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Joe Namath Net Worth 2023

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Are you a Football Fan? Have you heard the name of the footballer Joe Namath?

He is a retired American footballer and actor , professionally known as “Broadway Joe”, and a quarterback in his football playing position. 

Joe Namath’s net worth is almost $25 million, as of 2021. He is one of the most versatile athletes who worked very hard to achieve success. After retirement, he worked in a number of shows becoming a host, a sportsperson, a spokesman and an established actor.

Now, let’s get to know about this dynamic man briefly.

Early Life and Education 

Joseph William Namath , popularly recognized as Joe Namath was born on 31th of May, 1943. Namath was raised in the Lower End area of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, which is 30 miles (50 kilometers) northwest of Pittsburgh, United States of America.

He was raised by his mother after the separation of his parents. He attended Beaver Falls High School and was good at football, baseball and basketball. 

Though he was more interested in baseball, Namath chose to pursue football because of his mother’s wish. Previously, he enrolled in “University of Maryland” but eventually received a full scholarship in the “University of Alabama” and completed his graduation from there.


After Namath’s injury during the Vietnam war, he then joined the “New York Jets”. He was picked 12th in the NFL Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals, and first in the AFL Draft by the New York Jets.

Following Namath’s debut on the cover of Sports in 1965, Sherman Plunkett nicknamed him “Broadway Joe”.

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He played his best game in Super Bowl III, defeating the Baltimore Colts .He was named “Super Bowl MVP” after making it to the eight passes for 133 yards to one guy (George Sauer).Later, he also accomplished more victories in his career.

He also tried his career in acting . He even performed in some television series and movies .He is also a renowned host and a spokesperson.

Award and Recognition 

Namath won a lot of awards as a  recognition of his hard work. He won the “Second-team All-AFL”, “AFL Most Valuable Player” and “AFL passing yards leader”,  not once, but twice.

In 1965, he was also awarded as the “Rookie of the year”. From 1967-1969, he won the “AFL all star award” successively. He was also in the first team for both the league’s “All AFL” and “AFL champion” in 1968.

Asset, House and Car 

Joe Namath bought the “Kehoe Mansion” for $80,000 in the 1980s. This red brick mansion is in Savannah and famous for its Queen Anne retrieval themed structure.

Namath’s initial plan was to convert this architectural  beauty into a nightclub. But the neighbors opposed the proposal, so he had to change the plan. After some time, He decided to repair it and then he resold the property for $530,000.

According to the reports, Joe owned a “69 Dodge Charger” that is worth around $46,500 for the manual transmission version and $ 57,105 for the automatic version.

Income Detail and Net Worth 

From a decade-long career in football, Namath earned quite a lot of money. As of 2021, this retired American athlete has a net worth of almost $25 million.

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The main source of his income is from playing football, having the prize money and also from some other miscellaneous sources. 

When he used to play for “St. Louis Cardinals” and “New York Jets” for a salary of $200,000 at that time. As a rookie, his contract with the New York Jets was for three years and that helped him acquire almost $427,000. Annually, his salary was almost $142,000.

Joe Nmath : At A glance

Full NameJoseph William Namath 
Date of Birth31th of May, 1943
Birth PlaceBeaver Falls, Pennsylvania, USA
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Age78 years old
Height6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
ProfessionFootball player,Actor
Net Worth$25 million 


What is Joe Namath’s current net worth?

Ans. Joe Namath, a retired American football quarterback has a net worth of $25 million.

Why is there no news about Joe Namath?

Ans. Namath resides in Florida and avoids the spotlight. Years ago, he gave up broadcasting because he wanted to spend his time with his family playing golf.

Joe Namath has how many Super Bowl rings?

Ans. Joe Namath has one Super Bowl rings in his career.

How many children does Joe have?

Ans. Joe Namath has two children Olivia Namath and Jessica Namath with his wife Deborah Mays .

What are the nicknames given to Joe Namath?

Ans. The nicknames given Joe Namath are Broadway Joe, Joe Willie and The Hungarian Howitzer.


Though Joe declared an early retirement, he later returned to football. By the meantime, he also established himself as an amazing actor and television host.

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His hard work and dedication made him a star in the history of football. 

However, Joe Namath’s net worth proves his dedication, diligence and passion towards playing football  certainly brought him a great fortune.

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