Top 20 Sitting Disease Facts

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Sitting has become the most common posture in every workplace. Do you like desk jobs? In the workplace, most desk workers spend an average of 9.5 hours a day sitting in front of the computer, which permits the little opportunity for physical activity throughout the day.

As far as I know, your body is shaped by your daily activity. If the majority of your day is spent sitting and in front of a computer, keyboard, your musculoskeletal style can be conformed to this position. Here is a list of top 20 sitting disease facts you may experience as a direct side effect of sitting too much.

Here Are Top 20 Sitting Disease Facts

1. Desk Job

Desk Job Sitting Disease Facts

Can’t you but go to the office every day? If you are doing an official job or desk job, you have to spend approximately 9.5 hours per day sitting at your office. The sitting disease fact which can include you in danger condition within a short time.

2. Sitting For 6 or More Hours

Sitting Disease Facts Sitting For 6 or More Hours

If you are used to sitting for 6 or more hours per day. It can make you 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than three. You have to exercise if you would like to live a long life.

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3. Spend 3 Hours At The Gym Center

Spend 3 Hours At The Gym Center Sitting Disease Facts

The gym center is known as a fitness center that houses exercise equipment for the purpose of physical exercise. You need to spend 3 hours at the gym center for your better health. Work pressure won’t leave you until death. You need to change your lifestyle. If you are spending most of your day sitting, exercising and even eating healthy will do very little to keep you from being overweight or dying young.

4.  Electrical Power

Electrical Power Sitting Disease Facts

Do you get your body massage every day? No sooner had you come to the office than your boss gave huge tasks. It is a general rule in every office. Due to this, you have to sit down a long time in the office. You should know that the electrical activity in your leg muscles shuts off completely.

5. Calorie Burning

Calorie Burning Sitting Too Much Symptoms

The calorie is known as a unite of energy. How to burn your calories? It’s simple just be alive. The human body is constantly burning calories to keep the body functioning. If you would like to burn more calories then do more activity that helps to burn huge calories every day.

6. Enzymes that help break down fat drop by almost 90%

Enzymes that help break down fat drop by almost 90% Sitting Too Much Symptoms

What is your first impression if this guy sends a friend request to you?  Perhaps, you feel like sleeping now. Make yourself a fit woman so that everyone likes you. Enzymes are known as the biological molecules which significantly speed up the rate of virtually all of the chemical reactions that take place within cells.

7. After 2 more hours of sitting your good cholesterol drops by 20%

After 2 more hours of sitting your good cholesterol drops by 20% Sitting Too Much Symptoms

Jogging, walking, swimming, and bicycling are good practice for your health. Exercise is a great way for you from head to toe and it makes your heart stronger. It is a really powerful way to lower your LDL (bad) Cholesterol and boost your HDL (good) cholesterol.

8. Control Diabetes

Control Diabetes How Much Sitting Is Too Much

Diabetes is considered a pathetic disease in which your blood glucose or blood sugar levels are too high. 90% of people in the world are facing this disease. Do you know how to create glucose in your body? Generally, glucose makes from the foods that you eat. It is important to know that after 24 hours your insulin effectiveness drops by 24% and your risk of diabetes progresses sharply.

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9. Keep Continue Jogging If You Sit All-day

How Much Sitting Is Too Much  Keep Continue Jogging If You Sit All day

To do continue this practice at home, between 1980 and 2000, exercise rates in the general people stayed the same (possibly even raised) while the number of hours sitting disease facts increased by 8%. Obesity, on the other hand, has doubled.

10. Heart Attack

Heart Attack  How Much Sitting Is Too Much

According to the research of the Mayo Clinic, sitting for most of the day increases your risk of a heart attack just as much as smoking. Sitting a long time it means the last stage of life.

11. Sitting Disease

Sitting Disease Sitting And Heart Disease

Some researchers say that the sitting disease fact is enough for the time of death. Keep in mind, many of the most common killers and illnesses in the west (heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and even depression) are strongly connected to what researchers have dubbed “sitting disease”.

12. Long Time Sitting Create Cancer

Long Time Sitting Create Cancer Sitting And Heart Disease

According to the current research revealed in the American Journal of Epidemiology, general people who sit have a much higher death rate not just from heart disease but from cancer as well.

13. Exercise All Day

Exercise All Day Sitting Is The New Smoking Study

Exercising all day is not be enough to offset the sitting. Doing some practice of physical activity each day is smart when you are trying to slim down. If you want to lose weight, repeat the same work and adjust your body to the daily workload.

14. Couch Potato

Sitting Is The New Smoking Study  Couch Potato

Do you have any couch potato in your family? A person who watches too much television and doesn’t have an active life. Some employees at the office may not be able to help sitting but its the extra sitting time at home that is literally killing them.

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15. Sit In Front Of The Tv For 3 Hours Per Day

Sit In Front Of The Tv For 3 Hours Per Day Sitting Is The New Smoking Study

Exercise doesn’t mean that you usually spend 3 hours per day to sit in front of the TV.  Exercise is physical activity that can enhance health and fitness. You can continue exercise to go outside or using modern instruments in your home.

16. Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace Sitting Is The New Smoking Study

You need to be more active and less of a couch potato. You are not a mute spectator in the world, you can understand everything. Remember that those who sit 3 hours or more per day watching tv are 64% more likely to die from heart disease.

17. Each extra hour of tv correlates to an 11% higher risk of death

Each extra hour of tv correlates to an 11% higher risk of death Health Risks Of Sitting At A Desk All Day

Are you a couch potato? Someone spent more time watching television greatly increased the change of dying early from a heart attack. Researchers found that each hour a day the average amount of TV people spent in front of television enhanced the risk of death from all causes by 11%.

18. The human body just wasn’t built to sit for long periods of time

The human body just wasn't built to sit for long periods of time Health Risks Of Sitting At A Desk All Day

Some person on a daily basis they simply shift from one chair to another chair. If someone has a healthy body weight, sitting disease fact for long periods of time still has an unhealthy influence on their blood sugar as well as blood facts. As I know human fitness doesn’t become reality through magic; it comes through hard work.

19. People Weren’t Overweight

People Weren't Overweight Sitting Is The New Smoking Infographic

A hundred years before people weren’t overweight when they were all out working in the field and toiling in the factory. As human beings, they were perfect weight with fitness.

20. People Need Exercise

People Need Exercise Sitting Is The New Smoking Cdc

The image shows the increasing trend of couch potato people stays long periods of time in front of the TV. Current studies are now mentioning that in order to remain healthy you must minimize sitting time while still exercising and eating healthy. If someone misses any of those, the other two will not make up for it.

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