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20 Best Sci-Fi Weapons Of All Time

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The science weapons in real-life are superb boring in comparison to the ones in movies – magic wands. If fictional weapons of all time are so terrible, why Don’t Statistics Show It? It has the capability to make sense since most of the bad guys being fought in movies are a lot different from the ones we encounter on a day-to-day basis. Besides,  the philosophy’ s element that makes sci-fi movies big hits are the technologies that they present as the great one.

In addition to that, inborn to this movie observance are time outing machines, the technology of robots, and weapons that are not just plain cool or shiny but also have the retention to take down villains, sometimes better than the superheroes themselves. Science fiction movies are going to famous by showing the latest technology. Such movies are very attractive and influencing because they explore various human conditions and involve philosophical ideas that allow viewers to think out of the box. Here is a list of the 20 best sci-fi weapons of all time.

Here Are 20 Best Sci-Fi Weapons Of All Time

1. The Alpha-Omega Bomb (Beneath the Planet of the Apes)

The Alpha-Omega Bomb (Beneath the Planet of the Apes) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

This image marks”Planet of the Apes” people for all intents and purposes wiped out the whole human progress through a nuclear war. In the continuation of this film entitled, A device of beneath the planet of the apes called the alpha-omega bomb was presented as something that, according to Taylor, has the capability to devour the whole planet to soot.

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2. “Hand” Grenade (Death Zone 2000)

“Hand” Grenade (Death Zone 2000) Best Sci-Fi Weapons
Hand Grenade

In the motion picture “Passing Zone 2000” which stars David Carradine, who is well known racer Frankenstein intends to win the Transcontinental Road Race and murder the President with the assistance of the “hand projectile,” in case of that a Sci-Fi weapon made into with his fake hand, as he shakes hand with him.

3. The SOL Satellite (Akira)

The SOL Satellite (Akira)

The government of this country utilized the SOL Satellite to pick up the high ground in its fight against the children by firing this orbital weapon at them. This was first introduced as the famous fictional weapon in the movie entitled”Akira”. In this film crazy kids in Neo-Tokyo began to exhibit intense psionic abilities, threatening the city.

4. Gristle Gun (eXistenZ)

Gristle Gun (eXistenZ) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

What do you mean the bizarre gun? This gun also known as much weirder than the pistol and was introduced firstly in the movie vibedrome, this small weapon was constructed by the character of Jude Law out of discarded Chinese food. Though, It has the ability to shoot down ill-mannered waiters but appearing it silly.

5. Sonic Shot Gun (Minority Report)

Sonic Shot Gun (Minority Report)

Sonic Shotgun does not offer anything special except for its “sonic” feature, that is also known as sweet sound effects and when reloading it views unique survival motion. It was featured in the Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg film “Minority Report.

6. Mini-Nuke (Starship Troopers)

Mini-Nuke (Starship Troopers)

Mini-Nuke is a handy small Sci-Fi weapon that is super strong and it can take down a mountain in just one shot. It has extreme power and as an updated version of rocket-propelled grenades, only it is remote powerful. It is twice as powerful however, It is smaller than the rocket-propelled grenade.

7. The Noisy Cricket (Men in Black)

The Noisy Cricket (Men in Black) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

How amazing this Sci-Fi weapon collected from the movie of Men in Black which is disclosed an arcade machine. The Noisy Cricket is able to whiff a hold through a wall with just a single shot. This powerful weapon was handled by Agent J of Will Smith and looks pretty much like a stunner. It can throw the user through the wall too if someone is not careful, keep in mind, it’s too powerful.

8. Head Bomb (Total Recall)

Head Bomb (Total Recall)

The Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced this head bomb in the movie Total Recall. At the first time, the actor who disguised himself as a gigantic, red-headed woman made an entrance in this movie. This powerful mask was very convincing ubiquity in the movie but it started to malfunction towards the end.

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9. Seismic Charge (Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones)

Seismic Charge (Star Wars Episode-Attack of the Clones) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

It is an ideal weapon that has the capability to slice asteroids when generating a sound which brings forth shock waves. This little sucker introduced in the movie Star Wars: Episode II-Attack, while Jango Fett sought to take out Obi-Wan Kenobi in an asteroid field.

10. Identity Disc (Tron)

Identity Disc (Tron)

It is so powerful weapon because it has the capability to contain every last piece of information of people. This identity disk introduced in the movie Tron. It is strong enough and able to bounce off walls and turn every little thing it comes to contact with into a pile of corrupted information particles.

11. L.O.O.K.E.R. Gun (Looker)

L.O.O.K.E.R. Gun (Looker)

In the year of 1981, in the science fiction movie, the Light Ocular-Oriented Kinetic Emotive Responses Gun was first introduced. However, this gun does not fire bullets, like other pistols. Instead, it fires beats of light to its target as well as making an amazing deception of invisibility to the benefit of the users.

12. Monomolecular Wire (Johnny Mnemonic)

Monomolecular Wire (Johnny Mnemonic) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

The actor Johnny Mnemonic introduced Monomolecular wire is not inherently a unique concept in the world of science fiction. This weapon was mentioned in the movie as diamond molecules chain that has taboo bonds. Remember, It is too powerful.

13. The Auto 9 (RoboCop)

The Auto 9 (RoboCop)

Auto 9 is a great one that has the capability to fire in three-round shots and it is helpful to utilize either while fighting against inconsiderate corporate administrators or road criminals. This is a leg holster design Sci-Fi weapon that allows the user to keep it neatly tucked away in his leg when he does not need it.

14. Proton Pack (Ghostbusters)

Proton Pack (Ghostbusters) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

In the science fiction movie, proton pack introduced as one of the best fictional weapons. It is classified in the movie as unauthorized nuclear accelerators, especially when it comes to getting rid of ghosts. This weapon was the great reasons why the Ghostbusters were able to rise above Slimer and the rest of the villains.

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15. Thermal Detonator (Star Wars: Episode VI—Return of the Jedi)

Thermal Detonator (Star Wars Episode VI—Return of the Jedi)

The thermal detonator was presented in the movie Star Wars: Episode VI—Return of the Jedi is a weapon that is great mighty to rescue Han Solo from Jabba. The feature of this weapon is a very sleek and general design that no one would probably think what it is capable of actually doing.

16. Deckard’s Gun (Blade Runner)

Deckard’s Gun (Blade Runner) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

It is one of the great weapons that it is capable of taking down villains with just a single shot. Deckard’s Gun was presented in the movie Blade Runner, detective Deckard used this gun is suitable for both as a rifle and a pistol. This is an ideal construction gun, looking pretty cool. It is so powerful and all things considered took down the bunch of Replicants amidst a rainstorm.

17. Phaser (Star Trek)

Phaser (Star Trek)

Phaser is a fictional weapon that was first introduced in the movie Star Trek. It looks like handle weapon which is not capable to resemble those pingy sounding handguns seen in the reboot of J.J. Abrams. It is able to shoot down the bad boys in split seconds and used it in First Contact and Wrath of Khan.

18. Smart-Disc (Predator 2)

Smart-Disc (Predator 2)

This smart disk is introduced in the movie  Predator 2. Due to a razor-shaped Frisbee that the users can control through in-helmet sensors. It looks like the coolest boomerang of the galaxy. Besides, one of the best features of this weapon has the ability to go back to its owner no matter how far it was thrown down.

19. Genesis Device (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Genesis Device (Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

The Wrath of Khan which one of the attractive weapons, was made of helping people and introduced in the movie Star Trek II. It was proposed to manufacture the world through its terra-forming technology which can make planets, rocks and numerous different types of life. This Sci-Fi weapon has an only bad effect when it is thrown somewhere where life already subsists, something bad happens.

20. M41A Pulse Rifle (Aliens)

M41A Pulse Rifle (Aliens) Best Sci-Fi Weapons

Undoubtedly the M41A Pulse Rifle is one of the dangerous weapons, that has pulse-action, air-cooled option and automatic attack rifle chambered for 10×24mm Caseless bullet. Without practice may not possible to mark shooting range by it.

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