20 Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances

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We can express our emotions like anger, joy, sadness or pain in an artistic and meaningful way through the dance.

Dance is being performed for some ritual, to celebrate or to commemorate. No doubt dance is a popular art form and let’s explore some interesting cultural dances from around the world.

Here in this article, we have discussed 20 amazing different types of cultural dances around the world and you will have a perfect virtual tour about the passion of dancing.

Here Are The 20 Traditional Dances With Images

1. Aerial Dance

Aerial Dance Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances

Aerial dance is a dance form that incorporates an apparatus often attached to the ceiling.

This lets the performers explore space in three dimensions. This form is very popular in the live show.

This dance was first recognized as an amazing cultural dance in the United States, 1970 and many attracted by many people.

2. Ballet

Ballet Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances Traditional Dances

Ballet is a popular dance form that evolved during the Italian Renaissance courts in the 15th century.

Known for its beauty and grace later this form was adopted in concert.

This is a type of performance dance that was originated from the  Italian Renaissance in the fifteenth century.

3. Belly Dance

Belly Dance

This dance is actually a solo performance performed by a woman. Also known as “Raqs Sharqi” this Middle Eastern dance was first trained within families to perform at the time of celebrations.

This is also referred to as Arabic dance, which was originated in Egypt. This dance has a versatile form according to country and region. If you like cultural dances, then this could be one of your favourites.

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4. Bharata Natyam

Bharata Natyam

Bharata Natyam was first born in the temples of Southern India and later it was developed over centuries.

Actually, different types of cultural dances have different styles but it was transformed from one generation to the next under the Devadasi system. In this system, Devdasi (a woman) was dedicated herself to the deity through singing and dancing.

5. Break Dance

Break Dance Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances
This popular dance form was first introduced by the African American community and Puerto Rican youths in New York City during the early 1970s. This acrobatic and absolutely visual dance form is also known as “B-boying.” This is mainly an athletic style of street dance which turns in a popular from back then in the “1970s”.

6. Cancan

Cancan Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances

Normally performed by female dancers in the group this music hall dance form is highly energetic and physically demanding.

During this performance, performers wear costumes that have long skirts, petticoats, and black stockings.

The primary features of this dance form include skirt lifting, high kicking, and controlled body movement.

7. Capoeira


Haft dance and half martial art, Capoeira’s birthplace is Brazil. Astounding, astonishing and fascinating- only these adjectives can describe Capoeira.

This is one of the unique forms of amazing cultural dances and in 2014  capoeira was granted a special protected status as “intangible cultural heritage” by UNESCO.

8. Celestial Dance

Celestial Dance

This popular Cambodian dance form has been developed in the country for thousands of years.

Even it was inscribed into some parts of the Angkor Wat. Your trip to Cambodia will be incomplete without this cultural dance.

These dances are originated from Indian tradition and Hindu culture.

9. Fandango


This cultural dance is one of the primary dance forms in Portugal. In this dance, form dancers tap their feet and change their positions quickly.

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Though the origin is Spanish and there is a bit difference between these two waves of this classic dance.

This cultural dance mainly demands guitars, castanets, or hand-clapping to perform in the stage.

10. Flamenco


An expressive dance form, Flamenco was originally evolved from the music of Andalusia in Spain.

This dance form usually expresses not only blessings but also the hardships of our everyday life.

The oldest history of this specific dance form was very old and the first evidence of this thing was from 1774.

11. Irish Stepdance

Irish Stepdance

Known as River-dance this dance form can be performed solo or by a group.

In the performance, the dancer’s upper body remains still while the dance is performed through quick and intricate footwork.

In many television shows, this amazing cultural dance form shows to gather TRP and people love to have this.

12. Kabuki


A classical Japanese dance-drama Kabuki is well known for the stylization during its performance.

Some of its performers wear elaborate makeup during performances. Japanese theater dance sometimes shows for political discourse to give a message about the doings of governments.

13. Kecak Trance Dance

Kekak Trance Dance

This traditional Indonesian dance form is mainly performed to communicate with the spirits of the ancestors.

This dance form mainly depicts the story of Ramayana and is performed in the temples and villages across Bali.

This is originally a male chorus and has to sing also with all together people.

14. Lion Dance

Lion Dance

This is a traditional dance form of Chinese culture. Here the dancers wear a lion costume and copy how a lion moves.

There are two forms of this lion dance. Southern lion dance and Northern lion dance. 

Most people think that it is a dragon dance but this is not, there are a lot of differences between these two dances.

15. Polka


It is originally a dance form familiar throughout  Europe and the Americas. This dance form originated in the middle of the 19th century in the Czech Republic.

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The dancing style of this dance form varies according to different countries, and this particular dance form got its popularity during world war II.

16. Salsa


Salsa is an amazing cultural dance form that was born in the Caribbean. Its movements have origins in Cuban Son, Cha-cha-cha and other dance forms.

As it has flirtatious movements it’s quite sensual. This dance is worldwide popular and increasing day by day in many countries according to many cultures.

17. Swing

Swing Amazing Different Types Of Cultural Dances

Swing dance developed with the swing style of Jazz music in the 1920s-1940s. This dance form is actually a great cultural dance.

In the swing era, there were hundreds of styles of swing dancing. Now the most well-known dance in Lindy Hop. The origin mainly comes from NewYork city in 1928.

18. Tango


Tango is a partner dance and it was originated in the 1880s in Argentina. Originally this dance form is a mixture of German Waltz, Czech Polka, Polish Mazurka.

Many styles of this dance form currently exist around the world. Some of them are partially done by many peoples in home ceremonies.

19. Tap Dance

Tap Dance

This dance form was first seen in the United States during the late 19th century.

Its name comes from the tapping sound which is made when small metal plates on a dancer’s shoe make contact with the hard floor.

If you have seen the movie Titanic you could relate this with the movie.

20. Waltz


The waltz is a folk dance form performed primarily in the closed position.

This dance is performed to slow, melodic music and it requires the dancers to execute delicate movements.

This type of dances is very much popular in ceremonies or in the night clubs in versatile places in the world.

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