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20 Facts About The Brain That’s We Don’t

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The brain is the command center of our nervous system. The sensory organs of our body send signals to the brain and outputs signals to the muscles. The human brain is partially bigger than other animal’s especially mammal’s brain and larger than to body size.

Today, in this article we will discuss 20 facts about the brain that no one hardly knows. The human brain is a very complex tool and the whole functionality is still undiscovered but there are some interesting facts about how the human brain works. This will amaze you step by step. Let’s dive into this mysterious informations and learn about this.

Here Are 20 Facts About The Brain That’s We Don’t

1. Consistency like tofu

And it has the same consistency as tofu Things We Don't Know About The Brain

This is actually bean curd and this tasty thing is categorized by texture or consistency. The texture is determined by the water poured in tofu, which is the same as the brain. The primary texture of the brain works with this function.

2. Powering a lightbulb.

At any given time your brain can generate up to 25 watts of power. That's enough to power a lightbulb.. Things We Don't Know About The Brain

An interesting fact about the human brain again. The brain can generate up to 25 watts of power, that amazing right? And this power is fair enough to light a bulb. An interesting fact and information about the brain’s electrons.

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3. Ancient Brain surgery

Brain surgery is not something new. In the past some cultures practiced trepanation, or the act of drilling holes in the brain to alleviate pain and cure sickness Things We Don't Know About The Brain

See the picture sincerely, what could you see? There are some holes in the skull. This skull is almost 1000 years old and that proves, facts about the brain is not a modern invention. This used to cure pain and sickness of the head many years ago.

4. Einstein’s brain

Despite the common myth that large brains equal more smarts, people like Einstein actually had a smaller brain Facts About The Brain

Humor clicks again ! there are some famous rumors that big brain has a big capacity and it can consume more information rather than small ones. The rumor has got it’s proof when it comes that, Einstein had actually small brain!

5. Information speed.

Information can fly around your brain at 260 mph Facts About The Brain

A piece of information that can blow your mind. Do you know a piece of information could fly on your brain at a speed of 260 mph? Is not it stunning information? The brain is very complex and the working procedure is more.

6. Illusion

It can also play tricks on you. Square A and B are actually the same color. Facts About The Brain

This is a very famous trick. The A and B look like in different position but they are in same colors block. if you need to understand this problem clearly you can take help of the internet and look over youtube. Just search “brain tricks” and you will find the result we hope.

7.No pain receptors.

It has no pain receptors so it doesn't feel anything facts about the brain for kids

Here is an interesting fact again. Our brain has no pain receptors so it can not feel pain inside. Now don’t get mixed it with headaches, they are a completely different thing and you can check this out over the internet.

8. Einstein’s brain has kept it for 20 years

Speaking of Einstein, the pathologist who did his autopsy stole his brain and kept it for 20 years interesting facts about the brain psychology

Here is some interesting facts about the brain that proves many things wrong. This pathologist did the autopsy of his brain and stole it then saved it for 20 years. This thing is truly amazing.

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9. highest IQ

The highest IQ every recorded is Kim Ung-yong of South Korea at 210 interesting facts about the brain psychology

Kim Ung-Yong is the man whose IQ has recorded as highest ever in the world of 210 more than 30 from Einstein. Now what could you say ? does still size matters or it is just a myth. This man is seriously brilliant.

10. chemical reactions in your brain

There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions happening in your brain every second interesting facts about the brain and learning

Our brain is a very complex machine and the working procedure is complex too. Here you are getting information that our brain is doing over 100,000 chemical reactions per second and how could you ignore this now?

11. Performing open brain surgery

This is why doctors are able to perform open brain surgery on patients that are still awake. interesting facts about the brain and memory

This thing is very scary and absurd at the same time. In a few cases in the world people who are going through surgery get awake during this and they have a horrible experience. Now the brain has no pain receptors but its impossible to stay awake during surgery.

12. Homunculus

Wilder Penfield (1891-1976) created a drawing that became known as a homunculus, which shows what we would look like if our body parts were as big as the brain space they take up. interesting facts about the brain and memory

Let’s have something uncommon now. See this drawing carefully. Wilder Penfield has drawn this picture that shows that if we had body organs that make spaces more than it consumes, what our brain does then we looked like this creature.

13. Surviving with only 1 side of your brain

You could survive with only 1 side of your brain 24 brain facts

Again an interesting fact and that represents the complexity of the human brain. Our brain has divided into two parts, the right one and the left one. The right one is used for emotions and the left one is used for logical institutions.

14. 100,000 miles of axons

You have over 100,000 miles of axons in your brain. That's enough to wrap around the world 4 times. brain facts quotes

A piece of information that most of us know when we passed our school days. This is such a big thing we have 100,000 miles of axons and by this, the whole world could be wrapped four times.

15. 70,000 thoughts

You have roughly 70,000 thoughts every day brain facts quotes

Now we will tell you an interesting fact. Do you know on a regular day you almost have 70,000 thoughts! This number is huge but we really do that. Our brain is always thinking something and its the number we reach every day.

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16. Using up to a quarter of your oxygen and energy

Your brain accounts for about 2% of your mass but uses up to a quarter of your oxygen and energy brain facts pdf

Our brain weighs only 2% of our body but it needs 1/4 of the oxygen that we take in our whole day and our energy what we get by eating food, itis not so interesting facts about the brain. A fact that is necessary to know.

17. brain developing

Your brain continues to develop until your late 40s brain facts about love

Our brain grows to a certain time. When we turn our 40 then it stops to develop This is very informative and needs to know by all. At the age of 40, it stops to develop and before then it continues to and rapidly in childhood days.

18. Your brain is actually more active while you are sleeping

Your brain is actually more active while you are sleeping Facts About The Brain

When we sleep our brain works more. It has to do a lot of lo stuff when the body is getting rest. It organizes all of the tasks, our thoughts, dreamt and a lot of other facts about the brain that have to do while we are sleeping.

19. The fattest organ in your body

Your brain is the fattest organ in your body at around 60% Facts About The Brain

There remains fat in our brains. Actually, this is the fattest organ in our body. Almost 60 % of the body, as you see on the picture filled with fat and most of us do not know the information.

20. Brain size

Your brain was just about as big as it is now when you were born. That's one reason that babies have disproportionately large heads.

The brain does not grow after having birth.  Suppose you are 25 years old, the size of your brain is still the same as what was when you were born. That’s why a baby’s head looks partially big after born.

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