20 Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

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Breaking up a relationship is a hard thing to do. Here we have to deal with our emotions. So, it is not so easy.

Of course, there are certain processes that can make “break up” easier for all involved. But this post is not about 20 best ways to break up with someone.

These are about 20 worst ways to break up with someone and if you have ever practiced one of these ways, you are officially a bad person.

Here Are 20 Worst And Best Ways To Break Up

1. At your “Special Place”

At your “Special Place”
Where you first met with your beloved one, where you proposed or where you went on your first date is always special. If you break up with your beloved person at any of these places it will be wrong.

2. By being extra mean

By being extra mean

Stick and stones may break one’s bones but it is your speech that can hurt one and break his/her mind.

If you want to get out of a relationship and for this, if you use too many cruel words, this will surely create the worst ways to break up on your dear one’s mind.

3. By dragging it out for so long until you end up initiating it

By dragging it out for so long until you end up initiating it

Don’t stick to a relationship like an emotionless zombie. If you feel no emotion to your partner then say, “It’s over.

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One day you would be ex will get tired and annoyed about your lack of emotions and dump you. The situation is a win-win here.

4. By ignoring relationship issues

By ignoring relationship issues

Don’t ignore any issues in the relationship. It can lead your relationship towards a dead end.

You can try to avoid confrontation on different issues but the outcome will be a broken relationship.

Try to confront it. It can take a heck of a lot of effort but the relationship will thrive.

5. By leaving a voicemail

By leaving a voicemail

You won’t break up but you are afraid of dealing with your would-be ex. You want to avoid that long conversation and the painful sight afterward.

So, you left a voicemail. Your absence of sensitivity can protect you from hours of crying and whining.

6. By Lying

By lying Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

To lie is a sin but when you lie about your relationship that is the worst. If you want to break up with somebody just make it clear and don’t lie about the relationship.

If you go through a relationship that is based on lying, surely you have to suffer.

7. In bed

In bed Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

After an erotic play, this is maybe the nastiest clincher. You may question your self “What did I do wrong?”

Gathering courage you stare at your ex’s bareback heading toward the door and out of your life.

Just keep in mind that it needs a special kind of person to do something like that…….

8. In front of your family

In front of your family

Don’t break up in front of your family members. No one will be able to get out of those worst ways to break up without getting hurt. So, before breaking upkeep it in your brain.

9. In Public

In Public

If you are mad at your would-be ex-lover and want a breakup, just try  ‘humiliate them in public’ way.

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Throw a glass of wine on his/her face, slap him on his face (This is not an option for the men), kick him (This is not for the guys too), and throw a chair on his head (Again this is not for the boys) to get a break up.

10. Leaving a post-it

Leaving a post it

These colorful little post can make sweet incidents as well as insufferable tragedy.

Maybe there is not much space on it to write too many words but cold feelings can fit in it perfectly.

To make your relationship more horrible just stick it anywhere where it can be seen easily by you would be ex-lover.

11. On a vacation

On a vacation

One can do anything when he/she is out of his/her comfort zone. Feeling toward someone can be changed.

Therefore, worst ways to break up can turn into ice cold. In this situation you would be ex can dump you and jump into another relationship.

Just let him or her go. As you’re on vacation, just relax and chill and try to charge everything to his/her account.

12. On the phone

On the phone

You only want to break up with someone over the phone when you don’t want to meet that person ever to avoid any type of interactions, eye contact.

You don’t want to experience emotionally contorted faces about to cry. So, you break up with just a callous, hollow phone call.

13. On Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

Even Cupid had no clue that you’re to be ex-decided to turn Valentine’s day into doomsday.

So don’t blame the cute winged boy for this incident, just blame your heartless, indecent ex. This person doesn’t deserve the arrow of Cupid but a poisoned spear.

14. On your anniversary

On your anniversary

To add insult to injury just break up on your anniversary. By doing this you can give you to be ex a message that the worst day of your life was when you and he/she got together.

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15. On your birthday

On your birthday Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone
In your birthday party full of friends all wishing your happy birthday if your soon-to-be-ex pull you aside and give you the worst gift in your life you can cry and no one has to do anything about this.

16. Through a friend

Through a friend Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone
If you don’t want to finish the relationship face to face to avoid the unwanted situation, you can hire someone to do that for you. It’s like the Mafia job; hire someone else to do your unfair jobs.

17. Through a text message

Through a text message

When you want a break up just two unfortunate words: ‘It’s over’ is enough. No broad description is needed; merely two words.

If you want to be ruder then add an exclamation mark after the message.

18. Through Facebook

Through Facebook Worst Ways To Break Up With Someone

You can break up with someone via Facebook in many ways. You can tag your recent ex on a post saying you quit or you can change your relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single”.

Even you can unfriend and block your ex to add insult to injury. But if you really want to hurt your ex badly then post your recent living style on the newsfeed and let your ex know that you’re better off single or with someone else now.

19. Through Twitter

Through Twitter
Twitter serves us with many information like. Some information is necessary like trivia or news-feed. But the breaking up story of you and your ex is not necessary. This is maybe the epitome of cowardice.

20. While with friends

While with friends

When you break up in a public place just make sure that no one knows you. These types of worst ways to break up, people will not care about your drama of breaking up.

But when you break up in front of your mutual friends then it’s not just wise.

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