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Danny Duncan Net Worth 2023

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Danny Duncan, an American YouTuber, musician, comedian, and actor. His actual name is Garry Winthrope. But professionally, he is known by all as one of the most famous YouTubers, Danny Duncan.

Danny Duncan Net Worth

According to recent research, Danny Duncan net worth is $5 million (March 1, 2021). Also, Duncan’s YouTube channel provides a significant chunk of his wealth. And, that includes incomes from the sponsored ads as well as the monetized videos.

Early Life and Education 

Danny Duncan was born on July 27, 1992, in Englewood, Florida. As his parents were separated, his mother brought him up and with his half-brother (Matthew) and sister, he grew up. 

Danny was motivated by the struggles of his mother. He started his YouTube channel and worked so hard. And finally, with his income, he bought a new house for his mother. Based on that event, he posted a new video on his Youtube channel “Surprising My Mom With A New House!

Danny Duncan completed his graduation from Lemon Bay High School which is located in Englewood, Florida. Danny started to work at Walgreens after completing his high school graduation.


In 2014, Duncan started his YouTube channel by posting different kinds of videos. And, as years have passed, his YouTube channel has become more consistent. It continuously began accumulating millions of subscribers as well as followers.

Other than YouTube, Duncan is also active on a number of other social media channels. Giving his status as a major influencer, it’s logical to infer that he makes a decent buck from his other websites. 

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Even, like most of the celebrities on the internet, his earnings also come from a number of merchandise sales. Moreover, in 2017, he launched merchandise of his own and the brand name was “Virginity Rocks”. And after a year, on July 13, 2018, Duncan started a nationwide tour to popularize his brand.

Award and Recognition 

Danny Duncan is well recognized and popular in America for his prank videos as well as skateboarding. There are more than 4.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. And, “Falling With 30,000 Pennies” was his famous video which earned more than 15 million views.

He was also awarded for his music albums. The albums are: Alive in South Africa (2006), Deeper Level: Live (2007), Power of One (2009), Love God. Love People. The London Sessions (2010).

Asset, House, and Car 

In November 2019, Danny bought a house that cost $3.57 million. The house is located in Los Angeles and it consumes an area of 4,302 square feet along with 6 bathrooms as well as 4 bedrooms. 

Besides, a magnificent master suite, floor-to-ceiling windows, chef kitchen along with professional appliances, as well as an elegant modern pool come with an enormous amount of space. Danny Duncan drives a super cool Tesla Model 3 with horns.

Income Detail and Net Worth 

Danny Duncan has an Instagram account in which he has uploaded 323 posts. And till now, he has more than 2.8M followers. Besides, his YouTube channel has over 5.67M subscribers. On June 7, 2016, he posted his first YouTube video and that gained above 1M views.

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The net worth of this famous American YouTuber is between 6 Million to 8 Million USD. And, according to some sources, Danny receives daily $1750 on average with a payment rate of YouTube. He also earns from the ads on his videos and the annual income leads to $638,750.

At A glance

Full Name:Garry Winthrope
Popular Name:Danny Duncan
Birth Date:July 27, 1992
Age:29 years
Parents:Susan, father unknown
Siblings:Two, including a sister and a half-brother named Mathew
Birth Place:Eaglewood, Florida
Ethnicity:White, Caucasian
Education:Lemon Bay High School
Marital Status:Single, but has been romantically linked to fellow YouTuber Lindsey Bell
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Net Worth:USD 5 million (as of March 1, 2021)
Source of Wealth:Vlogging, Merchandise Sales, and Other Ventures
Height:5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight:57 kg; In pounds: 125 lbs.


How many videos have Danny Duncan uploaded on his YouTube channel? 

Answer: Danny Duncan has uploaded around 337 different videos on his YouTube channel.

What is the per month income of Danny Duncan?

Answer: Danny Duncan earns $24.7K per month.

How much money does Danny earn per 1000 views of his videos?

Answer: Danny Duncan earns around $1.21 per thousand views of his youtube videos.

Why is Danny Duncan so rich?

Answer: Danny Duncan has created a brand named “Virginity Rocks” which is a famous brand. And, with his talent, he became so rich.

How old is Danny Duncan?

Answer: Danny Duncan is 29 years old.

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The famous American YouTuber Danny Duncan net worth is $5 million. He is popular for his skateboarding videos and prank videos. He posts these videos on his YouTube channel and that contains millions of views and subscribers.

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