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Franklin Graham Net Worth 2023

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“Christianity is a religion of peace, those who seek happiness in life must help people and do good things”- this is the motto of an American preacher Franklin Graham.

Franklin wanted to share his knowledge with all through his humanitarian works and deeds. Heeventually did it.

Franklin Graham’s net worth accumulated to approximately $12 million. Let’s talk about him while learning more about the deep roots of Christianity.

Early Life and Education 

William Franklin Graham was born in Asheville in North Carolina on 14th  July, 1952. 

His father was Billy Graham, a well-known Christian evangelist and his mother was Ruth Graham, an author. His elementary education was in a Christian private school named ‘The Stony Brook School’. But he dropped out early from there, and completed his high school education from North Carolina.

At the age of 21, Graham went on a six-week tour to Asia with Bob Pierce who is the founder of Samaritan’s Purse. At first, he attended LeTourneau College but later, he was transferred to ‘Montreat Anderson College’. 

He also studied at ‘Appalachian State University’ for a few years to get his B.A degree. 


Graham was appointed in Tempe, Arizona by the Grace Community Church in 1982. 

After Pierce’s demise in 1979, he assumed the presidency of Samaritan’s Purse. Graham was ordained in the ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’ as a vice president in 1995, following the post of CEO in the year 2000.

Throughout Graham’s life, he was such a person who strongly believed in Jesus, seeking people to convert to Christian faith, especially preaching.

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He also developed a career on political commentary later . He was a Republiacan until 2015, but after that, he started to support the independent party.

Award and Recognition 

Franklin Graham is believed to be a true Christian by his faith and depth of  knowledge about Jesus. He received worldwide apprentices who admire and follow him.

His soothing voice, confidence and preaching methods brought him a huge fan following. People love to attend his councils, speeches as they reported, that make them feel close to God.

Asset, House and Car 

Franklin and his wife Jane spent most of their time on a farm in Boon, which is located in the suburbs of Northern Carolina. He loves his work in his father’s organization as well as his own.

Franklin always wanted to keep his personal life away from the spotlight. However, it is reported that his family is currently living somewhere near North Carolina, but the exact location is not known. His lifestyle and car collection are not disclosed to the public.

Income Detail and Net Worth 

Franklin Graham indeed has a great fortune. He made quite a good amount of money from his preaching job and also his missionary services. His net worth is almost $12 million dollars as of August, 2021.

He was the highest paid employee of Samaritan’s Purse in 2014. He earned almost $622,252 per year at that time. He did not withdraw his salary during the crucial time of economic downturn. But the leaders were so grateful to him that they persuaded him to continue having retirement contributions as his salary. 

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He was once in a controversy of receiving twice salary from both of his organizations ‘Samaritan’s Purse’ and ‘Billy Graham Evangelistic Association’.

Franklin Graham :At A glance

Real NameWilliam Franklin Graham III 
Popular NameFranklin Graham
Date of BirthJuly 14, 1952
Birth PlaceAsheville, North Carolina
Eye ColorBlack
Height173 cm
Weight89 kg
SpouseJane Cunningham ​
Professionevangelical evangelist, missionary
Zodiac signSagittarius
Net worth12 million

Social Media Popularity

Franklin is a popular evangelist and he is active on almost all the social media platforms. 

According to statistics on 7th May 2020, Graham has 2.3M followers on Twitter. He tweets about his faith and beliefs on Christianism and and his strong opinion on various current issues such as homosexual conversion therapy, president Barak Obama, in support of the Iraq War etc.

He has facebook followers of almost 9.7M and Instagram followers of 1.2 M. He also receives a generous amount of money from these platforms that he donates or gives to charity(once stated in an interview). 


What are Franklin Graham’s thought about Islam?

Ans. Graham is a fanatic believer of Christianism. He often made sarcastic and hardliner comments about Islam in many of his speeches. For this kind of behaviour, he was once forced to rescind his activity on ‘Good Friday’ at ‘Pentagon’.

How old is Franklin Graham?

Ans. Franklin Graham is 69 years old.

Did Franklin Graham support homosexuality?

Ans. Referencing to a text from bible , Franklin once stated that homosexuality is a sin. He was also against the conversion therapy proposal. 

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Is Franklin Graham married?

Ans. Franklin Graham is married to Jane Cunningham ​with whom he has four children. 


As a religious upholder, people really love and admire Franklin Graham. He worked for many organizations in his life and finally regained his peace in God. 

Franklin Graham’s net worth is just a number to him. In an interview this humble man stated that the seeking of God’s path, the urge to help others in need always gives him immense pleasure and joy. 

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