20 Petrifying Children You Won’t Want To Babysit

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Do you believe in ghosts or supernatural elements? You may or you may not. But the filmmakers produce many ghostly films for their business purposes or to entertain the people who believe in supernatural elements. In the article, we show you some of the petrifying characters who are not really existences in the world. But you may think that they really exist. Even you would not want to babysit. However, here are 20 Babysitting Activities You Won’t Want To Babysit. The children are spooky but soft, harmless as well as shocked us with their fearful crimes and aggressive behavior.

Here are 20 Babysitting Activities

1. Aidan Keller from The Ring II

Aidan Keller from The Ring II Petrifying Children You Won't Want To Babysit

If you have watched the movie ‘Ring II‘. Then you are familiar with Rachel and it is time to meet her spooky son, Aidan Keller. The boy has a mental link with Samara. He is maintained by Samara. It won’t be much of an overstatement to say that the boy made the word ‘mommy’ sound as scary as anything. At the end of the movie, Rachel begs him to call her by her name, because she was too disrupted by hearing Samara call her mommy through him.

2. Barto from The Unborn

Barto from The Unborn babysitting activities

Barto is a boy in the film the Unborn. He is not even technically human but a dybbuk, a malicious, body-possessing spirit. He believed to be the separated soul of a dead person according to Jewish mythology. The babysitting activities seek to use the death of another human as a gateway to a renewed physical existence. Though the boy is a supernatural something, you may not want to take a babysit like the boy.

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3. Carol Anne from Poltergeist

Carol Anne from Poltergeist babysitting activities

Carol Anne is a sweet-looking girl. She is too wise for her age and has some really fearful habits. For example, she usually knows what is happening before anyone around her. she can prophesy the future, strangely the horrible things that are going to happen. At the age of five, she began communicating with a host of ghosts through the snowy static of the television set. I don’t think she would be good company, mainly during the night.

4. Charlie from Firestarter

Charlie from Firestarter babysitting activities for 6-8 year olds

The child Charlie is a protagonist and main character in the film firestarter. Her parents were vaccinated with experimental drugs that bestowed mystic powers on them and as a result of that, Charlie was born with pyrokinesis and literally, she is on fire. Strangely when she is hungry or terrified, she lights fires and burns whole apartments without knowing she is doing it.

5. Damien Thorn from The Omen

Damien Thorn from The Omen babysitting activities for 6-8 year olds

A woman committed suicide to celebrate the occasion Damien Thorn’s first birthday. Just from the little scene, you may take the concept of how fearful the boy would be!  We won’t go into more details here just say that the boy is a son of the devil, so why would normal man or woman babysit such an evil child?

6. Eli from Let the Right One In

Eli from Let the Right One In babysitting activities printables

Eli is near as evil as some other children on the list but inconsiderate, She has no such dangerous intentions. She is quiet one unconventional, terrifying little girl. Her beloved habits sucking human blood. I think you may not want to get a babysitting activities for the girl even she is not enough fighting.

7. Emily Callaway from hiding and Seek

Emily Callaway from Hide and Seek babysitting activities printables

Do you watch the movie ‘hiding and seek’. If you have viewed the movie then you know that the little girl, Emily Callaway is not truly evil but just had the unfortunate luck to have a completely idiotic father with a split nature. However, this is the fact that the girl is too creepy with her messed-up genes, particularly she received her father’s psychic illness.

8. Esther from Orphan

Esther from Orphan babysitting activities printables

Esther has a set of issues to deal with the ghostly character. She suffers from a rare disease that affects her to be a proportionate dwarf. Because she is physically not quite a grown girl and not quite a child. She can’t receive a common relationship with a man. Add in the mix that her father sexually harassed her as a child and to revenge for the girl killed her father and father’s girlfriend.

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9. Gage from Pet Sematary

Gage from Pet Sematary babysitting activities printables

Do you remember the evil character? The cute little boy involved in the story fellow named Cage from the horror movie Pet Sematary. Cage is crushed by a car and dies but a wendigo possesses he returns from the dead. He does one evil thing after another.

10. Henry Evans from The Good Son

Henry Evans from The Good Son babysitting activities printables

Henry Evans is a cute little boy in real. He has an angelic face who is literally nuts and the representation of evil in the movie The Good Son. Now a question to you. Why would you babysit a child who murders dogs for a hobby? The boy is a spooky character who drowned his brother and attempted to kill his sister as well as try to kill his own mother.

11. Joshua Cairn from Joshua

Joshua Cairn from Joshua babysitting activities printables

Joshua Cairn is a very intelligent, smart child in the movie Joshua. But there’s a problem his unconventional, problematical soul seeks perfection in everything he does and when people around him lose to deliver, there will be blood.

12. Michael Myers from Halloween

Michael Myers from Halloween things to do while babysitting a 9 year old boy

Michael Myers in, Halloween, is a creepy young murderer. At the age of six, he murdered his older sister just for the fun of it. And then approximately fifteen years later he returned home to murder some more naive teenagers. We must realize after watching John Carpenter’s Halloween that we can not see like the creepy children the same way again.

13. Patua Brückner from Phenomena

Patua Brückner from Phenomena things to do while babysitting a 9 year old boy

The phenomenon is a horror film that you will remember chiefly for two reasons. First of all, the movie introduces us to a teenage Jennifer Connelly and second, for the most terrifying, distorted boy characters you have ever seen on film. The character connecting Patua Brückner, the psychologically ill and horrible-looking babysitting activities. You would not want to seem like the boy who looks like the knocking on your door on Halloween night.

14. Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist

Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist things to do while babysitting a 9 year old boy

Regan MacNeil is a horror character in the film the Exorcist. She can move her head around her side. So, do we really need to give any reasons why she is a terrible babysit? Besides moving her head, she can fly.

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15. Rhoda Penmark from The Bad Seed

Rhoda Penmark from The Bad Seed creative babysitting ideas

The Bad Seed is a pioneering movie for the ‘killer child’ genre. We face one of the very first evil, cruel children in pop culture named Rhoda Penmark. She got an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Helping Part. However, no parents want to babysit like the girl, do they?

16. Samara Morgan from The Ring

Samara Morgan from The Ring creative babysitting ideas

Samara Morgan is the most terrible character in the movie The Ring. She will never knock on your door asking for any support, but she will just give an offensive videotape which she made just for you. when you view the tape the phone of yours will ring and, when you answer, in a ghostly voice Samara will say, ‘Seven days’. After Seven days you have viewed the tape you will suffer a terrifying death.

17. Santi from The Devil’s Backbone

Santi from The Devil’s Backbone what to do when babysitting at night

The Devil’s Backbone is a Spanish-language paranormal thriller movie. In the mysterious ghost story, Santi is a spirit in the body of an evil little boy who haunts his school. The youthful actor’s outstanding performance is what identifies the movie as so different.

18. Sean from Birth

Sean from Birth babysitting tips

In the movie Birth, one day at a family birthday gathering, ten-year-old, eerie-looking babysitting activities into the house, and nobody knows who he is. He tells his name is Sean. He’s very mysterious and doesn’t say much.

19. The Grady Twins from The Shining

The Grady Twins from The Shining what to do when babysitting a 4 year old

Horror films viewers say that the twin is the scariest children in the history of the horror film, while others find strangers the fact that the girls are played by real twin sisters Lisa and Louise Burns. However, if you want to know about the girls, you would better to watch the movie The Grady Twins.

20. The Midwich Cuckoos from Village of the Damned

The Midwich Cuckoos from Village of the Damned babysitting ideas for 3-5 year olds

In the movie ‘Village of the Damned,’ you may not deal with extremely unusual-looking children but children who are from another planet. They are evil and alien too. The children look like albinos with white-blond hair and shining eyes. They have no emotion and they consider themselves to be superior to the human species. I am sure you may not want to babysit like the children.

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