The World’s Most Famous Real-Life Cyborgs

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Humans are like machines but like machines, they are not built with wires, gears, devices.

What will happen if we are fitted with machines’ power to gain more capability? Would you like to be someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator?

If the answer is yes then you have to wait for future technology.

The technology to achieve something like that hasn’t been developed yet but these 20 most famous Real-Life Cyborgs ‘ photos will definitely show you the way.

Here Are The World’s Most Famous Real-Life Cyborgs

1. Cameron Clapp

Cameron Clapp World's Most Famous Real Life Cyborgs

At the age of 14, Cameron Clapp was hit by a high-speed freight train and unfortunately lost his both leg and an arm.

He underwent extensive rehabilitation and mastered independent walking only five months after the accident.

He fitted himself as real-life cyborgs with a series of advanced prosthetic limbs controlled by his brain with the help of a microprocessor.

As an amputee, he has become an amputee activist. He is also an actor and athlete.

2. Claudia Mitchell

Claudia Mitchell

When Claudia Mitchell had a motorcycle accident, she lost an arm.

Later her lost arm was replaced with a bionic arm and thus she became the first woman to be outfitted with a bionic arm.

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3. Dawn O’Leary

Dawn O’Leary World's Most Famous Real Life Cyborgs

After being electrocuted, she lost both her arms. She was then fitted with prosthetic arms called i-limb and it acts just like the real arm.

4. Dr. Stuart Meloy’s patients

Dr. Stuart Meloy’s patients

In 1998 Dr. Stuart Meloy conducted an experiment on implanting electrodes into women’s spines as a treatment of chronic pain. At that time he accidentally invented a way to instigate his patients to have orgasms artificially. He called the device the “Orgasmatron”. It helped the women to experience orgasm who have never had it before.

5. Gordon the Robot

Gordon the Robot

Robot Gordon was introduced in 2008 and the leader of the team which created Gordon was a real-life cyborg, named Dr. Kevin Warwick. But Gordon was not a customary robot as it was controlled by living brain tissue.

6. Human Universal Load Carrier

Human Universal Load Carrier
Human Universal Load Carrier is an hydraulic-powered anthropomorphic exoskeleton. It is intended to assist soldiers in combat carry a load of up to 200 pounds.

7. Jerry Jalava

Jerry Jalava World's Most Famous Real Life Cyborgs

Computer programmer Jerry Jalava lost his ring finger in a motorcycle accident and replaced it with a USB drive.

He built a special prosthetic finger to use as additional computer storage for his photos movies and other useful files.

The prosthetic looked like a normal finger but Jerry could peel it back from the nail and plug it in the USB slot of his computer.

8. Jesse Sullivan

Jesse Sullivan

After being electrocuted electrician Jesse Sullivan had to have both his arms amputated at the shoulder.

His arms were replaced with bionic arms which were connected through nerve-muscle grafting.

This made him one of the first non-fictional cyborg of history.

9. Kevin Warwick

Kevin Warwick

A professor of cybernetics at the University of Reading, Kevin Warwick is the founder of Project Cyborg.

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He uses himself as a guinea pig and experimenting on different electronic implants since 1998.

By installing a microchip in his arm he can operate doors, lights, heaters and other computers remotely as he moved from room to room.

10. Michael Chorost

Michael Chorost
At the age of 30, Michael Chorost became completely deaf. However, he had partially restored his hearing when he had a computer surgically implanted in his cranium and he had his other ear implanted in 2007.

11. Miika Terho

Miika Terho

At the age of 35, Miika lost his vision. an epoch-making surgery left him implanted with a light-sensitive microchip which acts as a substitute for a retina and which got connected to his optic nerve.

12. Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson was the first man in the world with an antenna implanted in his skull. He is the first one who was legally recognized by the government as a real-life cyborg.

His WiFi-enabled antenna sends audible vibrations in his skull to send information to him.

13. Nigel Ackland

Nigel Ackland

After suffering a serious crush injury of his right forearm Nigel Ackland decided to have an elective trans-radial amputation.

Later Nigel fitted himself with a be-bionic3 hand. Now he can grip even a very delicate object and  He can do an everyday task like driving, typing, shopping and washing his hands with his bionic hand.

14. Mechanical heart

At Harvard, University Scientists joined rat heart cells with transistors and wires to monitor tissue’s electrical impulses. In this research, they found that mechanical instruments can control the tissue’s behavior.

15. Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius

The former South-African sprint runner lost him both legs below the knees when he was only 11 months old.

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Later he was fitted with suitable racing blades. He was one of the athletes to compete at both the Paralympic Games and the Olympic Games.

16. Rat Borg

Rat Borg World's Most Famous Real Life Cyborgs

Cybernetics researcher Kevin Warwick and his team have been working on creating neural networks that would be able to control machines and at last, they placed a rat’s brain within a machine which can change direction and moves according to the instruction coming from the brain.

17. Rob Spence

Rob Spence

At the age of 13, Rob Spence lost his eye after a gun accident.  He has fitted a prosthetic eye with a video camera embedded in it.

This eye was not connected to his brain but he could glance and blink with it. Later he replaced him as a real-life cyborg with a camera eye and has already used different prototypes.

18. SixthSense Wearer

SixthSense Wearer

The sixth sense is a gesture-based computer system. Here individual project information onto an object with the hand gestures.

A camera is used to take input and nearby objects are used as display screens.

19. Stelios Arcadiou

Stelios Arcadiou

A Cyprus born performance artist Stelarc believes that the human body is obsolete.

He focused on extending the capabilities of the human body and so in 2007 he had a cell-cultivated artificial ear surgically attached to his left arm.

He also showed a performance with a robotic third arm and spider-like a six-legged walking machine.

20. Steve Mann

Steve Mann

A Canadian researcher and inventor, Dr. Mann is well known for his work on augmented reality.

He designed a headset that is connected with a number of tiny computers through which he can record video and audio and play it.

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