20 Modern Inventions That Changed The World

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In the 21st century, there are so many things we have taken for granted but made our life easier and comfortable than we ever thought. Have you ever think of a day without checking your smartphone or without having a calculator? Technology has changed very fundamental things in our daily life today. Now we can chase anyone from our computer who can move easily at any corner in the world. We can preserve food and can have music at any time for free.

In this article, we are going to look at 20 modern inventions that have changed our lifestyles in this period of time and without then life mustn’t be that easier as it is now.

Here Are The 20 Modern Inventions That Changed The World

1. Aircraft

Aircraft is the Modern Inventions

At the beginning of 1900, it was a dream to fly 6000 kilometers in 6 hours. This dream was realized by the Wright Brothers. You fly and arrive at your destination within a time when you do not have any wings but still you can do this. This may be one of the greatest blessings to invent aircraft in this century.

2. ATM

ATM is the Modern Inventions

You run out of money, therefore? You just have to find an ATM (Automatic Machine Teller). The first ATM was introduced in 1967 at Barclays Bank in the UK. He invented ATM by John Shepherd Barron.

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3. Automobile

Automobile is the Modern Inventions

Automobiles are one of the new modern inventions that have ever occurred in the human race. With the blessing of automobiles, thousands of people are shifting one place to another. Without cars, you simply can not believe our present world.

4. Calculator

Calculator is the Modern Inventions

Who needs this very well-known device an introduction? In the early 1960s, the computer was invented. Cell phones have replaced calculator by built-in systems and other features. It’s the device that indicates our daily Livingood and the necessity of daily works.

5. Credit card

Credit card

A credit card is a payment method. Used first in America in the 1920s. Credit cards have been used for the first time to sell fuel to a growing number of car owners but can now be used almost everywhere from shopping online to groceries.

6. Fridge

Fridge is the Modern Inventions

The biggest particle I believe in a kitchen. Cold storage was then used for the preservation of food and crops. In 1927, the first refrigerator was the Electric Good Giant “General”, which helped not only keep foods and fruit good for a certain period but keeping them fresh.

7. Gaming Consoles

Gaming Consoles

Here is something you could relate with regular day usage thing. Gaming in somehow entered in your daily activities. If you are a game loving person, then could definitely relate with this x-box system. Ok! we will talk about play stations on the next segment.

8. GPS

GPS is the Modern Inventions

The GPS was introduced in 1978 for the first time to determine your precise location via your satellite device. It was a very useful modern invention for mariners, pilots, and paramedics, but now it has become part of our daily life globally.

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9. Gun


No intro is necessary for this very thing. It is intended for different purposes. The very first use of the guns at 1200 AC is visible and it still carries its own weight significantly.

10. iPod


Did you have a childhood walkman devices? You must aware of the iPod, then. This little good thing can provide a celestial and multifunctional musical environment as well. Due to its large memory space, you can hold more than 30000 songs!

11. Microwave


Today in every kitchen, you can see microwave as a common feature. It was sold in 1947 for the first time. The microwave oven is used primarily for cooking and reassembling foods that have previously been prepared. Without this helpful kit, you can not furnish your modern kitchen.

12. Mobile phone

Mobile phone

Can you imagine without a mobile phone your single day? More than 7.5 billion mobile telephones are currently in use throughout the world. This magical device enables you to send, receive calls, send emails, and use GPS from everywhere in the world!

13. Printing Press

Printing Press

One of the world’s great inventions is the printing press. Ink is turned into a revolutionary product in the media. In the 3rd century, the history of the press began. In our office and home, we use electronic presses in modern times, which usually referred to as “printers.”

14. Radio


Radio is a technology that uses radio waves to provide information. The need to pass information via radiofrequency. The man behind the radio was Guglielmo Marconi. The first radio prototype was developed in 1901 and it became a part of our everyday lives until then.

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15. Robots


Talking about a piece of equipment which is computer-programmable and helps the human race for multi-faceted purposes. As we can see from Tesla’s autonomy modern invention car project, robots can be half-autonomous and in some cases fully autonomous. In many dangerous tasks, robots replaced people.

16. Steam Engine

Steam Engine

A steam engine is a heat engine that uses steam as its combustible. It was the beginning of the industrial revolution that brought the biggest change in civilization. By 1712, Thomas Newcomen demonstrated a well maintained and powerful steam.

17. Telephone

Telephone is the Modern Inventions

A telephone allows two or more people who are too far off to build a conversation. Alexander Graham Bell first patented a clear human voice on the telephone in 1876.

18. Television


A TV is a telecommunications medium used for media transmission and images moving. This is widely known at institutes, homes, hotels, transportation, and many others, especially for publicity and news purposes. Internet TVs become popular with audiences in recent years.

19. The Bar code

The Bar code is the Modern Inventions

Norman Woodland made this black and white monotonous style but the magic thing could be found in almost everything in a super shop or book shop. The way we buy something, this modern invention has changed it totally.

20. Digital Camera

Digital Camera is the Modern Inventions

The digital camera captures and digitally memorizes photos. The first digital camera was created in 1975 by the Kodak engineer Steven Sasson. Various digital camera features and tangibility are now available in the market.

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