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20 Most Mind-Blowing Facts About The Universe

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There are too many things in our beautiful world that we can see and touch. Our world is one of the smallest parts of our galaxy. There are too many galaxies in this universe and we are just able to know that. We have not discovered our full galaxy yet and we do not have information without some components yet.

In this article, we have arranged some photos and a bit description of them of some amazing components of our universe. You would definitely fall in love with astronomy after seeing these pictures. So, let’s jump over these 20 most mind-blowing facts about the universe, really stunning.

Here Are 20 Most Mind-Blowing Facts About The Universe

1. A Cold Star

A Cold Star Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

Cold stars are the type of hypothetical stars. In facts about the universe, this starts can appear with their co-stars. An amazing thing. These stars will open up sometimes maybe in the near future.

2. A Massive Electric Current

A Massive Electric Current Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

This is not a normal electric ray. A cosmic jet which is 2 billion light-years away from us is carrying this massive current. Some scientists from the University of Toronto have discovered these phenomena. This thing almost half in the size of our Milkyway galaxy. A mind-blowing discovery.

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3. A Star 1,500 Times The Size Of The Sun

A Star 1,500 Times The Size Of The Sun Mind Blowing Facts About The Universe

This type of star is called Neutron Stars and can be 1500 times bigger than the Sun. We are talking about a star which is situated over 1,000,000,000 km. We hope the search will be successful and we will get to know a bit more about facts about the universe and a gigantic one is always attractive!

4. A Unicorn

A Unicorn Facts About The Universe

This Unicorn Nebula is a part of Trifid Nebula. The horn has made it more interesting. This nebula has spotted with the Vista Telescope and an infrared light there around this nebula. An awesome creature in the space to see and to increase love towards astronomy.

5. A Water Reservoir

A Water Reservoir Facts About The Universe

There are too many strange things in space. It looks like it holds water. Do you know this H2O gas holds 140 trillion times the water held in the oceans of the earth? Which is situated 12 billion light-years from Earth. Is not it an amazing thing to know about the universe more?

6. Centre of mass

A Water Reservoir Facts About The Universe

Six stars are beautifully orbiting a central mass. Is not it amazing to see and to listen? The whole system is very bright. It is almost 54 times brighter than the sun. A stunning place.

7. Dark Matter

Dark Matter amazing facts about the universe nasa

It is a type of hypothetical matter. This does not interact with electromagnetic force as normal matter does. Dark matter seems to outweigh visible matter roughly six to one and to make up about 27% of the facts about the universe.

8. Gliese 581 c

Gliese 581 c amazing facts about the universe nasa

This is a super-earth planet. This could be the destination of future colonization as scientists think. This planet does not spin, so the bright side is super hot and the dark area is very cold but in the middle, there could be someplace to live.

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9. Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational Lensing mind blowing facts about the universe

Let’s have a closer look at this beautiful cosmic picture. What can you see? a blue star and inside of this a yellow star? The light is bent so the yellow star has got a blue shade over the surface.

10. Himiko Cloud

Himiko Cloud mind blowing facts about the universe

What a stunning cosmic photo we are seeing in our eyes! This whole system is known as the ever largest object in the world. Do you know how big it is? It’s almost half of the size of Milkyway.

11. Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity Stars universe facts

Let’s talk about spinning. These stars spin very very fast. Yes, you can see this in the picture. There are stars that are pummeling through space at almost trillion miles per hour. Is not it blowing?

12. Large Quasar Group

Large Quasar Group universe facts

We know that Himiki is the large group but LQG is larger than Himiki. This gigantic group is forty thousand times bigger then our galaxy and the funny thing is, sometimes it breaks the law of physics.

13. Magnetars

Magnetars universe facts

This is the most interesting thing in this article. The Magneters are the code name of the stars who has unlimited spinning speed. Among facts about the universe, this could break things from millions of miles from where it situated.

14. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse sad facts about universe

An uncommon photo from mercury. Looks like Mickey Mouse is smiling.

15. Neutrinos

Neutrinos facts about the size of the universe

If you were to hold up a dime for a second and that would be long enough for about 150 billion tiny, massless neutrinos to go plummeting through it. This is the supremo of the Neutrinos.

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16. New Found Blob

New Found Blob facts about the size of the universe

This giant is situated about 200 million light-years ahead and made up with galaxies and large bubbles of gas. You can say this is the largest object over the universe. The bubbles are called Lyman Alpha Blobs.

17. Pillars of Creation

Pillars of Creation facts about the universe and solar system

Duh! This beautiful thing is very far away from us. This is actually a huge garden of stars which is situated hundreds of millions of light-years ahead.

18. Sagittarius B2

Sagittarius B2 facts about the universe and solar system

This thing is a giant molecular cloud of gas. The internal structure of this cloud is very complex, because of varying temperatures and densities. The cloud is divided into three main cores, Designated north, south, and middle.

19. The Diamond Planet

The Diamond Planet universe facts wikipedia

This entire planet is made of Diamonds. What is your reaction after hearing this? I wish to go there too.

20. The Planet of Burning Ice

The Planet of Burning Ice universe facts

Gliese 436 b is the planet of burning ice. This is one of the smallest exoplanets too. This is more likely to see Neptune in mess and width. This is situated over 2.5 million light-years from our earth.

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