20 Interesting Facts About Human Body

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Sometimes we are seen by Guinness Books of World Records, many people focused on their body structure.  Maximum the records are pretty different. They would famous for their height, ages, length and so on. Again Some records are totally different. The records need talent, preparation, and determination. Here are the most 20 interestin facts about the Human body.

Here Are The 20 Interesting Facts About Human Body

1. 50 Marathons, 50 Days, 50 States

50 Marathons, 50 Days, 50 States

50 marathons in 50 states in 50 running days began with the Lewis and Clark Marathon in St. Louis on September 17, 2006. And it is finished with the New York City Marathon on November 5, the same year. And Dean Karnazes overcame and touch the finished line the final Marathon.

2. A Huge Mouth

A Huge Mouth

How many straws could you hold in your mouth? About 100 or more? But I could give you some information that is really amazed you. Simon Elmore who took the first Guinness Books of World Records to take 400 bendy straws for 10 seconds in his mouth in 2009. But Now it is past, Recently Indian’s Manoj Kumar has just broken the records to hold the 459 straws in his mouth.

3. Amazing fingers

Amazing fingers Interesting Facts About Human Body

Thirty snaps per second! Do you think that it is possible? If your answer is ‘no’. Then I assure you that is possible. And It is done by Bobby Badfingers. Even, he won the Guinness Books of World Records. Now he establishes himself as the entertainment business.

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4. An Arctic Marathon

An Arctic Marathon

26 world record! Have you ever heard the name of Wim Hof? He is also known as the Ice Man. Do you know why he was famous? Your answer would be for 26 world records. But ‘no’. He was famous for a marathon in the Arctic within minus 29 degrees Celsius without hold shirt.

5. Balancing Cars

Balancing Cars

Another stranger over the world, He is called the professional head balancer. Do you hear his name? John Evans, He was able to balance near 159 kilograms (352 pounds) cooper on his head for thirty seconds without helping of hands.

6. Balancing Spoons

Balancing Spoons Interesting Facts About Human Body

We know that only magnate can hold and balance the iron spoons. But If I say the man also can balance it. Do you believe then? Etibar Elchiyev, in 2011 broke the world record for most spoons balanced on a human body. He managed to secure about fifty spoons around his chest and neck.

7. Breaking Chains

Breaking Chains

Hercules is the characters of the film and he was famous among the teenager for his extraordinary power in the movie. But in the real world, a Hercules was found. Pierre Gasnier, He was called the French Hercules. Do you know why he was called Hercules? He lifts a dumbbell double his weight and break an iron chain tied over his chest. He was famous for his ability of these.

8. Cannonball Catcher

Cannonball Catcher

Cannonball and John Holtum are so much related of one another. He can catch weighty cannonballs fired by his assistant. It was so risky that he also lost some fingers by the process.

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9. Getting Pierced

Getting Pierced Interesting Facts About Human Body

Do you scare to pierced any parts of your body? The answer will be, maybe. But Kam Ma had 1015 metal rings in his whole body. But how? He just broke the world record within 8 hours to pierce his body in a single session.

10. Iron Tongue

Iron Tongue Interesting Facts About Human Body

What do you mean by Iron tongue? An actual, Iron tongue is not like that as usual we think. It is the human tongue but very special. How much weight do our tongue would pick up normally? You will be amazed to hear the information. 12 kg! It was possible by Thomas Blackthorne that was attached to a hook in his mouth.

11. Lifting SUVs

Lifting SUVs

Chris Hickman is a firefighter of Florida got world’s attention while he lifted a Chevy leader of it’strapped passenger with bare hands and save the whole day.

12. Pulling A Helicopter With Your Ear

Pulling A Helicopter With Your Ear

By pulling a 7734-kilogram military helicopter, Lasha Pataraia got the world record. It is made by himself just using his left ear. The former wrestling champion pulled the chopper for surprising twenty seconds.

13. Pulling Airplanes With Wheelchairs

Pulling Airplanes With Wheelchairs

A new Guinness World Record was done by a team of people in wheelchairs. A C130 cargo aircraft, the heaviest plane which weights about 67 tons,  pulled over 1000 meters by the people in Wheelchairs on May 29 in 2011 at a military airport near Brussels.

14. Super Grandma

Super Grandma Interesting Facts About Human Body

Sakinat Khnapiyeva is the stronger grandma in the world. Why we can call her stronger granma? Because at the age of 76, she can break twists steel rods, horseshoes even she lifts 50 pounds dumbbells. She announced that she invented her strength as her 10 years old even she moved a 299 kg barrel of grain.

15. Tattoos Everywhere

Tattoos Everywhere

Tattoos are now a fashion all over the world. If tattoos are covered the whole of your body, then how could you be looked? Then you can look the tattooed women which name is Julia Gnuse. Whose all but 95% body covered with tattoos. She recognized the Guinness World Records by drawing tattoos on her body.

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16. The ‘Fartiste’

The ‘Fartiste’ Interesting Facts About Human Body

Pujol was The highest-paid performer in Paris, was Joseph Pujol. He is popularly known as Le Petoman. He is famous for controlling his farts as well as unoccupied muscles that helped him to imitate fire of cannon, sounds of animals even musical instrument.

17. The Human Lightning Rod

The Human Lightning Rod

Roy Cleveland Sullivan is a man of Human Lighting Conductor. He is also known as Human Lighting Rod. He is the person of recognizing Guniess World Records for seven lightning strikes within the ages of 30 and 65.

18 The Spiderman

The Spiderman

The Spiderman is famous in the artificial world or film world. We all know the movie’s Spiderman but a few of us would know the human Spider. Anyway, His name is Alain Robert. He can climb a very tall building without any climbing equipment. The Eiffel tower in Paris, the Sydney Opera House were climbed by him.

19. Unconventional Balloon-popping

Unconventional Balloon-popping Interesting Facts About Human Body

A contortionist, named Julia Gunthel got a faster record to burst three balloons using her backs. By bending backward and put the balloons between her back thigh within just 12 seconds.

20. Underwater Adventure

Underwater Adventure Interesting Facts About Human Body

Below the surface of some water! If it is ten days, how would you be felt? However, Tim Yarrow set that record to spend 10 days underwater, in a tank in a South African mall. It was a globe record. These days, he faced numerous challenges among eating is one of them. He just ate a low diet food through the tube.

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