20 Tips for Healthy Roommate Relationships

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Living alone is tiresome and boring. By taking a roommate you not only get a roommate but also your rental and utility cost will come to half.

However, you have to be prepared to handle the situation because living under the same roof with someone else involves discovering more of your individual differences.

So here are 20 suggestions for you which will make your roommate co-existence livable.

Here Are 20 Romantic Relationship With Roommate

 1. Address problems fast

Address problems fast

If your roommate’s any action irritates you, oppose it immediately. If you don’t oppose, you will bear grudge against your roommate and your roommate can repeat that action again because he does not know that you are offended at his or her activity.

2. Always lock your doors and windows

Always lock your doors and windows

Always lock the doors and windows when you are out. Though this practice has nothing to do with roommate relationship, this can help you to keep safe all the time.

3. Be careful who you bring into your house or room

Be careful who you bring into your house or room

Respect the privacy of your roommate. You cannot bring anyone into your house any time you wish.

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Though you share the same rent he shares, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want. Think once, how will you react if he does the same thing.

4. Be open to change

Be open to change

You have to be open to change and learn the habit of compromising as you are living with someone else.

Every individual is different but this difference should not create an obstacle in building a good relationship with each other.

5. Be open to new things

Be open to new things

Every person has his or her ideas and experiences. As an individual, your roommate also has his or her ideas.

Try to cope with new ideas. Trying out things your roommate introduces you to ( as long as these new ideas are legal) will make you more experienced and mature in your personal life as well as this will make a strong bond with your roommate.

6. Don’t expect your roommate to be your all-time buddy

Don’t expect your roommate to be your all-time buddy

Of course, you have to keep a good relationship with your friend but this relationship has a limit.

Don’t expect your roommate as your all-time buddy because he or she has his or her own social circle as you have.

7. Don’t go to bed angry

Don’t go to bed angry Healthy Roommate Relationships

This advice is equally effective for married couples and roommates. Don’t go to bed if there are some unsolved matters or if you are angry at your roommate. Sleeping with anger will make it a deep grudge. If you feel irritated at your roommate’s action, confront it immediately. Don’t delay further.

8. Establish expectations from the beginning

Establish expectations from the beginning Healthy Roommate Relationships

You should discuss expectations with your roommate at the very beginning. For example, discuss your schedules, party rules, resting times, cleanliness, relationship, and other stuff.

9. Hold a weekly conversation

Hold a weekly conversation Healthy Roommate Relationships

Hold a weekly conversation with your roommate for at least five minutes.

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This can be about living arrangements such as bills that have to be paid soon, cleanliness or upcoming plans.

This practice will help to develop your relationship with your roommate.

10. Invite your roommate out with you

Invite your roommate out with you

This will help your roommate to know you better and will make a strong friendship with you. You also will have the opportunity to know him or her better.

11. Keep your common areas clean

Keep your common areas clean

Being messy does not create any problem if you live in a house alone. But if you live with someone else, surely it will create problems.

Try to keep your common space neat and clean all the time because this will make your living place more comfortable to stay.

12. Lay the ground rules as early as possible

Lay the ground rules as early as possible

When you will live with someone else, you have to set up some rules and boundaries in order to maintain a comfortable living situation.

To ensure your home away from home is also a great one and to avoid any type of misunderstanding both of you should set up some ground rules.

This rules should include “Who should do a particular job” or “Who should give a particular bill”.

13. Neither be a borrower, nor a lender

Neither be a borrower, nor a lender

The most common cause to break a relationship is the money issue. Shakespeare said, “When somebody asks for money from someone, he only asks for trouble.”

Try not to borrow money from your roommate to avoid future troubles.

14. Never eat your roommate’s food

Never eat your roommate’s food

Though you buy all the groceries together, this does not mean that you own all the resource together.

You should have your own supply of food. Never eat your roommate’s food without his or her consent and try to avoid it as much as possible.

15. Never share a space with your best friend

Never share a space with your best friend

Think twice before you share a space with your best friend.

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It may sound like a good idea but living with another person will put you and that person in a situation where your differences will affect each other.

If you want your friendship intact you should avoid the thinking of living together.

16. Pick a roommate who is your “financial twin”

Pick a roommate who is your “financial twin”

Choose a roommate who has the same spending abilities as you. This is very important when it comes to utility uses.

For example, a roommate with a higher income can run the AC at low temperature as he or she has the ability to afford the bill but a roommate with a lower income won’t afford it.

17. Post a calendar in a common space

Post a calendar in a common space

Keeping a calendar in common space will help you in many ways. Both of you will easily notice the important date and deadlines.

Assigning specific days for specific chores and who will do the work on the calendar can fulfill the responsibilities properly.

18. Respect your roommate’s things

Respect your roommate’s things

Some people think that ransacking their roommate’s closet is quite ok. But they don’t think that one of the few things that create initial problems in a relationship is inappropriate borrowing.

If you need to borrow a thing of your roommate, it is always the rule to ask for permission

19. Split chores fairly

Split chores fairly

When you live with a roommate, the splitting chore is a must to perform the chores perfectly.

Firstly you should have a chore allocation meeting and set up a fair chore allocation ratio because one roommate cannot do the majority of chores.

20. Trust your gut

Trust your gut

Keep trust in your gut feeling. Don’t ignore your inner feeling especially when you select a roommate.

At the time of roommate interview, if you get that gut feeling that something is not quite right, go with it.

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