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Bob Baffert Net Worth 2023

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Are you interested in horse racing? Do you like to watch horse racing?  Or rather, do you want to take part in this thrilling game? If so, then you must know the name of Bob Baffert, one of the most famous trainers for racing horses.

So far, two of his horses had already won the Triple Crown in 2015 and 2018, helping him gain a great fortune. Hence, as of 2021, Bob Baffert’s net worth is $35 million.

If you find his story interesting, please go through this section below for a more detailed description to know about this successful trainer.

Early Life and Education 

Robert A. Baffert , professionally known as Bob Buffert, was born on January 13, 1953. His birth place is in Nogales, Arizona in the United States of America. His parents used to own a ranch in Arizona.

Bob pursued his high school education from “Nogales High School”. He used to work as a jockey in casual Quarter Horse races held in the suburbs of Nogales, in his youth . He completed his graduation from “University of Arizona” with a degree of “Bachelor of Animal Science.” 

Later, he trained many horses that won various competitions gaining him great fame worldwide.


Bob always wanted to be a jockey, but he had to quit being overweight. So rather, he chose to become a horse trainer.

He trained the “ Flipper Star”, which became his first horse that won in the  Flipper park in 1979. In the 80’s, he got back to California and began  training professionally. There, he handled many clients both individuals and farms such as “Golden Eagle Farm” and “Thoroughbred Corporation”.

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The big breakthrough of his career is Thirty Slews’ first victory in the “Breeder’s Cup”. Many said his eyes for good horses or making less expensive horses winner is the one of the major causes of his success. Later, his trained horses won many races. 

Award and Recognition 

Over the years in Bob’s career, he trained countless horses that won him many horse races. He received the “Eclipse Awards” from 1997 to 1999. He was also elected for “Big Sport of Turfdom Award(1999)”.

His horses won 15 “American Classic Races”  and “Breeders’ Cup races”. He also won the first Pegasus World Cup and three Dubai World Cups.

Baffert has 7 Kentucky Derby victories, 7 Preakness Stakes victories, 3 Belmont Stakes victories, and 3 Kentucky Oaks victories on his account.

Asset, House and Car 

Having a net worth of $35 million, Bob certainly lives a lavish lifestyle. Though in his childhood, he faced poverty, but this horse trainer overcomed all of his monetary problems and now lives a luxurious lifestyle. 

Bob Baffert has a home in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of La Canada Flintridge, California. In 2018, it was believed to be worth more than $4 million.

There are four chambers and four restrooms in the 5,500 sq ft of living area on the 63-acre property. According to public records, Bob purchased the home in May 2010 for $1.85 million.

Not much is known about his luxury car collections, but he is seen to drive a “Bentley Tail Lights” sometimes.

Income Detail and Net Worth 

Bob Baffert secured a net worth of almost $35 million during his career. For over a decade, he used to be a jockey and collected almost $1 million from race prizes.

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Then, Bob pursued his career in horse training , which brought him great fortune. Major source of his income is from horse training and shares from the prizes of winning horses. 

His trained horse “Thirty Slews” won the “Breeder’s Cup” and helped him earn almost $1 million. Arrogate, another one of his gems, won the “Pegasus World Cup” while giving him a fortune of $12 million. Again, Mucho Gusto also won the same competition and won $3 million as a prize money.

His several times winnings from Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stake, Belmont Stakes also helped him gain a good amount of money.

Bob Buffert: At a glance

Full NameRobert A. Baffert
Date of BirthJanuary 13, 1953
Birth PlaceNogales, Arizona
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Age68 years old
ProfessionHorse Trainer
Net Worth$35 million 


How does Bob Baffert earn his livelihood?

Ans. He is a professional horse trainer and quite successful in his career.

Does Bob Baffert have any siblings?

Ans. Bob claimed that he always admired his elder brother Bill, who excelled in school and received several accolades.

How many wives Bob Baffert have?

Ans. Bob remarried Jill after being divorced with his first wife. Bob has four children with his first wife, Sherry and one boy with his second wife, Jill.

Is there a Kentucky Derby horse trained by Bob Baffert?

Ans. Baffert trained horse “Medina Spirit” took part in the 147th Kentucky Derby on May 1 and also won it , giving him an unprecedented seventh victory in the legendary race.

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Bob is essentially one of the greatest racehorse trainers in the United States. He has a lot of success with his horses throughout his controversial career. 

However, Bob Baffert’s net worth proves his clearsightedness, his discreteness and his ability to recognize potentials in horses!

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