cave Junction, Oregon. The accurate date of this picture unclear, but some people remarked between 1926 and 1927.  Most of the people believe that this photo is authentic and clear depict of UFO spaceship. 

3. Cincinnati, Ohio (1949)

Cincinnati, Ohio (1949)

During the Jitney carnival at the St. Peter and Paul Chuch in Norwood, Cincinnati, Ohio, this photo was shown as an anonymous flying object taken sometime in 1949.

4. Colorado (1929)

Colorado (1929) Controversial UFO Images

In the year of 1929, A gentleman named Edward Pline who took this picture in the Colorado ward where he lived with his whole family. He circulated the large boulder that moved through the air while he was taking this photo of the horizon. The outlook of the UFO came with a thunderous bellow head by the rest of the sawmill laborers.

5. Fort Belvoir, Virginia (September 1957)

Fort Belvoir, Virginia (September 1957)

This picture views the ring-shaped object engulfed in white smoke. It is taken by a private barracks as one of his friends approached him and said to him about the extraordinary object floating on the horizon. 

6. Fujisawa, Japan (August 20, 1957)

Fujisawa, Japan (August 20, 1957)

This informative picture shows the UFO, silver in color. This picture of On August 20, 1957, in Fujisawa, Japan, Shinichi Takeda spotted an unidentified flying object took at around 11:28 in the morning near Enoshima Miami Beach. It was known as giving off a dazzling glow above the ground while this was an approximate altitude of 3000-4000 feet. 

7. Los Angeles, California (February 25, 1942)

Los Angeles, California (February 25, 1942) Controversial UFO Images

This image views several unidentified flying objects arrived hysteria to the people of Los Angeles. It was taken on February 25, 1942, just a few months following the Pearl Harbor attack. It is considered one of the best UFO Images ever taken in history. The local authority declared to all residents to turn off their light and brightened to start the fire at the UFOs. 

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8. Lubbock, Texas (August 31, 1951)

Lubbock, Texas (August 31, 1951) Controversial UFO Images

A student of 18 years old named Carl Hart Jr who took this picture on August 31, 1951. He used his Kodak camera to capture this image of the unidentified flying object and he saw from the Lubbock light in Texas, USA. 

9. McMinnVille, Oregon (May 8, 1950)

McMinnVille, Oregon (May 8, 1950)

The photo of a UFO considered one of the time and most authentic early. It was taken by Paul Trent who delineates an unidentified flying object that presented in the sky on May 8, 1950. It also was confirmed by this wife. This uncommon picture has been regarded as authentic by many experts for five decades.  

10. Morristown, New Jersey (July 10, 1947)

Morristown, New Jersey (July 10, 1947)

On July 10, 1947, an editor named John H. Janssen who took this picture in the morning time while he was flying in the New Jersey’s sky. During the flying time, he noticed six luminous spherical aircraft with the hazy ring around them. 

11. Namur, Belgium (June 5, 1955)

Namur, Belgium (June 5, 1955) UFO Images

One gentleman who took this picture and claimed that at 7:30 P.M. during he spotted an acute gleam moving high in the horizon at a very high speed. It was captured near Namur, Belgium on July 5, 1955. 

12. Outer Hebrides, Scotland (1947)

Outer Hebrides, Scotland (1947)

This believable picture of UFO was taken in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland sometimes in 1947, it also portrays a metallic, two-layered object floating on air. During that time most of the people trusted that the captured this photo was a UFO spacecraft for outlandish structure.

13. Paris, France (1953)

Paris, France (1953) UFO Images

When M Paulin who took this image at exactly 3:45 A.M  was in Paris, France. Paulin disclosed that he saw two disc-like objects passing over the effect Tower in 1953. This photo was published in True Magazine by requests from many people.  

14. Passaic, New Jersey (July 28, 1952)

Passaic, New Jersey (July 28, 1952)

A man who took this picture named George Stock spotted a dome-shaped saucer in the sky. The picture was very clear and considered as one of the best early UFO image ever. 

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15. Phoenix, Arizona (July 7, 1947)

Phoenix, Arizona (July 7, 1947) UFO Images

This photo was taken by William Rhodes of Phoenix, Arizona, this photo views a disk circling the Phoenix on the sunset of July 7, 1947. It was declared that a  disk-like object that had a round front and a square tail, much like the tail of an airplane. It was considered as the authentic picture. 

16. Riverside, California (November 23, 1951)

Riverside, California (November 23, 1951)

The photograph shows an alleged UFO on a mountain road near Riverside, California. It was taken by Guy B. Marquand on November 23, 1951. Researching this photo, the UFO found like a huge flying trapped above the skyline. 

17. Seattle, Washington (July 4, 1947)

Seattle, Washington (July 4, 1947) UFO Images

The photograph of the UFO sighting of William Rhodes in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.Coast It was taken by Guardsman Frank Ryman in Seattle Washington after he looked a disc flying in the horizon on July 4, 1947. It was published properly in a local newspaper in Seattle.

18. St. Paris, Ohio (May 1932)

St. Paris, Ohio (May 1932)

The photograph of the UFO was taken on May 1932 in ST. Paris, Ohio. If you follow this picture, some argue that the undisclosed flying object, it just a street lamp. Instated of many people believe in that time it was not since there were no street lamps. 

19. Washington D.C. (1952)

Washington D.C. (1952) UFO Images

During the dawn of UFOlogy in the United States, this event happened. In the year of 1952, a group of alleged UFOs was seen above as well as around the white house and the Pentagon.  People believed this UFO Image was going up against the government agencies engaged to guard the United States against foreign powers.  

20. Washington

Washington UFO Images

Many people recommended that this picture is not of a UFO but a jet aircraft. This photo marks a high-wing monoplane flying through the horizon. It was known as the fuzzy since the object is said to be flying down and right too first for the shutter. 

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