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20 Odd Science Experiments

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Science doesn’t except magic. Science is the systematic study of nature and behavior of its all phenomena include physics, chemistry, astrology, human, animals and all about the sectors of nature. And the science experiment is the test of a hypothesis. Everything in the world that are invented by the scientist is not coming one day. They are the result of science experiments. But some experiments are odd and peculiar as well as strange. Here are described some 20 Odd Science Experiments for you.

1. A Mammoth Mistake

A Mammoth Mistake Odd Science Experiments

A Mammoth Mistake is a bad experiment in science by Hwang Woo-Suk. The veterinarian researcher of South Korea first took media attention by announcing to create a cloned dairy cow.  Hwang Woo was indicted on fraud and artificial insemination law violation by trying odd science experiments. He spent all but half a million dollars that were donated in private donations.

2. Animal Mind Control

Animal Mind Control

Animal mind control is an experiment that was tested first in 1963 by Jose Delgado. The experiment was manipulated by using a computer chip that was operated remotely. The chip was embedded in the animal’s skull. It gave numerous results based on animals’ moves, emotions, and hunger.

3. Elephant on Acid

Elephant on Acid

In 1962, Scientist Warren Thomas took a step to shocking experiment on an Elephant named Truko which belonged at Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City. Anyway, he injected the elephant with 297 milligrams of LSD. Within moments, it became more aggressive and died within an hour of madness.

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4. Frankenstein Dogs

Frankenstein Dogs Odd Science Experiments

Frankenstein Dogs was an experiment of organ transplantation by Russian scientist Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov. The experiment of Vladimir was a slight success.

5. Getting High with LSD

Getting High with LSD

Truko, the elephant at Lincoln Park Zoo in Oklahoma City, was not the first experience an LSD. In 1883, Swiss Scientist Albert Hofmann invented LSD-25. Five years later after the invention of LSD, he pushed a dose through his fingers, after that he felt the intoxication and fell hallucinations. However, Albert developed the LSD and continued the experiment, Though he claimed it as a miscalculation.

6. HEAF’s Attempt at Explosion

HEAF’s Attempt at Explosion

HEAF’s Attempt at Explosion was a crucial experiment that was tested in California. The odd science experiment picture is available in public. Though there have no casualties, it was an odd experiment by an authority.

7. MK-Ultra

MK-Ultra Odd Science Experiments

Ewen Cameron claimed that he came up with a service to cure for schizophrenia by programming the brain with a new method. In this method, patients asked to wear headphones and hear to message again and again for days after days. The experiment was a failure technique and CIA withdrew their funding.

8. Nail-biting Therapy

Nail-biting Therapy

Nail-biting is also known as onychophagy. To stop the bad habits, Lawrence LeShan announced an experiment that named was Nail-biting Therapy. In the odd therapy, patients were sleeping a cabin and repeated the sentences ‘my nails taste terribly bitter’. The experiment work as 40% and able to break the bad habit.

9. Orgone Energy and Weather

Orgone Energy and Weather

Orgone Energy is a science experiment of Wilhelm Helm(1897-1957) who is an Austrian psychoanalyst and doctor of medicine as well as the follower of Sigmund Freud. He believed that the Orgone energy turned into cosmic energy. His hypothesis experiments never proven and later he went to prison for his smuggling attempts.

10. Raising the Dead

Raising the Dead

The experiment of Raising the Dead would be odd to listen but Robert E. Cornish was tested the experiment during the early twentieth century. He tried his best to bring dead animals back using bu using Lazarus. Though the experiment was a slight success on human, he was not able to come back the dead life raising.

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11. Stabbing His Own Heart

Stabbing His Own Heart

Stabbing Own Heart! The suicidal experiment was tested by Werner Theodor Otto Forssman. By using local anesthetic and without any help, he incised a hole own body and pushed a catheter. After his odd science experiments , he was fired for his incredible stunt but later he got Nobel Prize for Medical developing that allows for cardiac catheterization.

12. Stomach-Eating Germs Drink

Stomach-Eating Germs Drink

Barry Marshall and Robin Warren were experienced to cut off the bacteria H Pylori which was responsible for stomach ulcers. Though, medical history said that lifestyle, mental stress, diet are the main culprits for that. They later drank a dose of the bacteria they collected from the sufferers and soon they developed gastritis with nausea, halitosis, and vomiting.

13.The Crazy Edison

The Crazy Edison

Thomas Alva Edison is an American scientist, inventor as well as a successful businessman. He invented many valuable devices that are served mankind. Light Lamb is one of them. If though, many of the researcher and people worldwide said that light Lamb was not invented by him, he only developed it.

14. The Frankenstein

The Frankenstein

In 1673, Johann Conrad Dippel was born in the palace Frankenstein. He spent his days by studying anatomy as well as alchemy, rumor that he attempted to push the soul of one person to another by using a funnel, a hose and so on. He had to run out of the town because of scientific exploits.

15. The Homunculus

The Homunculus

The Homunculus is the term to relate a miniature human which basically created by transplanting a human womb or horses womb and then feeding them human blood. Though there was no record of the successful result of the experiment, It was the most surprising experiment in medical science.

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16. The Human Cyborg

The Human Cyborg

The Human Cyborg is an experimental project named after Captain Cyborg undertaken by British researcher Warwick. The scientist was able to control the robotic arm remotely via the internet by setting up electrodes and chips into his body.

17. The Quests to Destroy the World

The Quests to Destroy the World Odd Science Experiments

Thomas Midgley was a mechanical engineer and chemist. He was invented by leading gasoline as well as many destroying cringes. Though the invention of his actual not bad for mankind, the uses of the invention can destroy the world. For example, he washed away his hands in the gasoline mixture.

18. The Two-Headed Dog

The Two-Headed Dog

The Two-Headed Dog was an incredible experiment in the field of Medical sectors.  This odd science experiment was lead by Charles Claude Guthrie. Though the experiment has not been achieved, it showed some success and alive during the transplant.

19. The Vomit-Drinking Doctor

The Vomit-Drinking Doctor Odd Science Experiments

The Vomit-Drinking Doctor is a medical experiment by Stubbins firth, an American doctor and unusual researcher. The experiment is related to Yellow Fever which was very dangerous in the nineteenth century and people believed that it was an infectious disease. But Stubbins believed that it was not an actual infectious disease, later he tested experiment on himself to dribble some fresh vomit in his eyes. Though some of his theory was correct, later a Cuban scientist invented the diseases to link with mosquitoes.

20. The Weight of the Soul

The Weight of the Soul

The Weight of the Soul was an odd experiment by Dr. Duncan. He believed and claimed that the soul has weight. He could measure numerous human body before dying moment and ensured that the soul has a weight of 21 grams. However, the theory was not believed by researcher people as well as common.

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