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20 Recent Natural Disasters In The World Could Affect Our World

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Humankind is here after a lot of survival period and our civilization is here for almost thousands of years. But in recent days scientists are more aware of natural disasters and human-made disasters which could affect our surviving in the world. Today we will discuss this thing.

In this article we have collected 20 most important issues that could be a threat to our living, we wish everyone have a clear idea about this. So, not getting anymore late let’s dive into our picture gallery and find out the reasons behind this.

Here Are 20 Recent Natural Disasters In The World Could Affect Our World

1. A global oppressive government

A global oppressive government Recent Natural Disasters In The World

The most possible situation in this special list could be that Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Kim Jong-un, etc. Of this “class,” who govern politics and economy worldwide, can imagine this one.

2. A natural pandemic

A natural pandemic Recent Natural Disasters In The World

Thinking of another threat that sounds totally plausible on this list is a kind of natural reason. Which can be transported through the atmosphere to kill humans in a few hours. Then the scientific community will be absolutely unable to find an effective solution in time.

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3. Big Crunch

Big Crunch Recent Natural Disasters In The World

The way the universe is destroyed can be debated with the Big Crunch. Which is one of the predictions scientists have made.

4. Big Rip

Big Rip Recent Natural Disasters In The World

This is another controversial cosmological teaching. By which the substance of the universe is gradually broken up by the universe’s expansion at some future time.From stars and galaxies to atoms and subatomic particles.

5. Coronal mass ejection

Coronal mass ejection Recent Natural Disasters In The World

Coronal mass expulsions are massive gas clouds, which are fastened to the sun in several hours. By magnetic field lines. Many scientists say that the origin of the decease of our earth could be due to environmental damage.  That we have created since the Industrial Revolution, the uncontrollable coronal mass ejection.

6. End-time

End-time Recent Natural Disasters In The World

As in some religions, the so-called end-time is portrayed in various philosophical interpretations. The ends of the world as we know it and the path to the afterlife. However, if science refuses to accept most of these religious beliefs. The strangest thing is that a number of scientific researchers consider the final time as a potentially catastrophic threat.

7. Gamma-ray burst

Gamma-ray burst Recent Natural Disasters In The World

Talking of gamma-ray bursts, somehow the biggest explosion in the universe found in faraway galaxies. That could cause mass extinction on earth one day. These deadly bangs can explain what is referred to as the Fermi paradox!

8. Genetic pollution

Genetic pollution Recent Natural Disasters In The World

Genetic pollution is a polite term for an unregulated stream of genes only permitted to enter the wilderness. Many environmentalists believe that this gene flow is unnecessary because once released the new gene-engineered living bions will be able to interact with other life forms.

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9. Grey goo

Grey goo Recent Natural Disasters In The World

Have you seen the movie “the end of the world” which includes molecular nanotechnology?The self-replicating robots out of control can kill people and conquer the planet?

10. Malthusian catastrophe

Malthusian catastrophe

In his essay on the Theory of Population in 1798 Thomas Malthus first introduced the idea of a Malthusian catastrophe. This predicts that the demands of an ever-growing population will be higher than agricultural advancements and human survival.

11. New World Order

New World Order

Most likely than anything else, the New World order is a conspiracy theory that means a strong group like Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists. So forth dominates human society and will do anything they can to destroy humanity!

12. Nuclear apocalypse

Nuclear apocalypse

Atomic catastrophe refers to the total or almost complete abandonment of human life. Through the creation of a doomsday device by various nuclear weapons.

13. Overexploitation


More probably, overexploitation in 2019 becomes very risky, and biodiversity is harvested at a faster rate. Then it is recoverable by natural breeding. Surfing and overhunting are common overfishing forms.

14. Overpopulation


Did you hear about overcrowding and many experts predict that one of the major problems in the world will be by 2050. Okay, in order to summarize a long history, human society is so large that the planet’s minimal resources.

15. Societal collapse

Societal collapse

This is one of the most popular hypotheses from the Mayan Empire. Which is composed of the decline, collapse, and disappearance of entire human civilizations. It is one of the most credible. This cultural decline is assumed by some scientists to impact our planet globally. Perhaps this will happen again.

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16. Sudden human extinction

Sudden human extinction

Have you ever wondered, how about our worlds if civilization, just as the dinosaurs, suddenly disappears? As a consequence of this disastrous danger, there can be human devastation in different ways. With one of the most ridiculous organizations that would make all men gay.

17. The era of black holes

The era of black holes Recent Natural Disasters In The World

The Black Hole Age was a period of uniform matter in the form of Black Holes, beautifully represented in a book called the five ages of the Universe. That was written by the Professors Fred Adams and Gregory P. Laughlin.

18. The extinction risk of climate change

The extinction risk of climate change

This is the most serious risk we can now think about: drowning global warming threats identify the realistic hazards at this point of time that is irrelevant due to the effects of climate change for various species, including humans.

19. The ultimate fate of the universe

Ultimate fate of the universe

Thinking about the last fate of the universe is a theory about two possible ways to consume the earth. Some believe that the world is going to end in fire and others suggest it is going to stop in ice.

20. World War III

World War III

He explained as he said “I do not know which guns will fight World War III but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones,” Albert Einstein was who explains the devastating consequences of a third world war on humanity and the earth.

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