20 Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

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Jobs may refer to an activity or task which involves physical as well as a mental endeavor that aims to achieve something. Jobs is a part and parcel of human life. Everybody has to work for themselves to survive or represent themselves as important in front of others. There have different kinds of jobs sector available in the world, some of jobs sectors really dangerous and life risk. Here are the 20 most extremely dangerous jobs for you.

Here Are The 20 Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

1. Firefighters

Firefighters Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Beside noble and virtuous, Firefighters job is also regarded as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Though firefighters are well trained up to rescue the people in the fire situations, it sometimes can fall them in most injuries and burns them their body. Even it can take their life forever.

2. High-rise Window Cleaners

High-rise Window Cleaners is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

High-rise Window Cleaners life is always in danger. They have to work in deadly conditions. Any chilly mistakes or sincereness can fall them bottom. It is a life risk job where people work only to survive themselves and their family.

3. Mechanic


The mechanic is a specially skilled person whose main role to build or repair machinery. The mechanics have mostly specialized their own field like automobile fields, aircraft fields, air conditioning, armed services and so on. The job of mechanics is the most dangerous one because of its heavy machinery, harmful fuel as well as long working hours.

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4. Merchant Mariners

Merchant Mariners is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Merchant Mariners are normally involved with transporting cargo and passengers through the sea. The seafaring job is one of the top dangerous occupations. The workers stay in the sea month after month without seeing the land. They always survive to fight against the exhausts environment and mental depression of them.

5. Millers

Millers Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Millers are the person who normally related to operating a machine to grind cereal crop to make flour. The jobs of grain handling probably are not so dangerous but the job can die a worker within 60 seconds by suffocation.

6. Miners

Miners is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

The worker of Mining or miners is fall not only in physical and life danger but also in mental dangers. They have to work under the surface where they can not get an opportunity to see the sun, as well as feel suffocation lacking oxygen which can create respiratory illness of them.

7. Oil and Gas Crew

Oil and Gas Crew

Oil and Gas Grew’s life is extremely dangerous because they have to climb numerous feet into the air to work with heavy machinery. They sometimes work in a narrow hole, under the ground where oxygen is not always available, sometimes work in the poisonous environment. So, the job is one of the dangerous one among the all dangerous jobs.

8. Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector

Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector

Refuse and Recyclable Material Collector would look like a dirty job. Actual is not, every job is equal by the side of its importance. Though the job is not actually dirty, it is one of the most dangerous jobs. The workers of the job can suffer unknown diseases because of its infection which can injure them even kill them.

9. Roofers

Roofers is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Roofers are generally a construction worker who works for constructing roof of building, repair or install using lots of materials. The job of them involved with climbing, heavy lifting as well as blending in extreme weather conditions which conditions and unconscious of mind can fall them.

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10. Security Guards

Security Guards is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Security Guards main role and responsibility is to protect assets, equipment, money, and people’s life from any danger crisis or from criminal activities. They always face the attacked first. Sometimes they protect and obey their responsibility by sacrificing their own life.

11. Slaughterhouse Workers

Slaughterhouse Workers

Slaughterhouse Workers work at high risk. The saw or knife of them is so sharp and speedy that any mistake can injure them in a short moment.

12. Structural and Steel Workers

Structural and Steel Workers

 Structural and Steel Worker’s job is most dangerous because of spreading debris from the raw materials and equipment that used in a factory. In a statistics of 2008, the total casualties of the profession were almost 47 out of 1,00,000 workers.

13. Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs

Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Between Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs have a little bit different. Taxi drivers are paid daily based by customers on the other hand Chauffeurs are paid conditionally. But the risk both of them are the same. The unconscious mind of them can accident anytime that turn themselves into death. Besides some road condition and heavy traffic can fall in the psychological problem.

14. Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Most of the roads accidents are involved with the trucks. The job of truck driving is a risky job in the world. Due to physical and mental tiredness and huge working hours, bad weather, the size of the trucks involves many accidents. The accidents increase more in the winter season because of snowy roads and foggy environment.

15. Zoo Keepers

Zoo Keepers is the Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Zoo Keepers are the persons who are generally responsible for feeding, maintaining, behavior observation, managing and daily care of the animals in a particular zoo. Any mistake or wrong step of them fall into life risk. So the workers have to always sincere to work.

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16. Cement and Concrete Manufacturers

Cement and Concrete Manufacturers

In Cement and Concrete Manufacturers, the risk involved with every step its process. Maximum the workers of the job suffer in respiratory illness. The raw materials of the cement and manufactures mixed calcium hydroxide and calcium oxide which is most fatal to breathe for the workers. The fatal materials can damage their lunge forever and turn into them to death.

17. Coast Guard Search and Rescue

Coast Guard Search and Rescue

A Coast Guard is a coastal security organization of a specific country. The main role and responsibility of the coast guards are searching and rescue of people, the safety of vessels, maintain of seamarks. The organization is like navy but they are volunteer-based. The job is most dangerous even life risk when they work in distance area during natural disasters.

18. Construction Workers

Construction Workers Most Extremely Dangerous Jobs

Construction Workers are the professional laborer who is related to work physically in construction sectors. The Job is most dangerous because of using risky materials, power tools and for heavy machinery. As well as they work in busy roads, the top of the biggest building site, underground tunnels etc. That’s why their life is always in danger.

19. Electrical Power Lines and Repairman

Electrical Power Lines and Repairmen

Electrical Power Lines and Repairman works in a highly dangerous environment. Firstly the workstation of them is normally on a high narrow tower or poles, secondly, they work with high voltage power lines. Any unconscious mistakes can murder them easily. It would be by shocked or from falling the towers.

20. Farmer and Ranchers

Farmer and Ranchers

Farmer and Ranchers are working in the field to grow the crops and various types of raw materials of natural foods. The job is simple and easiest but it is one of the dangerous occupations. Lack of knowledge to drive modern farming machine can occur accident. The ray of sun can cause skin cancer. Even snake can bite them.

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