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20 Amazing Facts About The Sun

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We can see the sun every day located right at the central point of our solar system. Do you know that the sun travels at a speed of 200 kilometers every second? It has several reasons for which life exists on our blue planet, the Earth. The world should not be misleading because though it is a dwarf compared to other bigger stars in the universe. It is actually humungous when likening to our Earth!

In addition to that,  The sun is the reason life exists on Earth which is also responsible for different seasons we experience on Earth. Here is a list of 20 amazing facts about the sun, you might never look at these the same way again.

Here Are the 20 Amazing Facts About The Sun

1. 1 million years

1 million years Facts About The Sun

Who doesn’t want to get light and heat from the sun? The sun gives us natural sunlight hits the skin it triggers the body’s production of vitamin D. As we know the sun is the most important celestial body form the Earth’s point of view as it maintains all life. In order to reach the surface, it takes energy in the sun’s core about 1 million years.

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2. 1.5 million candles

1.5 million candles Facts About The Sun

Who doesn’t love candlelight dinner? If you detach a postage stamp sized portion of the sun this would shine with the strength of 1.5 million candles.

3. 3 minutes

3 minutes Facts About The Sun

The sun is important to all our lives here on Earth. We tend to think of it as being unique. Anyway, it’s not a joke. When total energy of the sun was directed at Earth it would take only 3 minutes for it to melt the crust.

4. A lot of power

A lot of power Facts About The Sun

Do you know the Earth absorbs 94 billion megawatts of energy from the sun every year? It is extremely more than the world’s total energy use. There is no life without the sun. The sun is known as the second generation star, meaning that some of its materials came from former stars.

5. Comet Tails

Comet tails 50 facts about the sun

Did you know about the comet tail? The Comet tail is known as an icy object that orbits the sun.  Generally, it generates steam when it near the sun and develops a tail of dust and gas.

6. Green flash

Green flash 50 facts about the sun

As you know the sun can be orange, red and yellow but did you know that it can be green? A green flash is known as a short-lived optical illusion that sometimes occurs at sunrise or sunset while the light from the sun is bent toward the viewers.

7. It causes revolutions

It causes revolutions 50 facts about the sun

It almost right, Russian Scientists and American historians have connected revolutions to sunspots.

8. It is heavy

It is heavy facts about the sun for kids

Do you know that the sun is our solar system’s largest mass accounting for 99.8% of the total mass? It is implemented by Jupiter takes up the remaining mass and the remaining planets, as well as galactic bodies in our solar system together, form only a fraction of the total mass of our solar system.

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9. It was a monster

It was a monster facts about the sun for kids

Who doesn’t fear the monsters to see?  John who is a famous person said it was a man with 3 eyes and 4 arms that were abandoned by his spouse for being too bright.

10. It will make you sneeze

It will make you sneeze facts about the sun for kids

Who doesn’t love to do like this man? It is an amazing exercise we usually do most of the time, 25 % of people sneeze when exposed to sunlight.

11. It’s not the brightest thing on Earth though

It’s not the brightest thing on Earth though what are five interesting facts about the sun

When the magnetic energy has been building up in the sun’s atmosphere is suddenly released, it causes a rapid variation in brightness known as a solar system. The record belongs to the Skybeam at the Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

12. It’s really bright

It’s really bright what are five interesting facts about the sun

Most images of the sun depict it as being red, orange, yellow or a combination of the three. Did you know the sun is brighter than 85% of everything else in the whole milky way?

13. Nuclear Mayhem

Nuclear Mayhem what are five interesting facts about the sun

Do you know the sunlight is produced through nuclear reactions in the sun’s core? After billions of collisions with matter, it originally born as energetic gamma rays. A scientist who discovered the sun’s source of power helped build the atomic bomb.

14. Solar wind

Solar wind sun facts nasa

The solar wind is a celestial breeze made up of electrons and protons that have escaped from the sun’s gravity. It is effective for blowing those comet tails away from the sun. It propagates throughout the solar system at about 450km/sec.

15. Sunspots were a secret

Sunspots were a secret sun facts nasa

At a time people thought the sun traveled across the sky. It was the wrong concept of ancient people. We stand on the surface of the earth, it looks like as if the sun rises in the east in the morning.

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16. Superstition

Superstition amazing facts about the sun

It is a famous place in India where most of the Indian pregnant women are sometimes kept indoors during an eclipse for fear that their babies who will be born with cleft lips.

17. The Attishoo Syndrome

The Attishoo Syndrome amazing facts about the sun

Did you know that sneezing thing we just talked about? Keep in mind, it’s a real problem to people who like the fighter pilot. Although, it has been entitled the Attishoo syndrome.

18. The proof is in the pudding

The proof is in the pudding amazing facts about the sun

This image marks that the American revolution, Paris Commune, France revolution and both Rusian revolutions fell near times of maximum solar pursuit.

19. The Sun can make us taller

The Sun can make us taller  cool facts about the sun

Its universal truth that the sun can make us taller. When pulling the Eart in the same direction or the sun and moon is in apogee, our bodies are stretched out by the natural power of the sun.

20. Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy facts about the sun's energy

Do you know the sun accounts for 44% of the Earth’s tidal energy while the moon accounts for the remainder?  The sun generates energy that supports all life on Earth. Tidal energy is considered as a form of hydropower which converts the energy obtained from tides into useful forms of power, mainly electricity.

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