20 Things You Should Never Do

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There are a lot of things to do in our regular life. We have to face situations and to deal with this. But what if we do something hazardous for us? Of course, this could be dangerous and harmful to our physical health. So, we should never take those risks, expect you are a professional.

In this article, we have arranged 20 uncommon photos that have shown some absurd photos and works that will suppose you to re-think. Many people do stupid things but these photos are something extreme. So, let’s dive into the photo gallery and get scared and have fun at the same time.

Here Are 20 Things You Should Never Do

1. Fire Tub!

Fire Tub Things You Should Never Do

What do you think after seeing this photo? Want to have a party like this? These people are really freak as we can see. Two peoples are sitting on a bathtub on fire! Are they planning to have a hot shower? Who knows!

2. Carrying Refrigerator!

Carrying Refrigerator! Things You Should Never Do

Is it the best idea to carry a refrigerator? A man is driving a scooter along with another man and a refrigerator on his back! Maybe this was the best way to do it but on a bird’s eye view, it is a stupid and funny thing. What do you say?

3. Mattress Boat!

Mattress Boat! Things You Should Never Do

Now, What could you say about this photo. There are too many idiot people are living in the world and they have done many idiotic things. Just look at the picture shown above and you can see an example of idiotic work.

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4. Real Smoker!

Real Smoker! things you should never do funny

Do you smoke? If you, then have ever tried like this? This man is able to inhale smoke with his nose and ears. Though this is very rare and it needs a lot of hard work to be like this but we will always say that “Smoking is injurious to health”

5. Photographer of the decade!

Photographer of the decade! things you should never do funny

Who does not love photography? I am a professional photographer and I truly believe the art inside the photography. It always says a story, a story that should spread to get joy and love. But do no get over excited to hold your camera like the image.

6. Face Canvas!

Face Canvas! things you should never do funny

Just look at the man who is behind the girl! he is showing victory sign on the camera and what would we say about this photo? When this type of photo arises on the screen at the same time some questions will also arise in the head, like who are they? where they come from?

7. True Technician!

True Technician! things you should never do funny

So what is the first thing to raise up on your head after seeing this image? A true technician! right? A man is fixing a lamp by standing a ladder on the middle of the road. It is so risky and we request to our readers not to do like that stupid thing ever.

8. Lewis Hine Photography

Lewis Hine Photography things you should never do joel

Lewis Hine had taken this image of Empire State Building Of New York City. This is a stunning beauty and scary at the same time. Though he was a very professional photographer but do not try like this. It can be a close call.

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9. A Gigantic Toy or a Lobster?

A Gigantic Toy or a Lobster? things you should never do joel

Here in this picture, you can see a father, who seats down his child on a giant lobster! The baby is not screaming and maybe he enjoyed the thing! what could we say more about this photo? But, you need to remind that this is food, not a toy.

10. Ride with DAD!

Ride with DAD! 10 things we should not do

Can you remember the funny quote? “If you are bad, then I am your Dad”. Here in this image, we can see a bad dad who is riding with his son standing on his back in a motorcycle! This might be risky for others. Do not try this out we must say.

11. Pepsi.

Pepsi. 10 things we should not do

So do you love Pepsi? High Five! But, what about this one? A man is pouring Pepsi on a jar from a vendor machine. There are people from all over the world who love to eat and drink, maybe he is one of them.

12. Riding Maniac.

Riding Maniac. 10 things we should not do

What to say about this one? All of we has done this at least for once in our life-cycle. But, riding a motorcycle like this is very dangerous and it might cause serious injuries of all who are there on the board. So, ride safely on the road always.

13. Fatty Explanation

Fatty Explanation 10 things we should not do

What is the first impression that has arrived on your head after seeing this photo? Duh! how rude the mom is? Do not worry, as she is a little fat, her daughter has got trapped on the cycle, but we can assure they are “Familiar” with this.

14. Cool Dad!

Cool Dad! list of things not to do

Just look at the photo and think, what if your dad has done this with you on your childhood? What could we say more about this dad? Just be careful if you are a dad and planning to do like this with your son/daughter.

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15. What is he doing?

What is he doing? list of things not to do

Are you seeing the thing, what I am looking? Let’s assume he is checking for the fuel. There are a lot of stupid people around us and a lot of photographer like us who are just waiting for the right moment to capture.

16. Mom’s Love

Mom's Love ,
 things you shouldn't do in life

Mother is the person from whom we get love most. She is the world for every single person. That is why mother’s day celebrated in every country with a lot of joy. Now, coming to the picture, this could not be a proper way to carry your child.

17. Fat Burns Fat

Fat Burns Fat things you shouldn't do in life

Now, this is really funny to see this image. As we all know that health is everything, so you need to take care of your health. A massive person is riding a small bike? are you seeing this in the image? Pathetic!

18. be Uncommon!

be Uncommon! things you shouldn't do in life

Have you ever felt like this, that you are so unadjustable among some people? This photo is showing this. It looks and very awkward to be someone who is a misfit in the group. You need to know how to avoid or handle this type of situation.

19. Elephantasy!

Elephantasy! what should you never try in life

What could we say about this photo? Elephants are so innocent animal and familiar with people expect jungle elephants. A man has captured his photo with an elephant by holding its trunk.

20. Hi! Shark.

Hi! Shark. 5 things i will never do

Are you a friend of a shark? This image is so scary and please do not try this. The man in the picture is an ocean expert and he could do it easily. Just see the picture and sit back relax!

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