20 Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know About

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Steve Jobs once said that “Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people“. Steve Jobs was an American inventor who played the main role in the success of Apple Computer. His invention spread a revolution all over the world not only in the technology sector but also in the individual of person. The man loved to hide, here some information about him that you maybe don’t know. You will be surprised to know the information. Here are 20 Facts About Steve Jobs, You Didn’t Know About.

Here Are The 20 Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know About

1. Studied Calligraphy

Studied Calligraphy Facts About Steve Jobs

After dropping out of Reed College, he normally lost the opportunity to take the normal classes. Then he decided to learn to calligraphy about serif and sans serif typefaces. He used the skills, the beautiful typography in his first computer after 10 years to learn.

2. Became a Buddhist

Became a Buddhist

Buddhism was a significant influence on Steve Jobs’s life. When he went to India to meet Neem Karoli Baba, but the absence of the Hindu Baba. He met the Buddist Monk and heavily influenced by religion.

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3. Didn’t give to charity

Didn’t give to charity Facts About Steve Jobs

When Steve Jobs was alive, he was occasionally criticized for not being charitable like competitor Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Steve never focused his view on charity clear and it is certainly undeniable that he made an impression on the world.

4. Dropped out of college

Dropped out of college

In early life, Steve Jobs was dropped out of Reed College. Later, in the speech of Standford Jobs took it clear why he dropped out of the College. So, Facts about Steve Jobs’ drop out from Reed college is too much tuition fees that are unbearable to his parents, that’s why he dropped out himself from the college.

5. Had a fling with Joan Boaz

Had a fling with Joan Boaz Facts About Steve Jobs

Joan Baez was an American singer and songwriter as well as folk musician who dated Steve Jobs during the early 1980s. It was one of the most secret information about Steve Jobs’s early life.

6. Half-Syrian


Steve Jobs was the adopted son of Paul Jobs and Clara Hagopian. His biological father was Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian citizen. So He also a citizen of Half-Syrian by birth.

7. Laurene Powell Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know About

Laurene Powell Jobs was the wife of Steve Jobs they married in 1991. Laurene is the American businesswoman executive and the founder of Emerson Collective. She was appointed by President Obama to be a member of the White House Council for Community Solution for her active involvement in the nonprofit community. 

8. Legal Dispute with Apple Corp

Legal Dispute with Apple Corp

A trademark dispute between Apple Corps by The Beatles and the technology manufacture Apple Inc. The high court of justice gave the verdict in favor of Apple Computer in 2006, but they could not be announced until February 2007.

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9. Lied to Wozniak

Lied to AWozniak Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak was an American programmer and co-founder of Apple Computer with Steve Jobs. Once working on Atari game Breakout, Steve told Wozniak that he received only $700 though apple gave him $5,000.

10. Loved the Beatles

Loved the Beatles

Beatles were an English Rock Band which was most favorite of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs once invited the Beatles to join the iTunes Music Store. The members of the Beatles were George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney.

11. Offered an HP internship in 8th grade

Offered an HP internship in 8th grade

Steve Jobs has a history with HP. As Kid Steve Jobs would attend local lecturer put on by Hewlett Packard. Within a few lectures, Steve approached William Hewlett because he needed computer parts for a project. A great Steve Jobs fact impressed by the project, he offered him an internship on the spot. 


Pescetarian Facts About Steve Jobs Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs had a strange eating habit. He did not eat any meat. He was a pescetarian as well as he had some unconventional health habits.

13. Produced Toy Story

Produced Toy Story

By signing with Disney, he led the spark that led to movies like Finding Memo, The WALL-E, The Incredibles etc. He dominated the animation industry but Toy story was a personal effort as he was Execute Producer.

14. Saved Pixar

Saved Pixar Facts About Steve Jobs

Pixar is an American Animation Studio. The Pixar, Chief Financial Officer, received a call from Steve Jobs and get an offer from him. Steve Jobs signed with Pixar to help financially support and saved it.

15. Took a $1 salary

Took a $1 salary

After twelve years of absence in 1997, when Steve Jobs return to Apple as CEO, the company was really struggling that’s why he took $1 salary from the company from 1997 to 2011 and others money back into the company for investing in the future. 

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16. Used LSD

Used LSD

Steve Jobs used LSD ( one kind of hallucinogenic drug) for indulging. It was just a piece of unknown Steve Jobs facts in history. If though he was announced boldly that LSD was one of the ‘two or three most important things’ in his life.

17. Used to be homeless

Used to be homeless

The present Steve Jobs whom we know was not the same situation as the present. Once he said that he slept on the floor in his friend’s room, he would walk seven miles across on Sunday to get one good meal a week. 

18. Was a hippie

Was a hippie Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know About

Steve Jobs traveled in India in Early life to meet with Hindu Guru. But unfortunately, he met a Buddhist monk. After returning from India he changed his lifestyle that’s why many people called him a hippie. If though It has no proper information in the facts about Steve Jobs. Later considered as it was one of the secrets of his life. 

19. Was adopted

Was adopted Facts About Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know About

The biological parents of Steve Jobs were Joanne Carole, an American and Abdulfattah Jandali, a Syrian. Because of some internal matters of the marriage of his parents, Steve was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara. 

20. Went to India to find spiritual enlightenment

Went to India to find spiritual enlightenment

Steve Jobs traveled to India to visit a Hindu guru, Neem Karoli Baba in 1974 with his roommate. After reach there, they invented that the Hindu guru was no more, he had passed away begging of the year. He was returned after seven months of his arrival, put on the traditional Indian Clothes.

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