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Todd Howard Net Worth 2023

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Who does not like playing video games? The gaming industry is the center of focus in today’s age. Not a single child, even the adults are now addicted to it.

Their amazing graphics, thrills, stories and enjoyment attracts all. If you love gaming then, you must know the name of Todd Howard. He is an American video game producer, director and designer.

Todd Howard’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million. His amazing design skills, production skills and passion for the development of games brought him great fortune.

Let’ know more about this amazing personality.

Early Life and Education

Todd was born in Lower Macungie Township on 25 April, 1970. It is located near Pennsylvania in the USA. His parents were Ron and Priscilla Howard. 

From an early age, Todd was very much interested in video games. The 80’s popular games ‘Wizardry’ and ‘Ultima III: Exodus’ were great inspiration to him.

He attended ‘Emmaus High School’ where he completed his graduation. After that, he enrolled in the ‘College of William & Mary’, there while majoring in business, he also pursued his passion for computers.


During his college days, Todd somewhat managed to get a copy of a game named ‘Wayne Gretzky Hockey’ published by ‘Bethesda Softworks’. 

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Todd was so amazed by the work done in the game that he applied to find a job in Bethesda Softworks. But he was rejected several times for various reasons as at that time  he was undergraduate, or lacked skills to have a job in the company. Eventually he was hired as a producer in 1994.

His debut game development work was in ‘The Terminator: Future Shock ’. The very next year he developed ‘Skynet’ and ‘The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall’,which brought him immense success.

As a project leader, he developed the game named ‘The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’, which was a huge commercial success. Later, he also worked in a few series of the game.

He appeared in a number of television shows on ‘USA today’, ‘Newsweek’, ‘The Today Show’ and ‘CNN’ for sharing his views and knowledge about developing a game.

Award and Recognition

Todd received the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the ‘Game Developers Conference’. He was also featured in the ‘Top 20 most influential people in gaming’ from the magazine ‘GamePro’.

He was nominated in a number of award shows and also won some of them. He was nominated for ‘BAFTA Awards’, ‘Game Developers Choice Awards’, ‘NAVGTR Awards’, ‘Spike Video Game Awards’ and many more. He won the ‘Game Developers Choice Awards’ in the category of ‘Game of the Year’ for his game ‘Fallout 3’ in 2009.

Asset, House and Car 

In case of personal information, Todd does not like to share his life in public. His lifestyle, car collection, living expenses etc are a mystery to all. 

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It is reported that, Tod is now living with his wife, Kimberly Lynn Yaissle in Pennsylvania. Though his birth place was in Lower Macungie Town, no information of his current location is disclosed.

Income Detail and Net Worth 

Todd Howard is a famous person in the gaming industry. His net worth is approximately $15 million(as of August , 2021).

Majority of his income comes from video game designing, directing and producing. Currently, he is working as an executive director at ‘Bethesda Softworks’. His annual salary is estimated to be $1,000,000 which means that he earns $83,333 roughly per month.

He gives speeches in various conferences, councils and summits related to games. He is also a common face in some television channels such as ‘CNN’, ‘Newsweek’ etc in the gaming feature section which brings him a good amount of money.

Todd Howard : At A glance

Real NameTodd Andrew Howard
Popular NameTodd Howad
Date of Birth25  April 1971
Birth PlaceLower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania
Eye ColorBrown
Height168 cm
Weight65 kg
SpouseKimberly Lynn Yaissle
Professionvideo game designer, director, producer
Zodiac signTaurus
Net worth15 million

Social Media Popularity

Todd Howard is very popular among game lovers all over the world. His social media presence is not exactly acknowledged.

He likes to share his upcoming projects, ideas, and gaming tips for developers on media platforms but whether it is a social media one, it can not be clarified.


Todd Howard grew up in what city?

Ans. Todd Howard was born in the Pennsylvania town of Lower Macungie. At an early age, he acquired an interest in technology, particularly video games and later he pursued his dream.

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What is the net worth of Todd Howard?

Ans. Todd Howard’s net worth is almost $12 million.

Does Todd Howard have any children?

Ans. Todd Howard has one son with his wife, Kimberly Lynn Yaissle. His son’s name is Luke Howard.

Which game made Todd Howard most famous?

Ans. Some of Todd Howards’s game were a huge commercial success. The game series of ‘The Elder Scrolls’ made him the most famous in the gaming industry.


Todd Howard is quite a famous name in the world of games. His games are very popular among the users for their storyline, design, artistic approach and for many other reasons.

He was rejected by the studio ‘Bethesda Softworks’ many times but eventually got the job of his dreams. Thus, Todd Howard’s net worth is an indication that through perseverance and dedication, success is bound to come.

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