Top 20 Funniest Oscar Moments Of All Time

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The Academy Awards also are known as The Oscars, which is a set of awards to put the contribution in the film industry and the award given by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences by a voting methodology.

When you are able to see the biggest personalities in the world with so many expressions and to feel the joy of their works. Who doesn’t enjoy the Oscar nights? An Oscar has all these including laughing, crying, yelling and most importantly singing. Here is a list of 20 funniest Oscar moments of all time, you can see a bundle of expressions by these masters of the art. So, Let’s grab a look at the best moments of Oscar nights!

Here Are Most 20 Funniest Oscar Moments With Images

1. A moment bigger than Halle Berry (2002)

A moment bigger than Halle Berry (2002)

In 2002, during on her Oscar getting ceremony, Halle Berry The first woman of color to win the Academy Award said: “This moment is so much bigger than me”. She named the women behind this achievement  — Jada Pinkett, Angela Bassett, Vivica Fox.

Berry goes on the stage for her masterpiece act on “Monster’s Ball” performance and dedicated the award to “every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.”

2. A quiet thank you (1976)

A quiet thank you (1976)

After winning the best actress on “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”  Louise Fletcher got emotional and did a phenomenal job. She said “Thank you, mom and dad” in a sign language because her mother and father were deaf and guess what? During this funniest Oscar moment, everyone in the audience got tears in their eyes. The movie is way best as its best actress has done.

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3. Alfred Hitchcock honored (1967)

Alfred Hitchcock honored (1967)

Alfred Hitchcock was known as the master of suspense and never had won an Oscar before the academy decided him to give honor with Irving G.  And most dramatically his acceptance words are filled with only two eloquent “Thank you”.

4. Billy Crystal wheeled onto the stage as Hannibal (1992)

It was that curiosity that will drive you to watch this movie again.

Billy Crystal wheeled onto stage as Hannibal (1992)

In 1992, on the greatest stage of Oscar, the comedian came on a gurney by wheeling on stage by two men in doctor’s coats wearing a muzzle as Hannibal Lecter while music from the film “Silence of the Lambs” was playing.

Comedian or a Serial killer who do you prefer most to see now?

5. I do all my own stunts (2006)

I do all my own stunts (2006)

I do all my own stunts” after tripping over her dress with millions of people watching, she got slowly to the microphone and said very peacefully. Whoever had thought this could go absolutely perfect and people will admire as the funniest Oscar moment? well, she did something like that.

6. Jennifer Hudson (2007)

Jennifer Hudson (2007)

How all peoples can be proved wrong? Jennifer Hudson won the award for her performance in “Dream Girls” and nobody thought they would listen to the name again before this countless achievement of her life. After American Idol, it took two years of her glorious came back and blows the million.

7. Muhammad Ali vs Rocky Balboa (1976)

Muhammad Ali vs Rocky Balboa (1976)

What do you can see? Rocky Vs. Muhammad Ali! Sylvester Stallone needed to go down while presenting the award in 1976 when Muhammad Ali snuck up behind him and this ended up with a mock fight that obviously represents a true friendship.

Is it a piece of heartbroken news for rocky fans?

8. Oscars televised (1953)

Oscars televised (1953)

Do you know? Oscars weren’t always the huge ordeal as it seems today. Only Hollywood Royalty could have access to this. In 1953, telecasting of academy awards, it changed history. Nowadays with 57 million viewers tuned in, Oscar is the largest traffic gathering show all over the world.

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9. Palance pushups (1992)

Palance pushups (1992)

How will you describe an old monk with new strategies?  73-year-old Jack has done with the one-handed pushups and shows the world, that getting an Oscar is no more than to cry and laugh. The view has changed we must admit.

10. Sacheen Littlefeather (1973)

Sacheen Littlefeather (1973)

Marlon Brando was looked like a well dressed little girl when her name was announced at the stage of Oscar.  Evidently, the film industry was failing to treat Native Americans equitably so he hired an actress to let the industry know for making a master change. As she was a native Indian she approached her ways, much cooler than anyone else.

11. A sense of humor…fail (2005)

Sense of humor…fail (2005)

Chris Rock has pulled over Jude law for being every movie and not really have anything to show, all the people over there laughed because they expect their anchor to be funny during the show.  When Sean Penn took the stage to present his award he came to Jude’s defense by claiming he’s one the best actors of our time. Isn’t it funny to hear the vertebrae rubbing against each other in Chris Rock’s neck and shaking his head after he sat down?

12. Sidney Poitier makes history (1963)

Sidney Poitier makes history (1963)

Field Sidney was the first black man to win an Oscar. A whole new era of the film has begun with this and he also got a brilliant get through in Hollywood. Many peoples whether they are black or white inspired by him, although he was a great actor.

13. The Silence of the Lambs (1992)

Silence of the Lambs (1992)

Scary movies can do well in academy awards if you see Silence of the Lambs, which has broken this thought. Do you know what this film did? It actually won all 5 awards. It had done before by only two movies, these are One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and It Happened One Night.

14. Sorry, Frank, we meant Frank (1933)

Sorry Frank, we meant Frank (1933)

In 1933 Academy awards there was a bit problem with the host and it had to pay a long roll. Will Rogers was the anchor and as soon as the name, Frank Capra jumped over the stage and want to collect his award for the movie Lady for a Day. The problem was there happened funniest Oscar moments, like another Frank and unfortunately, the Award was for him. The whole situation goes embarrassed.

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15. Spielberg wins (1994)

Spielberg wins (1994)

Steven had certainly prior himself as received many nominations to act like a perfect person and back then he got the popularity of a huge fan base. But the masterpiece was yet to hit the market and Schindler’s list he might as well have handed himself the great Oscar.

16. The aisle is there for a reason (1998)

The aisle is there for a reason (1998)

The movie name was “Life is Beautiful“, for a stunning performance Robert Begnigni wins his first academy awards and came up to stage. Then he waved his hand to the peoples and the seen was so heavenly. You still can find the moment in youtube and enjoy the joy.

17. The British are coming! (1981)

The British are coming! (1981)

Chariots of Fire! this outstanding movie has won SEVEN Oscars in a single event in its heyday. When Colin Welland collects his prize and the best screenplay “The British are coming” and its break the barrier of cinemas of Britain to win Academy Award from 30 years!

18. The green screen (2006)

The green screen (2006)

Ben Stiller was awarded in 2006 for the “Best Achievement in Visual Effects” category and it was gone very popular as he said “Tonight, I am presenting the award for excellence in visual effects. Or should I say, thanks to the miracle of green screen technology, my disembodied head is?

19. Vanessa Redgrave gets booed (1978)

Vanessa Redgrave gets booed (1978)

Vanessa was being protested against outside by the Jewish Defense League for supporting Palestine while giving her acceptance speech for the movie “Julia”. It was the funniest Oscar moment and she made it just calmer more than it demands by her approach.

20. Will and Steve (2006)

Will and Steve (2006)

This reward was given for Best Makeup and the two best duos Will and Steve was there to receive this with makeups! they used to do. At the stage, they said it looked good then as it was before.

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