List Of 20 Foods That Cause Gas And Bloating

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Gas production is a very common genre in our everyday life with foods and you could also say it as belching, burping, and in other names.

Maybe this could be the start but that can cause serious health issues as well. This could also bring social embarrassment and the person can feel very uncomfortable in many situations.

You need to cure this problem if you have reached this. One of the causes of this problem is diet!

We have arranged short descriptions with pictures of 20 things that can cause gas and you need to think about these before taking. You can avoid this food before attending any social occasions. So, here we go:

1. Banana


Talking about bananas, this food is not as gas-producing as other foods, but don’t be that fool, they still can and do produce gas.

As you research you can know, bananas contain soluble fiber and fructose, and they both can cause flatulence! when they broke down the incident could happen.

2. Apple


Bananas and Apples are almost the same, apples also contain fructose which is hard to digest. Many doctors normally suggest that people who are suffering from bloating, they actually should avoid raw apples completely.

3. Celery


You must give thanks for its comparatively low calories, this food item is usually used for weight-loss fasts. Moreover, celery is likely a food item which can produce strong allergic reactions and the carbohydrates of itself can also cause critical conditions.

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4. Cabbage


Do you know, Cabbage is known to be a good source of vitamin K, dietary fiber, and vitamin K which is usually known beneficial to us?. Cabbage also contains trisaccharide raffinose, this is the thing that our intestines cannot properly digest.

5. Oat bran

Oat bran

This is very common for producing gas! Oat Bran is the outer layer of oat grain usually. Though It is rich in dietary fiber and essential fatty acids and contains substantial amounts of, protein, starch, minerals., and vitamins.

6. Mushrooms


You can say that mushrooms are not gas-friendly all the time. We all know that mushrooms are popular all over the world. As they are very low in cholesterol and if you know they include many antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, and proteins.

7. Onion


Here we are talking about Onions, which contain a good amount of flavonoids and phenolics which have possible anti-cancer, anti-cholesterol, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Although, it will be a mistake if you eat onions before a date. You must have a strong distinctive breath, which will embarrass yourself by farting urgently.

8. Fruit drinks

Fruit drinks

Yes, who can say? something healthy like a fruit drink can give you an experience of bad gas. Expressly those, which are flavored with the fructose.

9. Broccoli


This food item contains some indegriants that are hard-to-digest.  Many of us know that broccoli is the essence of healthy eating because this vegetable is high in fibers, carotenoids, vitamins,  and some other nutrients which are beneficial.

10. Ice cream

Ice cream

We all love this delicious food and why wouldn’t we? Simply watch out! Lactose in dairy foods is a very common problem of flatulence and that can be also evidence of lactose intolerance.

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11. Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprout is an item which can cause serious bad gas problems. If you love this item, then you should know, brussels sprout soup is a healthy and delicious item but surely this is not something you should eat before an outing with your friends.

12. Fatty food

Fatty food

This is yummy with a tomato sauce! something pan or deep-fried along with gravies, pastries, fatty meats, sauces or rich creams are something could lead you to gas.

13. Beans


Do you know, Beans are generally regarded as the worst flatulence item?  Beans cause extremely offensive gas because it contains a un-breakable sugar – oligosaccharide. Therefore, it could be risky for you to eat.

14. Cauliflower


This food is high in folate, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and water.  Cauliflower comes from the same species as Brussels, broccoli,  cabbage or sprouts. This contains the same features when you are talking about flatulence.

15. Raisins


This is something you may not think, raisins can convince some really strong things that could cause gas.  Raisins contain fructose, which is a monosaccharide sugar which can cause critical gassy moment.

16. Garlic


As we know garlic is comparatively low in carbohydrates and fiber but garlic does hold glycogens that your body could find difficult when digesting.

This happen when the starches don’t break down until they hit the large intestine, and they could cause a gas problem.

17. Watermelon


This fruit contains more than 90% water, But this smoothy item could treat your body stomach bloat. It is the same as with other fruits like fructose.

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Here is a fact that watermelons could be dangerous in terms of eating as much as several pounds of watermelon in one sitting and that cause gas problem.

18. Pistachios


Like some other almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc, pistachios are perfectly rich in nutrients, notwithstanding, which are the very same nutrients that our digestive system can find very hard hen breaking down. This is how you could go through an obnoxious bad gas.

19. Peas


When you eat a load of raw peas this could be a confirmed way to have severe bad gas and stomach problems. These are high in fructans and polyols, that also hold galactooligosaccharides, which is a chain of sugars that are hard when it comes to digest.

20. Scallions


These veggies have strong flavors and aromas like onion or garlic, these are also full of fructans. When we require the necessary enzymes to fully digest scallions, if you eat this too much this could bring some serious problems.

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