Biggest Gangsters In The World Today

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Gangsters are the head of the criminal fraternities who are infamous for their illegitimate activities, particularly drug dealing, gambling, smuggling and killing people. These organizations have been active in different regions, mainly in Europe, Asia, The United States, and Latin America. Most of the Gangsters became notorious from the severity of their activities: the amount of drug smuggling, the wealth they have earned and their ruthlessness. Here is a list of 20 biggest gangsters in the world today.

1. Anthony Accardo

Anthony Accardo

Anthony Accardo’s nickname is Joe Batters or Big Tuna. He started his criminal life as a notorious hoodlum and later became the head of the biggest gangster named Chicago Outfit. The Chicago outfit became more powerful during his term. He expanded the outfit’s activity throughout several areas in the USA. Prior to his death, he murdered three thieves who attempted to loot him by hanging them and cutting their throttle open.

2. Arnold Rothstein

Arnold Rothstein Biggest Gangster In The World Today

American Gangster Arnold Rothstein was also a businessman and gambler. He manipulated corruption in professional athletics. He was the organizer of the fixing of the 1919 World Series. He was also known as “The Brain”. He was the father of one of the most notorious Jewish mobs in New York. He was the owner of a casino and was also involved in smuggling practices.

3. Bugsy Siegel

Bugsy Siegel

American mobster Bugsy Siegel established Murder Incorporated. He led the Genovese crime family and was infamous for his ruthlessness to his associates. In the 1940s he occupied and financed some of the casinos in Las Vegas and became the biggest gangster in the world today. He murdered his rivals such as Fabrizzo brothers and the Amberg brothers brutally.

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4. Carlo Gambino

Carlo Gambino

Sicilian Gangster Don Carlo Gambino led the Gambino crime family. He was in the Commission of the American Mafia that operated much like the Sicilian Mafia. He took measures against the Anastasia loyalist in the 1960s and extended his activities to several states of the United States. He controlled about 90% of the ports in New York and earned millions.

5. Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim

He is the head of the infamous Indian organized syndicate D-Company which lead a large unlawful empire in India. It is thought that he was the mastermind of the 1993 Bombay bombings that left many casualties. He had a close link with the former Al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden and currently he is the most wanted man in India.

6. Demetrius Flenory

Demetrius Flenory Biggest Gangster In The World Today

In Atlanta, he was known as the Black Meech and he was one of the two establisher of the Black Mafia Family that ran activity in Detroit and then into Atlanta and Los Angeles. He was the supplier of cocaine throughout the United States for two decades and was identified as the highest earners in the drug-trafficking history of the USA.

7. Enoch Johnson

Enoch Johnson

Enoch Lewis Johnson began to rise in power when he was elected the new sheriff of the Atlantic County Republic Mexican Committee. He headed an infamous community employed in prostitution and gambling. He was an advocate of the vice industry of the USA.

8. Frank Costello

Frank Costello

Frank Costello was an Italian gangster but he was popular among the criminal leaders in the USA. He headed the Lower East Side Gang of the Manhattan and at the same time he worked for another infamous team the Morello Gang. With Luciano, he became part of the Sicilian Mafia family.

9. Jack Diamond

Jack Diamond

Gangster Jack Diamond was well known as Gentleman Jack. The Irish American was a bootlegger and his activity was mainly in Philadelphia as the biggest gangster. He was a close mate of another infamous mobster and gambler; Arnold Rothstein. For overseeing bootleg alcohol sales in lower Manhattan Diamond had a conflict with Dutch Schultz and other gangs. He kidnapped may in Manhattan, including James Duncan. He was shot by his enemy and died in New York.

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10. Jacques Mesrine

Jacques Mesrine

Jacques Mesrine was a French gangster. He was a bank robber, murderer, kidnapper, and burglar. He ran his activity mainly in the USA, Canada, and France during the 20th century. He was familiar as The Man with a Thousand Faces because of his talent in disguises for each of his operations. Every time when he was imprisoned was able to escape. He murdered the judges who sentenced him.

11. James Burke

James Burke

He was well known as The Irishman. James Burke, The Irish American gangster headed the Luchesse crime family in the 1970s. It is thought that he was the planner of the Lufthansa heist, the robbery that happened in the John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1978. He earned about two million dollars from the robbery. He was also accused of murdering several people at that time.

12. James Coonan

James Coonan

Irish-American gangster John Coonan ran his activities mainly in New York, Manhattan. He became a mobster to avenge his father who kidnapped and murdered by another infamous biggest gangster Mickey Spillane. Coonan was sentenced to 75 years imprisonment after killing Harold Whitehead.

13. James Whitey Bulger

James Whitey Bulger

James Whitey Bulger, a South Boston based infamous mobster, used to run his activity like Robin Hood. He headed a protection racket. Their motive was to hunt and kill drug dealers and illegal gamblers. In 2011, he was arrested in a case of identity frauding and he was one of the FBI’s top ten most wanted fugitive.

14. Joaquin Guzman

Joaquin Guzman

He was the head of the infamous crime syndicate and drug trafficking group Sinaloa Cartel. The Cartel was also known as Te Guzman-Loera Organization. This Mexican Drug lord was one of the most powerful men since 2009. He has a vast property worth of about $1 billion. Forbes Magazine titled him as the most powerful drug lord in the world.

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15. John Dillinger

John Dillinger

He plundered about 25 banks and police stations in the USA, murdered several people in East Chicago, Indiana. He rose to power in the Depression era of the USA and was identified as the most infamous criminal of the country. He committed many crimes and fought head to head against the FBI

16. Kray Brothers

Kray Brothers

Twin brothers Reginal “Reggie” Kray and Ronald “Ronnie” Kray committed a series of planned crimes in East London. At first, they were involved in plundering, assaults, arson, protection rackets, etc. It is thought that they murdered the infamous criminal, Jack “The Hat” McVitie. Thought their ruthlessness was well known in England, they earned their fame in the USA in the 1960s.

17. Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is called the father of modern organized crime in the USA. He divided the country into five Mafia families. He founded the first commission and headed the Genovese crime family.  Now he is acknowledged for his association of the National Crime Syndicates of the United States.

18. Meyer Lansky

Meyer Lansky Biggest Gangster In The World Today

Known as the Mob’s accountant, Polish gangster Meyer Lansky developed the National Crime Syndicate in the United States. He was one of the most influential and infamous biggest gangsters of the 20th century. He organized and ran some of the biggest gambling empires in the United States and helped to create the criminal underworld.

19. Tom Devaney

Vito Genovese

New York-based gangster, Tom Devaney headed a gang war against James Coonan, a racketeer in Manhattan. George Barone and Joe “Mad Dog” Sullivan murdered Tom Devany in Manhattan.

20. Vito Genovese

Tom Devaney

Vito Genovese headed the Genovese crime family. This Italian-American mobster rose to the peak of his popularity during the Castellammarese War in the 1930s. In 1931 he with Lucky Luciano planned to kill Salvatore Maranzano. Later he went to Italy and headed the black market activities of a gambling empire.

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